Best Baseball Gloves: Top 5 Mitts Most Recommended By Experts

Three strikes, you’re out! The beloved American pastime of baseball is a staple in many little ones’ childhoods. Whether heading out for a game of catch or suiting up for your first game of tee ball, the sport is a great way for kids and adults alike to stay active and have fun. If you are starting out or are looking for something new in your gear lineup, the best baseball gloves definitely won’t let you down.

And, according to a recent study, people benefit greatly from playing baseball or another organized sport. Research shows kids who play organized sports are likely to have more ‘grit’ as an adult. Researchers from Ohio State University discovered that adults who played organized sports as a kid have higher levels of ‘grit,’ which they defined as a combination of passion and perseverance to reach one’s long-term goals, than their peers who didn’t play. 

That certainly makes the case for organized sports such as little league baseball, but adulthood isn’t the only time your experience playing sports will pay off in life. Another study from the University of South Australia concluded that kids who play after-school organized sports or engage in other extracurricular academic activities are generally happier and healthier than their peers who go straight to the devices.    

We can advocate for kids to play little league baseball and other organized team sports all day, but getting the right equipment is the first step. StudyFinds did the digging, consulting 10 expert websites to find the best baseball gloves available. As always, feel free to give us your own recommendations in the comments below!

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Batter hitting a ball with the catcher ready (Photo by Chris Chow on Unsplash)

The List: Best Baseball Gloves, According to Sports Experts

1. Wilson A2000

The Wilson A2000 came up the most across the expert sites we visited in our efforts to find the best baseball gloves. Wilson has been making baseball gloves for decades, and it’s a name that’s trusted by some of the top professional baseball players in the world. 

Wilson A2000
Wilson A2000

“A2000s are some of the most iconic baseball gloves on the market. They were first released in 1957 by Wilson and were considered by many to be the first baseball glove produced without a major flaw. Fast forward to today and A2000s are still held in the same high esteem that they were in 1957,” explains Just Ball Gloves.

This glove is exceptionally comfortable, too, making it perfect for “People who want a lightweight and soft baseball glove at a bargain price,” writes the National Pastime Museum

Today, these gloves are some of the best baseball gloves for outfielders for several reasons, but mostly due to the fly-ball-friendly H-Web design. “This baseball glove comes in an H-Web design, which is characterized by deeper pockets and greater visibility out of the webbing for outfielders to get a better glimpse of fly balls,” adds Gadget Review.  

2. Rawlings Heart of the Hide (HOH) 

The Rawlings Heart of the Hide (HOH) baseball gloves were by far one of the most popular models across expert sites. The Rawlings HOH model is one of the best baseball gloves for several reasons but the steer hide construction certainly goes a long way in making this a fan favorite

Rawlings Heart of the Hide (HOH) 
Rawlings Heart of the Hide (HOH)

“The glove is well known for its high-end steer hide leather. Steer hide is slightly thinner and more firm than normal cowhide, increasing comfort and security. Hence the Heart of the Hide’s most popular use as an outfielder glove,” writes Rolling Stone

The Rawlings HOH offers everything you’re looking for in a traditional baseball glove with features loved by the pros. “Heart of the Hide gloves feature the game-day patterns of the top Rawlings Advisory Staff players. These high quality gloves have defined the careers of those deemed ‘The Finest in the Field,’ and are now available to elite athletes looking to join the next class of defensive greats,” adds Baseball Monkey.  

And the flexibility of the Rawlings HOH models gives you the ability to break these gloves as you like without spending too much time tying your glove or catching fastballs. “30% factory break-in and 70% player allows the player enough time to shape it in their desired shape,” explains The National Pastime Museum

3. Mizuno Pro Series 

Mizuno is a name associated with golf but they’ve been producing some of the best baseball gloves loved by the pros for decades. The Mizuno Pro Series baseball gloves are a reliable, comfortable lineup of baseball gloves that you’ll cherish for years to come. 

Mizuno Pro Series 
Mizuno Pro Series

“When it comes to baseball gloves, everything starts with the leather being used to construct the glove. Mizuno chooses a US Steerhide for the outer shell of these Pro Selects that should give the glove a long-lasting shape,” writes Just Ball Gloves

A long-lasting shape is paramount for an aspiring baseball player. And the Mizuno Pro Series baseball glove is clearly loved by anyone who has ever used one. “[We] would be remiss to ignore the Mizuno Pro Baseball Glove Series, because anyone who has used one knows how great they look, feel, and perform,” explains Baseball Scouter“With the Pro series, Mizuno took information from working with MLB players over the years, and delivered what pros most like into models available for everyone. The big feature here is the use of Kipskin leather, a very soft and lighter cowhide, which allows for faster hands and better performance.”

4. Franklin Sports Baseball Fielding Glove 

The Franklin Sports Baseball Fielding Glove is by far one of the best baseball gloves for a very affordable price. For under $100, the Franklin Sports Baseball Glove is a top choice for both infielders and outfielders alike and it’s a great option for casual players

Franklin Sports Baseball Fielding Glove 
Franklin Sports Baseball Fielding Glove

“If you often find yourself in the outfield, check out this glove from Franklin. It features a large 12.5-inch size for catching flies and a deep palm for securing the ball. The glove is also very comfortable (while waiting outside the diamond) thanks to a quality cowhide build and a soft palm lining,” writes Rolling Stone.  

The large web and deep palm make this glove a great option for anyone just learning to play the field. Franklin keeps this glove simple yet comfortable, and that’s how most experts like it. “The mitt has a contour fit system. The thumb adjustment can be customized and designed to adapt for the perfect snug. It can expand, but it can also tighten due to its responsive material. There are more varieties of the glove, but I find the modified trapeze web design the best value for money,” writes Daily Dose of Sports

And those trapeze-style webbings are available in three different styles, too. “Our favorite feature with these best infield baseball gloves is its three webbing styles. Trapeze webbed gloves hold deeper pockets and larger holes for outfielders to work catches under the sun and shallower pocketed basket/i-web works well for catches and infielders,” adds Gadget Review.

5. Wilson A2K

If there’s one brand that deserves to have two models on the list of best baseball gloves, it’s Wilson with its A2K baseball glove. The Wilson A2K baseball glove is a top-of-the-line model from Wilson. 

Wilson A2K
Wilson A2K

“If you want the best that Wilson has to offer, then the A2K gloves are where you need to look. The latest release of A2Ks delivers a subtle coolness highlighted by a combination of black and tan leathers. As can be expected with these gloves, you’ll be receiving Wilson’s Pro Stock Select leather that will come a little stiffer than most leather out there,” writes Just Ball Gloves

“The A2k is Wilson’s flagship baseball glove, they have no glove better than this one,” exclaims The National Pastime Museum. That’s debatable in the world of affordable baseball equipment, but Wilson’s A2K is a popular option for many of the pros, who can afford to pay anything they need for the best baseball gloves. “This model is at the high-end of the glove market at $400, and it will certainly hold up to the needs of higher-level baseball for years to come,” says What the Pros Wear.   

“Wilson has a pair of popular lines in the A2000 and A2K. While there is a difference, several players have used both. Clayton Kershaw, MLB’s best pitcher, headlines an impressive group of Wilson-wearers. That includes All-Stars Miguel Cabrera, Carlos Correa, Jose Altuve, Mookie Betts and Ender Inciarte. Altuve and Inciarte both have a Gold Glove to their name,” adds Bleacher Report

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