Chicken wings

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Chicken wings are a top seller are restaurants across the United States, and with good reason! Easy to share and filled with flavor, few things are as appetizing and shareable as a huge pile of fresh wings. Now for some home-cooks, the desire to make the ultimate wing at home is a calling. On their behalf we asked ourselves what the best chicken wing recipes are.

According to a recent study, there are trends among the etiquette of wing-lovers. How do you handle messy fingers after devouring a plate of buffalo wings? A survey of 2,000 people finds that three in four Americans won’t judge you for licking your fingers after eating chicken wings – because they’ll do the same. The poll also reveals that chicken wings are considered an “old reliable” classic food (63%) and are the favorite among casual-dining appetizers (54%), followed by chips and salsa (46%) and French fries (44%). Results show that chicken wings are a crowd-pleasing appetizer for even the pickiest of eaters. Three out of four people agree it’s hard to beat the taste of a chicken wing, which may be why 60 percent say they’re likely to order them most times or every time they go to a restaurant.

Chicken wings are also now at the top of the list for favorite spicy summer fare, according to new research. Types of spice are important too, with jalapeño being the favorite of three in 10 respondents, compared to just 12 percent who like to get their heat from cayenne. Those types of spice are most likely to be a flavor in classic barbecue dishes like chicken wings (45%), burgers (35%), pulled pork sandwiches (27%), and baked beans (22%).

With endless favoritism expressed for the beloved snack, we turned to the experts. StudyFinds sought out to discover the top five best chicken wing recipes to make at home. Let us know your favorite in the comments below!

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The List: Best Chicken Wing Recipes, According to Culinary Experts

1. Original Buffalo Wings

The original Buffalo Wing is the easily the most popular and an absolute icon of American food. “Nothing says Game Day like buffalo wings! These wings get crispy in the oven then get tossed in classic buffalo sauce — a crowd-pleaser indeed!” says Good Housekeeping.

fried chicken on black plate
Buffalo wings (Photo by Scott Eckersley on Unsplash)

The flavors of chicken, hot sauce, and butter come together in this classic recipe, “Share a batch of classic buffalo wings at your next party with our easy recipe. This lighter version is baked instead of fried and coated in spicy buffalo sauce. To add even more flavour, marinade the chicken wings for as long as possible, preferably overnight,” adds BBC Good Food.

When it’s time to pre-game party or eating for the sheer joy of it, “there’s no substitute for a classic Buffalo wing when it comes to snacking while watching a game or relaxing on a weekend afternoon. These wings are fried, then tossed in a buttery hot sauce and served with blue cheese dipping sauce and celery. The tangy blue cheese dressing is the perfect counterpart to the wings. If you like extra-crispy wings, fry them for an extra minute or two. And if you have an air fryer, cook the wings skin-side up to keep the skin as crispy as possible,” explains Food & Wine.

2. Parmesan Wings

Parmesan and garlic are a great flavor combo that has earned the number two spot on our list, “These chicken wings are a low carb version of garlic parmesan chicken wings. They can be baked in the oven or in an air fryer and they are way less messy than regular wings! Plus they can be made ahead of time and be put into the fridge or the freezer until ready for use. First, start by mixing together crushed up pork rinds, parmesan, Italian seasoning, garlic powder, and salt. Dip your chicken wings into melted butter and then into the dry mixture. Lay on a baking tray and bake for 35-40 minutes and then you’re done! Check it out here,” says The Eat Down.

wings on a plate
Wings on a plate (Photo by Clark Douglas on Unsplash)

Made famous by national chains like Buffalo Wild Wings, home-cooks crave that signature flavor. “Wingstop knows wings, and if you want to wow your friends and family with your culinary skills, why not use a recipe from the king of wings? Covered in butter, garlic, and parmesan cheese, these savory, crispy wings will have the whole family drooling before they ever hit the table. Luckily, they only take about 30 minutes to cook, so you won’t have long to wait. If you’re looking for something full of spice and flavor, this is the recipe for you,” writes Insanely Good.

