Best At-Home Laser Hair Removal Devices: Top 5 Products Most Recommended By Experts

Shaving or waxing can be a real chore. And a major time suck. But would you give up your Netflix and chill for a month in order to be smooth and carefree for a year? One survey shows that many women would be willing to do just that, with some even claiming they would give up coffee for a month! Now that’s commitment! Professional laser hair removal can be costly, but at-home hair removal devices are on the rise. If you’re feeling ready to test the waters, we’re here to help. We’ve compiled 13 experts’ consensus top picks for the best at-home laser hair removal devices on the market.

A recent study shows that one in 10 women say hygiene care isn’t easy. But while women are more commonly known for shaving large regions of their bodies, a majority of American men are increasingly self-conscious about their body hair. More laser hair removal devices are now being marketed toward men, though none are truly specific to men or women alone.

Although hygiene can often be thought of as a bore, it can also be considered self-care when viewed in the right light. So put on those rose-colored glasses, burn a candle, turn on some soothing music, and take some much needed me time to remove that unwanted hair.

Below is our list of the top five best ways to achieve at-home laser hair removal devices for you to try, based on expert reviews. We hope you find something you love and avoid any hairy situations! Let us know in the comments below which of these fab finds worked for you.

The List: Best At-Home Laser Hair Removal Devices, According To Experts


1. Braun Silk Expert Pro 5

If you’re looking for the best, this one tops most lists. Harper’s Bazaar likes the versatility it offers: “Its glide mode can be helpful to cover larger surface areas and also includes a precision head to help address smaller areas that may be difficult to reach, like the face, bikini line, and underarms.”

“Not only is it FDA-cleared for safety, it’s also the number one best-selling laser hair removal device on Amazon,” says Women’s Health.

Glam explains the technology, “According to Braun, it uses intense pulsed light (IPL) to remove hair by targeting melanin in hair follicles, which prevents hair growth for up to four weeks. It has ten settings so that you can customize it based on your skin type and pain tolerance.”

2. Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X

The very best thing about the 4X? As InStyle points out, if it won’t work for you, it will let you know so that you can get a refund! “It also has a clever sensor that lights up green if you have the right skin tone to use the device safely; otherwise it won’t unlock when you put it over your skin. With a 60 day return policy, you can try it out risk-free.”

It may just be worth the hefty price tag for the stellar results. “Just short of $500, the Tria 4X will cost you a pretty penny—but it was the first FDA-cleared laser for at-home use, and has become a favorite among dermatologists and patients for legit, professional-level results,” writes Marie Claire.

However, Forbes says this one is best for smaller areas: “You can use it all over the body, but keep in mind that it has a small laser cap that makes it especially ideal for targeting smaller areas like the bikini line and upper lip.”

3. SmoothSkin Pure FIT

Body Beautiful touts SmoothSkin’s stunning design: “I love the stand-out glossy-black design with classy gold trim. And the simple controls that blend in with the understated styling. It’s compact, lightweight, and balanced. The curves fit comfortably in hand with a couple intuitive grips depending on which body area you’re zapping. And the rounded, angled handle keeps the power cord out of the way as you work.”

Byrdie says it’s best for small areas, noting, “If you’re looking to target smaller areas, particularly on your face, this device is amazing. …The device adjusts to the level you need without doing a thing, which is why we love it for the face. Its precision also makes it ideal for hard-to-reach areas like the upper lip.”

“The top-notch technology includes a sensor that automatically detects your skin color to apply the right amount of light intensity and also won’t flash if your skin color is too dark. Plus, if the device is not held flush against your skin, it won’t turn on, making it super safe and easy to use. It has three settings that allows you to customize the treatment to your needs,” adds Good Housekeeping.

4. MiSMON Permanent Hair Removal

Cosmopolitan praises the MiSMON as the perfect option for your legs. “If you’re looking to zap thick, coarse hair on your legs, you’ll love this at-home laser hair removal device. It is reasonably priced, has glowing reviews on Amazon, and works to permanently remove your hair after nine treatments.”

And Healthline explains how the technology differs from true laser hair removal, yet works in a similar fashion. “This device uses IPL technology for hair removal, which is said to be gentler and more effective than other methods. The MiSMON offers a one- to five-level range and 300,000 flashes. It also received an FDA safety certificate.”

“This laser device from MiSMON is surprisingly affordable for what it is. Featuring a range of energy levels and a screen that tells you how many flashes are left (it comes pre-loaded with 300,000 flashes), it’s easy to customize to your needs. The easy hand-held grip makes it a cinch to use on legs, arms, armpits, butt, and the bikini area as well,” adds Byrdie.

5. NOOD The Flasher 2.0

Men’s Health endorses NOOD to look good nude. “Want to look better naked? Nood’s The Flasher can help. It works everywhere that hair grows, including your groin, back, legs, and face. It takes eight weeks of consistent use to see results, but once you do, you’ll be encouraged to keep using it until the hair stops growing completely.”

An all-around solid choice with a great refund policy, The Flasher may be a great way to test the waters. “Vetted by the Good Housekeeping Institute’s beauty lab experts, this compact device offers a great portable option. The brand claims that it works in just 10-minute-long treatments. It offers seven different intensity levels to choose from based on your skin’s sensitivity. And the brand says they will replace the device if the flashes ever run out and offer shoppers a full refund within 90 days if it doesn’t work for them,” says Prevention.

Good Housekeeping “likes that it has an on-off button, which not all IPL devices have (they turn on as soon as you plug them in). However, since it doesn’t come with a precision attachment for smaller spots, she noticed that the bright light of the flashes escapes from the sides, which could potentially make it less effective and unsafe for your eyes.”


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