7 Awesome Crocs Alternatives: Online Reviewers Love These Popular Dupes

It’s no secret that Crocs are a universal shoe with longevity you can wear for many tasks, indoors and outdoors. Maybe you love the concept but prefer an alternative style or maybe you are looking for a specific price point. While some brand-name Crocs may boast a hefty price tag, the market is rich with popular alternatives. Some even share similar quality for a fraction of the cost. Luckily, many alternatives will give you the same benefits of this comfort shoe, and we are here to give you the consensus best Crocs dupes on the market according to online reviewers.

In our search for the best of the best Crocs knockoffs, we turned to eight popular online reviews and gathered the seven most recommended alternatives across the sites. Keep in mind you might not achieve the same level of quality or comfort as you would with an actual pair of Crocs. And some styles might even be more expensive. Still, reviewers agree these are the next best options. Did we miss a dupe that you can’t seem to kick off your feet? Let us know in the comments.

The List: Best Croc Dupes, According to Consumer Reviews

1. Chacos Chillos Clog

Chillos Clog, Deep Sea Storm (chacos.com)

Forget clunky Crocs! Chaco’s Chillos Clogs are like Crocs’ stylish, younger cousin according to The Modest Man. They offer the same comfort and ease of a slip-on sandal, but with a touch more pizzazz and way less ventilation – perfect if your toes prefer a little less exposure. Plus, they come in a range of colors that would make any fashionista swoon.

But Chillos Clogs are more than just a pretty face (or clog, I guess). Expert World Travel points out that they have Chaco’s signature LUVSEAT arch support, keeping your feet happy on long walks or adventures. Unlike their Crocs counterpart, they also boast an adjustable strap for a secure, custom fit.

Hi Consumption hails Chillos Clogs as the ultimate camping companion. The durable sole with wave fin traction will keep you surefooted on any terrain, while the eco-conscious recycled materials make them a feel-good choice too.

2. Birkenstock Super Birki

Super-Birki (birkenstock.com)

Birkenstock’s got a reputation for crafting amazing sandals, and their Super Birki clogs are no exception. The Modest Man tells us these comfy guys are built to last, with a polyurethane shell that repels water, dirt, grease, and even oil – like a superhero for your feet! Plus, the cork-latex footbed cradled in microfiber feels like walking on sunshine.

But don’t be fooled by their tough exterior, Super Birki clogs come in a rainbow of colors to match your unique style. And let’s face it, gardening can get messy. But fear not, says Expert World Travel, because these Birks can be tossed in the washing machine at a scorching 60°C to banish any grime. Plus, disinfection is a breeze, keeping your feet healthy and happy.

Finally, Field Mag spills the beans on why these Birks are a secret weapon for restaurant workers. They combine the legendary comfort and quick-drying magic of Crocs with a style that won’t clash with your coffee shop’s cool vibe. So ditch the tired sneakers and embrace the all-day comfort and effortless good looks of Birkenstock’s Super Birki clogs.

3. Merrell Hydro Moc

Hydro Moc, Iris (merrell.com)

Crocs a little too mainstream for your water adventures? Then dive into Merrell’s Hydro Mocs, The Modest Man suggests. These kicks are like Crocs’ wilder cousin, rocking an “almost alien-esque” pattern of holes for ultimate drainage and ventilation.

But don’t be fooled by their looks, comfort is king with Hydro Mocs. Hi Consumption hails them as the comfy champion, even calling them the top Crocs alternative. They’re crafted with a game-changing EVA build that’s lightweight and oh-so-squishy underfoot.

Whether you’re conquering calm coves or navigating rocky rivers, Hydro Mocs are your trusty companions, according to Field Mag. The breathable holes let your feet stay cool and drain quickly after a dunk, while the clever heel strap and articulated design ensure they stay put on any terrain. So ditch the flip flops and splash into summer with the supportive style of Merrell’s Hydro Mocs.

