5 Apple Watch Models Worth The Price, According To Tech Experts

In the market for a smartwatch but overwhelmed by all the options? You’re not alone. Apple offers a range of wearables, from the budget-friendly SE to the feature-packed Ultra 2. This guide will break down the best Apple Watch for you, considering factors like budget, desired features, and activity level.

Are you a loyal Apple fan? According to a 2018 survey, you may have more money, more friends, and be generally happier than an Android owner. While that is just the opinion from respondents, an Apple Watch is certainly a fun purchase for anyone. StudyFinds compared expert reviews across 10 websites to determine the top five best Apple Watches available. Is your favorite model among them? Please let us know in the comments!

The List: Best Apple Watches, According to Experts

1. Apple Watch Series 8

Apple Watch Series 8
Apple Watch Series 8

In a very close race, the series 8 won by being the experts’ most frequent top pick. Seven out of ten called it the best Apple Watch available. PCMag says the Series 8 reaches a good balance – not too basic, not too extravagant. It hits the sweet spot between affordability and functionality, making it a great all-around choice.

But if you crave the latest and greatest, ZDNet is all about the Series 8’s safety features. Imagine this: you’re out for a hike and take a tumble. No worries – the Series 8 can detect falls and car accidents, and automatically reach out to emergency services or loved ones. Plus, the watch itself is built tough, with a recycled aerospace-grade alloy case and a super-strong Ion-X glass face.

Insider chimes in, calling the Series 8 the “do-it-all champion.” It’s got a sleek design, a super-fast processor, and an always-on display – no more flicking your wrist to see the time! They also highlight the impressive battery life and all the health sensors you could ask for. Plus, there’s a new feature families in the making will love: a skin temperature sensor to track ovulation and fertility cycles.

2. Apple Watch SE

Apple Watch SE
Apple Watch SE

The Apple Watch SE might not be the star of the show, but it’s definitely the crowd-pleaser. While it didn’t snag the top spot on many reviewers’ lists, it did earn just as many mentions as its flashier sibling, the Series 8. Plus, it’s typically a bit easier on the wallet. Trusted Reviews acknowledges it’s not exactly dirt cheap, but hey, for an Apple Watch, it offers serious bang for your buck.

Wired‘s tech gurus even go so far as to call the SE the “Apple Watch for most people.” Think of it as the gateway drug to the smartwatch world – it ditches some of the fancy extras (like blood oxygen or ovulation tracking) but keeps the core features you actually need. After all, unless you’re a hardcore health nut, chances are you won’t miss those bells and whistles.

Here’s the kicker: you still get the latest and greatest processing power, thanks to the same S8 chip that runs the Series 8! Plus, you score some of the Series 8’s safety features, like fall detection and Crash Detection. World travelers will appreciate the international roaming support, and parents can use Family Setup to keep an eye on their little ones.

Tom’s Guide hits the nail on the head – the SE is like a smartwatch Frankenstein, merging a classic Apple Watch design with the Series 8’s powerful brain. So, the real question is: do you need that always-on display, the fancy health sensors, and a bigger screen? If not, the SE is a fantastic option, especially considering it gets the same up-to-date software as the Series 8. You’ll have access to all the latest watch faces, workout features, and even the new Medications app to keep your health routine on track.

3. Apple Watch Ultra

Apple Watch Ultra
Apple Watch Ultra

Calling all adrenaline junkies and deep-sea divers! The Apple Watch Ultra is here to answer your wildest adventure calls, but be prepared to pay a premium for the privilege. XDA paints the Ultra as the ultimate playmate for extreme athletes, boasting features specifically designed for conquering mountains and exploring the underwater world.

PCMag pulls no punches – the Ultra is the king of the Apple Watch hill, both in size and price tag. They warn that for the cost of one Ultra, you could snag two Series 8s or even three SEs! But hey, for those who crave the ultimate adventure companion, the Ultra is hard to beat. It’s built tough to handle anything you throw at it, from heart-pounding hikes to refreshing ocean dives.

TechRadar wholeheartedly agrees, crowning the Ultra the Apple Watch champion. They rave about its larger, action-ready design, complete with a customizable button that lets you take control of your adventures. Plus, the Ultra boasts a powerful GPS for exploring uncharted territories and even a diving sensor for underwater enthusiasts. While the price tag might sting, TechRadar assures us it’s a worthy investment for the most powerful and feature-packed Apple Watch ever made.

