5 Tasty Chipotle Menu Items To Try Next, According To Foodies

Chipotle’s siren song of fresh ingredients and fiery salsas beckons us all, but conquering their endless menu can be daunting. Fear not, brave gastronomes! This guide will navigate the labyrinth of bowls, burritos, and more, revealing the hidden gems and unsung heroes that lurk within. From protein powerhouses to veggie delights, we’ll unveil the combinations that ignite taste buds and leave you singing “olé!” So strap on your salsa sombrero and prepare to dive into the best Chipotle offers – minus the decision fatigue. The fiesta of flavor awaits! From burritos to quesadillas to fresh and tasty sides, the best Chipotle menu items make for an incredible lunch or dinner. 

There is no doubt that Chipotle has you covered for tasty Mexican cuisine. Where should you start? StudyFinds did the digging, consulting 10 expert food and travel websites in an effort to discover the best Chipotle menu items. As always, feel free to share your picks for the best Chipotle menu items with us in the comments section below! 

burrito bowl with napkin and fork
A Chipotle burrito bowl (Photo by Chipotle on Facebook)

The List: Best Chipotle Menu Items Most Recommended by Experts

1. Chicken Burritos

Topping the list of the best Chipotle menu items are the chicken burritos. Simply put, the chicken burritos at Chipotle are incredible. Whimsy and Spice says they’re a top menu pick, offering incredible value for only a few dollars. Plus, you can personalize your order exactly how you like it – a total win-win!

Chicken burritos reign supreme at Chipotle, and for good reason! Mashed explains that they’re incredibly versatile. No matter what rice, beans, or salsa you choose, they’re guaranteed to be delicious. Feeling a little adventurous? Take the flavor up a notch with some queso or guacamole!

 Now the only thing left to decide is what to add to your chicken burritos. Asian Recipe recommends adding roasted chili-corn salsa or fresh tomato salsa. These salsas perfectly complement the smoky chipotle flavor of the chicken, and they’re not as watery as some tomatillo-based options.

2. Guacamole

The next item to make the list of the best Chipotle menu items is none other than guacamole. This flavorful avocado spread from Chipotle is tasty and fresh and goes well with pretty much anything on the menu

Mashed says Chipotle’s guac is the holy grail of fresh! It’s so tasty, you might just find yourself scraping the bowl clean. Worried it’ll overload your burrito? No problem! Order it on the side with a bag of chips for the ultimate scooping session.

The guacamole at Chipotle isn’t the star of the show but it’s certainly a key aspect of building the perfect Chipotle order. Restaurant Clicks spills the tea on Chipotle’s guac recipe! It’s all about keeping it simple and fresh with just six ingredients: avocados, lime juice, cilantro, red onion, jalapenos, and a pinch of salt. The result? A luxuriously thick and creamy guac that takes any Chipotle dish to the next level.

Asian Recipe says the guac is an investment worth making! Sure, it might cost a little extra, but trust us, it’s worth every penny. This guac adds a burst of flavor to salads and burrito bowls, making them even more amazing.

3. Queso Blanco

Calling all cheese lovers! You gotta try Chipotle’s queso! If you’ve ever been to a traditional Mexican restaurant, then you know this cheesy sauce is something you just can’t duplicate at home.  

TimeOut says adding queso to your order is the perfect way to go all-in at Chipotle. Get it smothered on your bowl for added flavor, or order a side for some serious chip-dipping action. Just beware that the queso blanco is a twist on their original that packs a little punch, so be sure to grab extra chips to scoop up every last drop of that gooey goodness.

Restaurant Clicks breaks down the magic behind Chipotle’s queso. It’s all about the perfect blend of aged cheeses – Monterey Jack and white cheddar – along with a touch of tomato, garlic, and a three-pepper kick for some heat.

Chipotle didn’t start out with queso on their menu. The chain isn’t known for frequent menu additions, so when they do release something new, it’s a cause for celebration. That’s exactly what happened with their queso! It took some tinkering, but the result is a delicious cheese sauce that’s perfect as a filling or a side (Mashed).

4. Carnitas Bowl

Coming in fourth on the list of the best Chipotle menu items takes us away from wraps and burritos and brings us to the bowls. The carnitas bowls from Chipotle are a fan favorite and for good reason. But, what is carnitas? Carnitas is a pork protein that’s similar in texture to pulled pork. 

Whimsy and Spice describes them as melt-in-your-mouth perfection. The secret? Overnight marinating and slow-cooking for hours. This slow process creates a tender, shredded pork with a delightful textural contrast in every bite.

Be warned: these carnitas are crazy delicious, but they also pack a caloric punch! Whimsy and Spice says they’re the highest-calorie protein option at Chipotle, clocking in at 210 calories per serving. But hey, flavor is worth it sometimes, right? Plus, they’re surprisingly filling, so you won’t be left feeling hungry.

Restaurant Clicks shares their favorite carnitas combo! They say carnitas go with pretty much anything, but their personal preference is a fresh pico de gallo salsa and pinto beans for a flavor and texture explosion in every bowl.

5. Barbacoa Bowl   

Rounding out the list of the best Chipotle menu items is the barbacoa bowl. This yummy bowl from Chipotle is a unique Mexican-style dish that is sure to please even the most skeptical eaters. 

Although the barbacoa is tasty, it doesn’t overpower your dish, making it a versatile and unique protein Simply put, Chipotle’s barbacoa is a slow-cooked delight! Restaurant Clicks explains that barbacoa is a Mexican cooking method where meat (traditionally lamb or goat) is simmered low and slow until it’s melt-in-your-mouth tender.

Chipotle puts their own spin on it using beef shoulder, slow-cooked for up to eight hours with a spicy garlic kick. Barbacoa is typically made with lamb, but Chipotle took this traditional protein in a different direction, probably to make it more suitable for a variety of preferences. 

Asian Recipe gives us the ultimate barbacoa bowl hack! Swap black beans for pinto beans and add some fresh lettuce, mild salsa verde, cheese, guac, and sour cream. Trust us, the combination of textures and flavors with the barbacoa is out-of-this-world!


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