Average American spends over $11K on toilet paper over a lifetime — enough to buy a Rolex!

Toilet paper became a hot commodity when the coronavirus outbreak took grip of the world. A new survey shows just how much money we flush down the toilet throughout our lives.

NEW YORK — Toilet paper entered the spotlight in 2020 in way that no one saw coming. Although most of us aren’t stockpiling rolls like many were a few months ago, a new survey finds that the average American will spend a staggering $11,198 on toilet paper over the course of their life. That’s enough money to buy a car, Rolex, or engagement ring!

A total of 2,000 Americans were polled on their single-use household item spending habits. On average, respondents spend $182 annually on toilet paper (plus an extra $15 per month since the pandemic started).

The survey, put together by TUSHY, also notes that the Average adult will use 159 rolls of toilet paper, 145 rolls of paper towels, and 118 disposable razors during a full calendar year. Puzzlingly, despite all that, nearly 75% of respondents still say they “try” to lead a sustainable lifestyle. Similarly, 69% often feel guilty about all the disposable paper products they use.

Another 66% would like to be more sustainable, but say they just can’t afford it right now.

To be fair, though, many Americans appear to have made a switch toward more sustainable practices. For example, 62% now use reusable grocery bags, 61% have a reusable coffee mug or cup, and 59% own a reusable water bottle. In all, half of those surveyed consider their kitchen the most sustainable room in their home.

Conversely, many participants believe their bathroom is the least sustainable room in their home. However, 39% own a stainless steel razor, and close to 30% own a bidet. Also, 42% say they are open to the idea of buying a bidet — as long as they can afford it.

“Very few people realize how much money they’re spending in paper products annually, let alone the environmental cost of producing these products,” says Miki Agrawal, TUSHY’s Founder & Chief Creative Officer.

It’s also clear from the poll’s results that many Americans underestimate just how detrimental their bathroom habits are for the environment. It takes roughly 37 gallons of water to produce a single roll of toilet paper. When asked about this, the average respondent guessed 19 gallons.

Besides the $11K estimate for toilet paper, the survey also put together lifetime spending averages for a number of other disposable products. According to these calculations, the average adult will spend $10,518.82 in their life on paper towels, $9,469.15 on hygienic wipes, $9,454.37 on tissues, and $9,402.62 on plastic bags.

Additionally, $8,619.07 will be spent on paper plates, $8,537.76 on disposable razors, and $8,005.54 on plastic utensils.

The survey was conducted by OnePoll.

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  1. So you’re wearing a nice expensive Rolex and your butt is crusted over with poop. What a deal!

  2. Currently confused. Was the survey confucted by “TUSHY” or “OnePoll”? Or are there two different surveys? I will fail my English assignment without this information. Please help.

  3. This is total BS. He claims that people use 159 rolls of toilet paper per year. WHAT??!! That’s more than a third of a roll per day. I use 1 roll per month. At 50 cents per roll that’s $6 per year, not $182.

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