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Do you want your bathing routine to feel like you’re visiting a spa? Yes? Thought so. Bathing can be more than just staying clean. It can also be fun! Some of the best bath bombs add a little spice to bath time with bubbles, inviting scents, and, sometimes, even glitter! 

Good quality bath bombs make the skin soft and smooth. Most of them contain essential oils, too. The only problem is, we tend to put self-care on the back burner. A recent study reveals people like to wind down by using bath bombs or candles, but 27 percent of 2000 Americans who purchase these items don’t use them until two weeks later. Maybe you’ll find something new to try on this list that will give you that extra push to relax.

Self-care doesn’t have to be extravagant, though. It can mean different things for everyone — like getting a haircut, arriving at appointments on time, or incorporating a simple healthy habit like meditation or using essential oils. It’s worth it to squeeze it in somehow. Especially since the average person only feels relaxed for about 40 minutes a day. A new poll asked 2,000 Americans about their self-care habits and shows that while the average respondent only feels relaxed for less than an hour, 47 percent feel even less relaxed than that.

Ready for some much-needed relaxation? Look no further! StudyFinds has compiled the five best bath bombs for you to try out based on reviews from 10 expert websites. If we missed one, let us know in the comments below!

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The List: Best Bath Bombs, According to Experts


1. Life Around 2Angels Bath Bomb

Style Craze loves this brand’s gift set that “comes with 12 handcrafted unique bath bombs formulated for normal and dry skin. Each bath bomb comes in individual wrapping, and they are ideal for gifting. The natural ingredients infused in the bath bombs hydrate your skin, make you feel fresh and relaxing. In addition, bath bombs are effective in repairing dry skin.”

Life Around 2Angels Bath Bomb
Life Around 2Angels Bath Bomb

“If you’re the type to indulge in a good, luxurious bath on the reg, this bath bomb set will make sure your soaks are worthwhile. It includes different spheres with scents, such as Black Raspberry Vanilla, Fun on the Beach, Lemongrass Green Tea, Shea and Coconut and more. Each one is made with natural ingredients (some contain flower petals) and contains a lightweight moisturizer to leave your skin feeling soft afterward. They’re free of itchy glitters, too,” adds Pure Wow

“It left the best impression without leaving a hole in the wallet: pleasant but not overpowering smells, fun colors, plenty of fizzy frothiness, a moisturizing formula, and a reasonable cost-per-unit if you buy in bulk. You can buy them in gift sets of 12, eight, or four, or buy them individually in two different sizes,” says Reviewed. “Though they come in one big box, the bath bombs are wrapped individually in tissue paper with a sticker that tells you their name, and none of them broke in transit. They looked very pretty with their different colors, all nestled in a bed of raffia.”

2. Ouai Chill Pills

Glamour says these are the best bath bombs for relaxation and states, “This set of six pill shaped bath bombs are housed in a stylish jar that will complement any bathroom and are the perfect mini bath bombs to spruce up your bath. The bath bombs are infused with a blend of hemp, jojoba and safflower seed oil to nourish and hydrate the skin and are scented with Jasmine Rose.”

Ouai Chill Pills
Ouai Chill Pills

“From the beloved haircare brand, these luxury bath bombs come in 1.5-inch tabs chock full of skin-loving ingredients. While they’re more expensive than other options, they deliver a slew of benefits that make them well worth it,” adds Byrdie. “We’re also big fans of the scent. Gift a set of Chill Pills or pop a couple next time you take a bath.”

“The white, oblong-shaped Ouai Chill Pills come in a big jar and are much larger than any actual pill, as one of them covers most of the palm of my hand. I dropped only one in the water, as directed, and it fizzed strongly for about two minutes before resolving to flat, still water. The water itself didn’t change in appearance, which didn’t surprise me, as the pills are white. I didn’t notice a change in texture either,” points out Reviewed

3. Da Bomb Bath Bomb

According to the editor of Reviewed, “I am basically a child trapped in a GenX body, so of course I had to try Da Bomb Bath Bombs, each of which have a small trinket inside. Jumps up and down while clapping. I picked ‘Unicorn,’ which they describe as a rainbow sherbet bath fizzer. I popped it out of its pack, gave it a sniff—mild but pleasant, like a berry popsicle—tossed it in the water, and waited for the magic to happen. It fizzed a lot, but the water didn’t change colors as I’d expected it to because of the bomb’s swirly pink and blue exterior. Instead, the water stayed clear.”

