Best Types Of Apples: Top 5 For Snacking And Baking, According To Experts

When it comes to fruit, apples are a staple in most households.  They are great for a quick snack, and who doesn’t love the smell of a freshly baked apple pie coming out of the oven? Apples have many health benefits too, hence the phrase “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” A recent study shows eating apples can help to benefit cognitive brain function.  

While another says, apples can help you to live longer. Not only are they delicious, they are full of antioxidants which boost immune support, and that’s great for your overall health.

So that got us wondering, with so many varieties to choose from, what are the best apples?

StudyFinds compiled a list of the top five apples from ten expert websites, to find the best apples for snacking and baking.  As always, we’d like to see your own recommendations in the comments below!

The List: The Best Apples, As Recommended By Experts

1. Granny Smith

If you’re looking to bake an awesome apple pie, Granny Smith apples are a key ingredient. 

“Distinctly green on the outside and tart on the inside, this well-known apple was discovered by Marie Ann “Granny” Smith in Australia,” notes The Pioneer Woman.

“The flavor can best be described as crisp with a strong tartness that’s reminiscent of lemons. When used raw, these apples pair well with sharp cheeses,” adds TasteAtlas“The Queen of sour apples, Granny Smith is a supermarket mainstay,” notes Home For The Harvest, of this popular variety.

Granny Smith apple tops the list of best apples, according to experts.
Granny Smith apple tops the list of best apples, according to experts. (Image by B3R3N1C3 on Pixabay)

2. Honeycrisp

This sweet, crispy variety lives up to its namesake. It’s also my personal favorite. 

“Honeycrisp apples are sweet with firm, crisp flesh and flavors that aren’t too overwhelming. Minnesota’s official state fruit is a star performer, and it thrives in a pie,” points out Taste Of Home.

Honeycrisp apples
Honeycrisp apples are deliciously sweet, juicy, and crisp. (Image by Michele Walfred from Pixabay)

While PureWow notes, “These sunset-colored beauties are beyond versatile and adored for their uber-crisp texture. Their firmness makes them great for tarts, pies, bars and basically any dessert you can think of.”

Honeycrisp apples are available year-round, but are at peak flavor in the fall.

3. Golden Delicious

This variety is “thin-skinned apple is mellow and sweet, with a yellow exterior and fine, silky interior with white flesh,” according to There’s An Apple For That.

Golden Delicious apples “are juicy when harvested early, and dry if harvested late. When fully ripe, the fruits are not particularly acidic; they are sweet and offer a slight aniseed note,” points out Plantura Magazine.

They’re also very aromatic and sturdy, making them great for eating out of hand or baking into an elegant apple tart,” adds The Kitchn.

Peak harvest time for the Golden Delicious apple is in early October.

4. Fuji

“A reliably sweet apple, the fuji has almost no tart flavor,” notes Ask The Food Geek.  

“Founded in Japan, this sturdy apple has a sweet flavor but because it’s high in water, it’s not the best for baking. It is, however, great in salads, charcuterie, or other savory dishes,” adds The Pioneer Woman.

Fuji apples are one of the best apples to eat, according to experts.
Fuji apples are one of the best apples to eat, according to experts. (Photo by Martijn Hendrikx on Unsplash)

“Widely grown, Fuji apples have a firmness that makes them durable and long lasting,” points out Taste Of Home.  These apples do turn brown rather quickly when sliced, so keep that in mind when serving them.

5. Red Delicious

The image of a Red Delicious apple is likely what comes to mind when you think of an apple perched upon a teacher’s desk. 

It’s also one of the most grown varieties.  “It was introduced in the 1880s in Iowa and is well-known for being bright red, crunchy, and mildly sweet,” according to SelectHealth.

“Choose Red Delicious for its crisp texture and sweet juice. The dark red apples break down easily when baked, so they’re best for recipes that don’t benefit from the pieces maintaining their shape,” notes PureWow.

Happy snacking!


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  1. That’s a big thumbs down on both red and green delicious apples. Thick skins, overly sweet and grainy consistency. 2 big omissions…Macintosh and Northern Spy. Both are crisp, tart and satisfying to crunch into. The best kinds of baking apples are those with a tart flesh. Northern Spy covers that angle in spades.

  2. I find the best apple for apple pie is the McIntosh apple. It is an old variety and can be hard to find. Great for apple butter or applesauce too…

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