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Manscaping is an art in its own right. Beards can be a great addition to your look, as long as they are maintained. To achieve a solid grooming routine, investing in the right tools ensures a precise, swift process. Looking for a better option to keep your stubble under wraps? Some of the best beard trimmers can make taming your facial hair a breeze.

One recent study examined the differences between men and women with hygiene. Women spend about 10 hours a week on self care, while men spend about nine hours. The highest priorities in a man’s routine are cutting their nails (69%) and shaving their face (74%). Why not check out some alternatives to shaving?

Many believe confidence is the key to success, and according to a recent survey of 2,000 Americans, most men feel better about themselves with some stubble. Facial hair is so important to modern men that one in five say they would give up sex for a full year if it meant they could grow the “perfect beard.” Moreover, 75 percent of male respondents say they feel more confident with facial hair.

Looking to strive for the perfect whiskers? With so many beard trimmers on the market, it’s hard to choose the best one. So, StudyFinds did the research for you by visiting 10 expert websites to find the five best beard trimmers to add to your routine. As always, you know the drill, let us know your recommendations in the comments below!

The List: Best Beard Trimmers, According to Experts


1. Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7000 

Wirecutter says this has everything you could want in a beard trimmer: “Its motor offers just the right amount of power—enough to make quick work of thick hair, but not so much that a slight slip will remove a large section of a beard or mustache. In our tests, it ran for five hours on one charge. The steel blades are designed to be self-sharpening, no oiling needed.”

Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7000 
Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7000

“Users felt that the Philips Norelco MG7750/49 Multigroom Series 7000 was more precise and had the blade strength to cut through coarse hair,” adds Consumer Reports. “It was easy to clean, but setup and use instructions were difficult to follow, even for participants who had used beard trimmers before. Users liked that it was fully washable, small enough for travel, and simple to use.”

“This specific Philips Norelco trimmer came recommended to us by no fewer than five guys. Fashion stylist Cohen is a fan, as are stunt performer Adam Rinn and DJ–slash–digital strategist Mac Joseph, who told us he likes how it has a vacuum feature that sucks up most of your beard clippings as you go, meaning there is less to clean up and therefore less of a chance of squabbling with roommates or partners over the state of your sink,” writes The Strategist. 

2. Bevel Pro Trimmer

Select writes: “The Bevel Pro is the brand’s most feature-rich, high-end beard trimmer and hair clipper, designed to be an all-in-one tool for all your trims, fades and details, according to the brand. It comes with five magnetic trimmer attachments, which can be used in combination with the built-in dial for extremely precise adjusting. It is pricier than the other options on our list.”

Bevel Professional Beard Trimmer
Bevel Professional Beard Trimmer

According to Gear Patrol, “Now, with the newly launched BevelPro, the clip-on guards are magnetic, making them easier to attach, and you also have a zero-gapping option with an LED display, meaning we could see the 0.1-mm increments that take it from 0 mm to 2.5 mm without any guards attached (and then upwards of 2.5 inches in length with those guards).”

“Bevel recently launched one of the sexiest trimmers ever, a muscled upgrade of its best-selling device. This new one has all the guard heads for a professional line up, and even a buzz cut. Rather than guards, the device uses a motorized head to adjust from a zero-gap close shave on up. It’s got the same heft and gorgeous design of the previous device, along with 4 hours of cordless battery life,” adds GQ

3. Wahl Lithium Ion+ Stainless Steel

Select recommends this product for anyone seeking a multi-use trimmer. “The Wahl comes with a wide variety of attachments, including attachments for different beard lengths, a nose hair trimmer and an ear hair trimmer. Like the Andis trimmer, the Wahl trimmer should only be used on dry hair.”

Wahl Lithium Ion+ Stainless Steel
Wahl Lithium Ion+ Stainless Steel

“For under $75, the Wahl Lithium Ion+ is one of the perfect tools for guys with beards, bald and shaved heads, or anybody who needs to clean up every week. The trimmer comes with a number of interchangeable trimmer heads that feel heavy-duty and almost unbreakable. They never feel loose when on and clip down without fear of flying off,” says Spy. “In fact, they clip on so securely that when sometimes when removing them, the entire trimmer blade would pop off. This is a frustrating design flaw, although it didn’t affect the overall usefulness of the trimmer.”

“Participants found the setup instructions comprehensive—written in multiple languages and covering the basics of trimming, as well as how to use all components. However, the model fell short on basic features, as many participants felt the attachments were flimsy. One participant observed that the charge seemed to be weakening by the second shave,” points out Consumer Reports

4. Braun Beard Trimmer

CNN states: “Nipping at the heels of our top pick was the Braun Beard trimmer BT7240, a trimmer that provides a solid, quick clip without all the bells and whistles of the Remington. It still has plenty of versatility with 39 different lengths, multiple attachments and a long-lasting battery that establishes it as one of the best overall trimmers we tested.”

Braun Beard Trimmer
Braun Beard Trimmer

“In need of an affordable but fully complete, one-stop barbershop replacement? Look no further than this complete shaving set from Braun. We’ve been testing Braun products forever now and completely fell in love with the brand’s Braun Series 9 Pro, a stellar bald head shaver every baldie needs in his repertoire. That said, we had high hopes for the Braun BT 7240,” says Spy. “With a front dial, we took note that this is easily one of the most easily adjustable beard trimmers. But, it’s almost too adjustable. There were a few times during testing in which we would unintentionally switch the dial without wanting to, changing the length of our beard completely. We wish that there were a locking mechanism for this dial because it in itself is actually quite neat.”

“The trimmer comes with short, medium and long beard trimming comb attachment options from 0.5 to 20 mm and has a precision trimmer dial. It also has AutoSensing technology that reads your beard thickness 13 times per second and adjusts the power of its motor automatically to ensure an even trim without a lot of effort,” adds CNET

5. Hatteker 5-in-1 Men’s Trimmer Kit

Forbes chose this for the best value. “I almost didn’t include the Hatteker 5-in-1 Trimmer in the running for this roundup, perhaps having written the brand off as a low-cost internet sensation that could never compete with the big names. (It’s huge on Amazon, but I really never see it out in the wild, unlike all the other brands here.) This is probably why I came away surprisingly impressed with this trimmer, which really hits the perfect balance between cost, performance and function. I can see why so many consumers score it so favorably.”

Hatteker 5 in 1 Men’s Trimmer Kit
Hatteker 5 in 1 Men’s Trimmer Kit

“Medium strategist Shaquille Cheris told us he loves this trimming kit from newer grooming brand Hatteker. ‘It came with what felt like 15 components,’ he says, ‘and it has a great motor compared to the Panasonic I was using before.’ Technically meant to be used all over, Cheris says he mostly uses this trimmer to keep the edges of his beard in good shape between barbershop visits,” adds The Strategist. “Hatteker claims the product is fully waterproof and, in addition to cleaning its blades, encourages users to soak the beard trimmer itself under a faucet between uses.”

“First, it’s a high-quality all-in-one kit that covers every kind of hair-trimming task, from lineups to sideburns to beards, eyebrows, and body hair It holds an hour-long charge of 90 minutes of plug-in time—enough for a week-long vacation. Overall, it’s a bargain, since it’s a damn good (and comprehensive) workhorse,” GQ concludes

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