Apocalypse-ready ‘Super Truck’ released by Florida manufacturer prepares for doomsday in style

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — A unique car manufacturer has released a truck perfect for a trip to the grocery store — or the end of the world! Apocalypse Manufacturing boasts that their $160,000 “Super Truck” has a “medieval, barbaric design.” The Florida-based firm’s four-wheeler features an aggressive front-grill, perfect for scything through zombie hoards, if you’re preparing for such a thing.

It also comes fitted with a steel rear bumper that’s “impenetrable to external forces,” and the ability to ramp-launch 10 feet off the ground. Talk about your “monster” trucks.

Truck company Apocalypse Manufacturing has released a truck perfect for the end of the world.
Truck company Apocalypse Manufacturing has released a truck perfect for the end of the world which as a “medieval, barbaric design”. (Credit: SWNS)

“The enhanced size of this behemoth is complimented by its independent front suspension which allows for a tremendous 15,000lbs of raw towing capacity. This true 4×4 has a weatherproof retractable slant-back with a roll and lock cover over its almost eight-foot bed that can open, close and lock,” the company writes in the vehicle’s profile on their website.

The giant vehicle is based on an earlier six-wheel model, the Juggernaut 6×6, which was designed to “survive the end of times.”

super truck from Truck company Apocalypse Manufacturing
Truck company Apocalypse Manufacturing has released a truck perfect for the end of the world which as a “medieval, barbaric design”. (Credit: SWNS)

“With the Super Truck, we wanted to combine medieval, barbaric design, that is impossible to ignore, with the ferocity of the Hemi Hellcat engine,” says Joseph Ghattas, owner, engineer, and head designer of Apocalypse Manufacturing, according to a statement from SWNS. “There isn’t another 4×4 on the market that has the speed, size, reliability, comfort, space and off-road/on-road features as our latest creation.”

“While the exterior is all beast the interior is all beauty, featuring one of the largest cabins ever produced,” the company adds on its website.

The Super Truck can seat a person who stands over seven feet-tall and reportedly features the auto industry’s largest rear bench. The seats, doors, dash, and arm rests are covered in leather. The truck also comes with electric seats and mirrors, surround sound from a Harman Kardon speaker system, a bird’s eye camera and parking sensors, and even a panoramic sunroof — in case the weather is nice after the end of the world.

Super Truck interior from company Apocalypse Manufacturing
Super Truck interior from company Apocalypse Manufacturing (Credit: SWNS)

The Super Truck has a modified Hellcat V8 supercharged 6.2L powerplant able to achieve 850 horsepower. It has full-time four-wheel drive, sits on 40″ tires and the makers say can comfortable accommodate a seven-foot-tall driver.

Are you prepared for a zombie invasion?

It’s fitting that a company in Florida is rolling out the Super Truck. A recent poll found that The Sunshine State is among the least prepared states in America when it comes to a potential zombie apocalypse.

The survey also found plenty of Americans are actually prepping for the day their local streets are full of the walking dead. In fact, one in four don’t think it’s unusual to prepare for a real-life zombie apocalypse.

The poll of over 1,000 Americans, commissioned by Insuranks.com, also finds that more than one in 10 people have stockpiled food just in case zombies become a real thing. Moreover, 58 percent of respondents think a zombie apocalypse will occur within the next 30 years. Another 12 percent think such a catastrophe will take place over a century from now and 11 percent actually think zombies already exist.

South West News Service writer Dean Murray contributed to this report.

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  2. That is the ugliest thing I have ever seen. It’s so ugly that I am actually providing my email and exposing myself to what will certainly be hundreds of spam emails because I need the creator of this abomination to know that this is not okay. It’s not okay! Burn it!

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