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LONDON — Whether it’s because they added on the “COVID 15” or just can’t get those washboard abs, a new survey finds most men are not exactly thrilled with their appearance. In fact, men, on average, rated their attractiveness as just 5.9 on a scale of 1 to 10.

The poll, commissioned by Superdrug Online Doctor, surveyed over 1,000 men in the United States and United Kingdom to examine how men are feeling about their body image after 2021. Overall, just 41.9 percent say they’re happy with the way they look. You might call it a “mid-life crisis,” but that number is even lower among men between 36 and 45 years-old (39.6%) and 46 and 55 (36.1%). Results show that 37.1% of respondents rated themselves below the 5.9 average.

It turns out the mirror is the biggest enemy men have in their homes, with 40 percent saying looking in the mirror is the top cause of their body insecurity issues. Their overall health (38.8%) and social media (26.9%) also contribute to this.

Perception plays a big role in reality

When it comes to what men think the “ideal” male specimen looks like, many think they don’t quite measure up. Although the average height of the respondents was 5’10”, most men believe the ideal height for a man is over six feet tall. Moreover, four in 10 men between 6’0″ and 6’1″ think they’re still not tall enough.

One of the biggest body image issues, however, revolves around weight. Men in the poll think the ideal weight sits around 168 pounds. That’s a noticeable drop from the actual average weight of men in the survey, which was 182 pounds. The survey also found men feel more unattractive as their weight goes up. In fact, roughly 70 percent of all men between 150 and 190 pounds say they feel attractive. However, that number falls to 58 percent when the scale sits between 190 and 230 pounds. For men over 230 pounds, nearly six in 10 say they feel unattractive.

Age also matters when men discuss attractiveness. The poll reveals fewer men consider themselves attractive the older they get. While two-thirds of young men between 18 and 25 think of themselves as attractive, just 58 percent of those older than 56 say the same.

‘Captain America’ the ideal male image?

The rise of superhero movies may be fun to watch, but are they promoting an unrealistic view of the male body? Maybe so.

It turns out over 56 percent of men feel pressure to have the “superhero stereotype” body. Six in 10 men say that especially means having a great set of abs, which they believe is what draws women to the superhero physique. Men also think women go for a guy who has the superhero chest (49%), biceps (41%), jawline (23%), and butt (20%).

So, who has the “total package” when it comes to attractiveness? Nearly three in 10 men say they most want to look like Captain America, followed by Batman, Thor, Superman, and Wolverine.

Despite these fitness goals, most men know how unattainable these looks can be — especially as they get older. While 58 percent of men between 18 and 25 think the “superhero stereotype” is unrealistic, that number balloons to 82 percent for men between 46 and 55 and a whopping 88 percent for men over 56 years-old.

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  1. anonymous says:

    If 5 out of ten is considered average looking then a 5.9 average means that men usually find themselves more attractive than the average man. I don’t understand how anyone thinking they are 5 or over can still believe they are unattractive.