Crisp and succulent, these wings are sure to please home-cooks and their guests. According to Scrambled Chefs, “There is something extraordinary about the crisp Parmesan bits on these wings. I love anything baked and hands-off, and this recipe gives you juicy chicken with a flavorful and crispy exterior. Recipe: Midget Momma.”

3. Sweet BBQ Wings

In a category filled with spicy and zesty options, the Sweet BBQ Wing will not be denied. “You can’t go wrong with our Classic Sweet BBQ Chicken Wings. The sweet and smoky taste of the barbecue sauce is practically made for chicken wings,” states My Food and Family.

Chicken wings on grill
Chicken wings on a grill (© Sławomir Fajer –

Sweet BBQ sauce is clearly a popular choice, “Crispy baked chicken wings smothered in a sweet and tangy homemade barbecue sauce. The whole family is going to devour these wings. They’re so simple to prepare with none of the grease splatters from fried wings, you’ll love making them too. Get the Recipe @ kitchensanctuary,” advises Gypsy Plate.

Getting creative with a sweet BBQ sauce is easy as well. “BBQ Smoked Wings & IPA Marinade. There’s nothing like some good, old fashioned smoked chicken wings! They are so flavourful from the brine, the seasonings, and the smoke. Then the sauce is the cherry on top! Start by putting your chicken wings in a plastic bag and adding poultry rub, salt, brown sugar, and paired with an IPA beer. Seal the bag and leave it in the fridge for 12-24 hours. Next, pat your chicken dry then toss with more poultry rub and cornstarch. Smoke for 30 minutes, turn up the temperature, and smoke for another 45 minutes. Then make your sauce on the stove by combining IPA, brown sugar, hot sauce, and butter then reduce. Coat the wings in the sauce and let them smoke for 15 more minutes. Then there you have it, perfection! Check it out here,” writes The Eat Down.

4. Asian Wings

Asian Wings are an all-encompassing term for wings that have incorporate eastern seasonings and flavors like soy or sriracha sauce. “Crispy, sticky, sweet, savory with the most perfect caramelized glaze. Basically, the best party food ever. They’re perfectly crisp with just the right amount of heat, sweetness and savoriness… SO FINGER-LICKING GOOD. Get the recipe,” notes Gypsy Plate.

savory chicken on plate
Asian wings (Photo by Atharva Tulsi on Unsplash)

Chicken wings prepared with Korean spices are also becoming increasingly popular with consumers thanks to growth in Korean chicken restaurants. “Korean Fried Chicken Wings. Gochujang (Korean hot pepper paste) makes up the spicy backbone of these deep-fried wings from Smoke and Pickles author Edward Lee. Get the Recipe,” points out Bon Appetite. 

Exotic or difficult to find ingredients aren’t needed to achieve great Asian-inspired flavor. “You will be amazed by how crispy these baked Asian chicken wings turn out! We add sriracha for heat, honey for sweetness, and ginger to balance the flavours,” says Ahead of Thyme.

5. Honey Wings

Honey on wings is an absolute classic. “These chicken wings are great because if you’re going to a BBQ or picnic, you can bake these ahead of time and then heat them up on the grill when you get there.  Just coat your chicken in Cajun seasoning and bake in the oven. In a bowl, mix together Cajun seasoning, lemon juice, honey, ketchup, and dry mustard. When your chicken is done, toss it in the sauce, and then when it’s cooled off you can cover it with plastic wrap and refrigerate. Then all you need to do is take them to the BBQ or picnic and throw them on the grill to heat them up and enjoy,” mentions The Eat Down.

a plate of food
Honey Wings (Photo by Corey Watson on Unsplash)

Honey is a versatile platform for adding other savory flavors like garlic. “These are a must-try for those of you who want to show off your culinary skills. The chicken’s more of an afterthought with these wings. The gorgeous glaze made from butter, onions, dark brown sugar, soy sauce, honey, and ground mustard is what’ll have people talking. Check it out here,” writes Insanely Good.

As with the other items on our list, honey wings are only limited by the ingredients on hand and the cook’s imagination. “These mild chicken wings are flavoured with oregano, lemon, toasted sesame seeds and honey. Dip them into a mix of cooling yogurt and spicy harissa paste. They’ll go down a treat at a party or summer barbecue,” writes BBC Good Food.

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