4. Apple Watch Series 7

Apple Watch Series 7
Apple Watch Series 7

The Series 8 predecessor still ranks highly among tech experts. It’s also more affordable than the newer model. Spot a shiny new Apple Watch and your wallet’s already whispering “upgrade”? Hold on a sec! The Series 7, a previous champion, might be the smarter buy for your wrist.

Wired puts it this way: the difference between the Series 7 and 8 is practically invisible – think negligible screen size and brightness changes. But the price difference? That can be significant! Snag a Series 7 on sale for cheap and you’ve got yourself a high-performance smartwatch with an always-on display, all for a fraction of the cost.

Insider chimes in, calling the Series 7 the “almost-as-good-for-less option.” You’ll get 99% of the Series 8’s features, including the always-on display and a bunch of advanced health sensors, all at a sweeter price point. The only things missing? Crash Detection and a fancy skin temperature sensor – but hey, are those dealbreakers for your everyday routine?

Here’s the kicker: some reviewers, like T3, even go as far as to crown the Series 7 the king of smartwatches, Apple or otherwise. While it might not be a complete overhaul from the Series 6, it refines the Apple Watch formula, making it even more user-friendly and feature-packed. So, the question remains: is the latest and greatest always the greatest fit for your wrist? The Series 7 might be the perfect blend of performance and affordability, proving you don’t have to break the bank to get a fantastic smartwatch experience.

5. Apple Watch SE 2

Apple Watch SE 2
Apple Watch SE 2

The SE 2 was mentioned only twice in expert reviews, but we added it to the list based on the many recommendations for the SE and its price point. The Apple Watch SE 2 might not have all the bells and whistles of its pricier siblings, but that doesn’t mean it’s a slouch. XDA calls it the perfect choice for budget-conscious smartwatch seekers who can live without fancy features like an always-on display or an electrocardiogram (ECG).

Think of it as the “greatest hits” collection of Apple Watches – you get all the core functionality you crave, like activity tracking, Apple Pay, calls, texts, and more. Plus, it boasts the same speedy S8 processor that keeps the Series 8 running smoothly.

So, what are you missing out on? TechRadar breaks it down: the SE 2 ditches the always-on display and some health tracking features like blood oxygen levels and ECG. But fear not, penny pinchers! The SE 2 compensates with a gorgeous, bright display (no need to awkwardly twist your wrist for a peek) and a surprising two-day battery life that even outperforms expectations. Ultimately, the SE 2 is a strong contender for those who prioritize value without sacrificing core functionality.


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  1. Should be titled “Of the 3 latest Apple Watch releases, here is my opinion”
    “Best Apple Watches”? – you do not recommend any other release? Really?
    Many of the older models will fit the bill for most people and are much more affordable, each has its own foibles.
    I personally recently bought the 7 GPS only model and that is just because it has a 45mm size, and I returned the cellular version, as I found I did not require it, and the price difference saved some $$$.
    The 3-4-5-6-are good choices that have many of the same capabilities as the 7, except some of these do not have the “fall” notification.
    My recommendation would be to get the 7 when it goes sub $300, Target just had them at $309, Costco at $379.
    My only wish including the series 8 is that apple would up the Nits so nighttime viewing is easier, even if just for a few seconds, that would be a big help. (Or even an option to push the side button to give it a higher Nits for a few seconds)
    – Wyze has a couple of sizes, one of which is 47mm and has sleep tracking, message display (no response though) and other capabilities for $45 – and works well with iPhones, but the Apple Watch is the one to have when interacting with iPhones, being able to answer and talk through the watch still amazes when I have to do that, and that works on the non-cellular model as long as your phone is nearby and with no extra cellular provider extra charges!
    – and who else has the animated Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse face that speaks the time? “ It’s 8 o’clock, good morning pal!” (Insert mickey laugh)

  2. Lol. Dumbest article I’ve ever seen. Literally just says the newest versions are the best they have as if they have multiple options. They have the newest, the budget and the premium. It’s the only ones they have. If you want to be a real journalist and do actual research and writing, compare all smart watches from the biggest brands. I guess anyone can be a journalist now adays.

  3. I have the SE (2nd Gen) and it’s everything I need. It also has the crash detection, which I found works perfectly. I fell and it immediately detected it. I am beyond needing the temperature tracking feature, although the ECG and blood oxygen features would be nice I didn’t see the need to spend an additional $100.00 just for those things.

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