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There’s a lot of planning to be done when you’re expecting. From fun decisions like planning the nursery to the tougher choices like childcare, parenting styles, and more. One of the decisions to be made is whether you will breastfeed or opt for formula. Some of the best breast pumps allow for mothers to constantly renew their milk supply even when baby isn’t hungry. They save time and energy and ensure you are always comfortable during breastfeeding. 

There have been long term benefits linked to breastfeeding, which is a huge deciding factor for a lot of parents. Mothers who breastfed their babies may be in a better position to stave off cognitive decline in old age, according to researchers from UCLA. Their study finds women over 50 years-old who breastfed after pregnancy performed better on a series of cognitive assessments in comparison to women who did not breastfeed their children.

Breastfeeding is good for your newborn, too. In fact, a new study shows that children who are breastfed for a long period are brighter than those who are not breastfed. Researchers from the University of Oxford report that parents who breastfeed for a longer time have children who perform better in cognitive tests than children whose mothers give them formula instead.

While there is no wrong way to supply your baby with nutrients, there are many benefits to breastfeeding for both parties. With so many products on the market for new parents, navigating the land of breast pumps is no exception for confusion. Here at StudyFinds, we did the research for you and have narrowed down some of the best breast pumps on the market. If we missed one that you love, let us know in the comments below!

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Mother and baby laying down together (Photo by Ana Tablas on Unsplash)

The List: Best Breast Pumps Most Recommended by Experts


1. Spectra S1 Plus

Spectra is one of the most popular choices. This is based on the efficiency, ease of use, and the option of being used for single or double pumping. This pump is cordless, which only adds to the convenience. “The quiet, compact Spectra S1 has a rechargeable battery and separate modes for suction strength and suction speed, making it more customizable and easier to use than competitors,” says Wirecutter.

Spectra S1 Breast Pump
Spectra S1 Plus Breast Pump

Healthline chose it as “Best all-around breast pump,” saying, “A closed system, the Spectra offers the option for single or double pumping, and has a strong, adjustable vacuum pump that many insurance plans will cover. It’s lightweight and portable, with a carrying handle in its design.”

“Packed full of features and with countless positive user reviews, there’s a reason (a lot of them, actually) why the Spectra earns our top spot when it comes to the best electric breast pump,” notes Babylist. “This hospital-strength breast pump delivers big power with way less bulk and noise.”

What to Expect notes its benefits for double pumping (which means you can use it on one breast or both): “The double-electric, closed-system design has a digital display that lights up so you can easily set the speed and rhythm. Turn it off, and its memory will even recall where you last left off.”

And finally, Vetted by Forbes loves it’s design: “When asked their top breast pump recommendation, parents in our Forbes Moms chat group, as well as many parents in outside forums, praised the Spectra S1 Plus.”

2. Medela Pump in Style with MaxFlow

Known for its versatility, this Medela Pump is another popular choice among parents. “This pump features MaxFlow technology that’s inspired by hospital-grade pumps to deliver some serious suction power,” writes Vetted.

Medela Electric Breast Pump, Pump in Style with MaxFlow
Medela Electric Breast Pump, Pump in Style with MaxFlow

“Another feature other moms love: the portability. Many moms say they love that this pump clocks in at just over one pound, making it easy to carry in your hands or a bag,” says What to Expect.

Good Housekeeping also notes the portability, saying: “This portable pump makes expressing milk on the go a breeze. Our experts love how easy it is to use, and note that it achieves some of the best output compared to similar Medela models.”

3. Willow Wearable Breast Pump

Wearable pumps have become popular in recent years. It allows for a convenient, hands-free way to pump that parents really appreciate. The Willow is one of the top brands for this type. “What the AirPods did for headphones, the Willow is aiming to do for breast pumps: Make the experience entirely hands- and cord-free (and no dangling bottles!),” writes Good Housekeeping.

Willow Wearable Breast Pump
Willow Wearable Breast Pump

“You can pump in any position, thanks to the spill-proof design. So you can lay down or bend over to pick up your baby while you pump without the worry of spilling any breast milk,” says What to Expect, who chose it as “Best Wearable Breast Pump.”

It earned the same praise on Babylist, which says, “The Willow is quiet, ultra discreet and spill-proof. You can pump and store your milk in the same bag and pump in any position without worrying about leaks.”

Bonus: You can use the corresponding app to track milk volume and time for pumping sessions.

4. The Elvie Pump

The Elvie is another wearable option that ranks high. Unlike the Willow, it doesn’t require specialty bags to pump into (which can get expensive to upkeep). “Another advantage is that it’s also bag-free — you pump right into it, then transfer the milk straight into a bottle,” writes What to Expect.

Elvie Breast Pump
Elvie Breast Pump

Vetted chose it for their “Best Wearable Breast Pump” accolade, giving a rundown of how it works: “You slip the cups in your bra—you can do double or single sessions—and control the settings and track the output estimations through an app…The brand also claims this pump is silent, making it more discreet than some standard machines.”

Reviewed adds, “The Elvie is our top pick due to its high marks across the board: it empties breasts well, is comfortable, and is high-tech yet user-friendly, making pumping (almost) fun…Most importantly: it boasts extreme portability, with no wires or tubing required.”

5. Haakaa Manual Breast Pump

Even if you opt for an electric pump, it is always good to have a manual pump handy, and the Haakaa is the top choice. Babylist mentions: “It’s a one-piece pump that attaches to your breast and collects milk using its own suction—no hands (or power source) required…Lots of pumping parents will pop it on while their baby nurses on the other side to gain a few ounces for their freezer stash.”

Haakaa Manual Breast Pump
Haakaa Manual Breast Pump

“It’s made from soft food-grade silicone that suctions to the breast and gently expresses milk, and it’s especially ideal for milk catching if you’re pumping or feeding with the other,” says Vetted.

“It does a great job of capturing milk at an affordable price point, and our experts love how convenient it is to pack in any bag and use while out and about,” writes Good Housekeeping.

With so many things to consider when planning for a baby’s arrival, we hope this list of best breast pumps helped make this choice a little easier. Have a breast pump you love that’s not on the list? Let us know in the comments.

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