Da Bomb Bath Bomb
Da Bomb Bath Bomb Unicorn Bombs

“If you don’t want to spring for a whole set of fizzy bath bombs, pick and choose among these individually sold Da Bomb bath bombs. There are a ton of versions available on Amazon, and they all have their own unique colors, scents, and effects. Also delightful: The cute little prizes inside will bring you back to your sugar cereal days, whether that was a decade ago or this morning. This stress-melting, lavender-scented bath bomb appears to be the most popular, but personally, I’m intrigued by the Unicorn version’s pastel swirl. Or, you might like the gold, glittery Treasure Bomb if you’re kind of extra,” says Elite Daily

“The Da Bomb Fizzers Galaxy Bomb creates a cosmic creation once it hits the water. This bath bomb is handmade with a few, simple ingredients,” adds Style Craze. “What’s exciting is that it holds a surprise in its core – a figurine, a keychain, or something that matches the theme of the bomb. This product is vegan, does not stain your tub or skin, and is suitable for adults and kids.”

“These are really the, as the cool kids say. Speaking of kids, this bath bomb company was founded by teens Isabel and Caroline from a Minneapolis suburb, who loved baths and wanted to prolong the fun by offering a toy or surprise inside each bomb,” writes New York Post. 

4. Capri Blue Volcano Bath Bomb

You may recognize this brand from their iconic candles. Nicer Abode explains, “The Volcano Bath Bomb from Capri Blue is another excellent luxury bath bomb for moisturizing and hydrating skin. It comes with the perfect ingredients for moisturizing skin. And most importantly, it comes with Capri Blue’s signature scent that everyone loves.”

Capri Blue Volcano Bath Bomb
Capri Blue Volcano Bath Bomb

“The single bath bomb is about the size of a tennis ball, and as I unboxed it, I inhaled—ooh la la! It smelled so good!—then tossed it in the water and jumped in after it. The fragrance is strong with this one which I love, but it may be too much for people with sensitive noses,” says Reviewed. “Aside from the expected fizz, of which there was a moderate amount, the Capri Blue had no dyes or flower petals or any other bells and whistles. It dissolved quickly into the water and left no residue on me or the tub, but the smell lingered on my skin and in the bathroom. The many fans of the ‘Volcano’ fragrance, myself included, may consider that a feature rather than a bug.”

“This sizable bath bomb combines shea butter and coconut oil to moisturize your skin while you soak in the tub. What’s more, it features Capri Blue’s sugared citrus scent, a seriously invigorating aroma you may have smelled in a luxury candle or two, points out Byrdie.

5. Prima Bath Gem

The editor of Reviewed writes, “I didn’t know what to expect from the Prima Bath Gem. I mean, it’s a cube and most of the other bath bombs are spheres. What trickery is this? But I was not disappointed. My skin is normal (as opposed to oily or dry) for the most part, but ashy is not the look I’m after so I am always looking for new ways to stay lubricated.”

Prima Bath Gem
Prima Bath Gem

“I like the square shape (odd for a bath bomb), and I like how it’s not overly fragrant or overly fizzy like some bath bombs can be,” notes The Cut. “But what I really like is how the meadow foam and camphor manage to soften not just my skin but the bath water surrounding it. And no, I was not high when I noticed this.”

“Pamper you skin, even if you get a little pruned in the tub, too. The Prima Unwind Bath Gem is really a diamond in the rough — for rough and dry skin that is. It contains Epsom salt, meadowfoam and safflower seed oils to soften the skin, as well as CBD and essential oils,” adds New York Post

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