4. Suicoke MOK

MOK (suicoke.ca)

Calling all Crocs fans with a fashion conscience! Suicoke, a Japanese footwear brand, has dreamed up the MOK, a sandal that’s basically what Crocs would wear if they hit the runway, according to The Modest Man. Imagine a sleeker, more streamlined silhouette with minimal ventilation and stylish grooves – that’s the MOK. It’s familiar enough to feel comfortable yet different enough to turn heads.

While these aren’t exactly wilderness-ready clogs, Field Mag says they’re perfect for everyday wear. Think strolling through the farmer’s market or grabbing brunch with friends.

Now, let’s talk about the price tag. Hi Consumption acknowledges they’re actually a bit steeper than Crocs, but hey, you’re paying for designer looks (and trust us, your feet will thank you). Crafted from lightweight rubber with breathable holes, the MOKs boast a sleek hook and loop closure for a secure fit. So, ditch the clunky Crocs and embrace the designer comfort and elevated style of Suicoke’s MOKs.

5. Kane Revive

KANE REVIVE (kanefootwear.com)

Craving an athletic upgrade to your trusty Crocs? Look no further than the Kane Revive, says The Modest Man. These recovery kicks are like a fusion of comfy mules and supportive running shoes, designed to pamper your feet after a workout or a long day on your feet.

Imagine a Croc that sits on a raised platform, boosting blood flow to key pressure points in your feet. That’s the magic of the Revive, according to Hi Consumption. Plus, it boasts a double layer of cushioning for ultimate comfort and active support – perfect for athletes or anyone who spends a lot of time on their feet. And because slipping is a total buzzkill, the Revive features grippy soles with siped treads for confident traction on any surface.

Field Mag puts it best: ditch the clunky Crocs and embrace the plush comfort and foot-hugging design of the Kane Revives. They were even created by an orthopedist, so you know your feet are in good hands (or should we say, sandals?). Whether you’re chasing after your little one or conquering your daily grind, the Kane Revive will keep your feet happy and supported all day long.

6. Keen Yogui

Men’s Yogui Arts Clog x THC (keenfootwear.com)

Crocs with a dose of funky personality? That’s the Yogui clog from Keen in a nutshell, says The Modest Man. It’s a casual clog that breaks away from the traditional Crocs mold with a unique, unconventional design that’s surprisingly effective. Plus, being a KEEN product (a Portland-based brand known for quality outdoor footwear), you know these babies are built to last.

Hi Consumption points out another perk: an anti-odor treatment that keeps your feet feeling fresh all summer long. Just imagine breezy summer days and stink-free adventures!

Now, while the Yogui clogs are perfect for kicking around town, Field Mag reminds us that they might not be the best choice for super active adventures. The lack of straps means they might decide to take a vacation of their own on slippery surfaces or fast-moving rivers. But for everyday wear and casual outings, the Yogui clogs are a comfy and conversation-starting alternative to classic Crocs.

7. Vans Slip-On TRK Shoe

Slip-On Mule TRK Shoe (vans.com)

Craving a Croc alternative with a touch of skate-punk soul? Look no further than the Vans TRK slip-on, says The Modest Man. It’s basically a wetsuit for your favorite Vans checkerboard kicks, featuring the iconic design reimagined for water adventures. Imagine rinsing away sand and dirt with ease after a day at the beach – all thanks to the strategically placed square holes throughout the shoe.

Hi Consumption calls these Vans the ultimate skate-inspired water shoe. The California brand took their classic slip-on silhouette and crafted it from lightweight EVA foam, making them perfect for slipping on after a surf session or a dip in the pool. Plus, they stay true to their roots with checkerboard drainage holes (even though they ditch the traditional black and white colorway).

While conquering mountain trails might not be their forte, Field Mag says these Vans TRKs are superstars on flat surfaces. The thick sole might not offer the best support on uneven terrain, but they’ll keep you comfortable and looking slick at the beach bar thanks to the slip-resistant outsole. So ditch the clunky Crocs and embrace the fun, water-ready vibes of the Vans TRK slip-on.


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