Best Designer Shoe Brands For Women: Top 5 Luxury Kicks Most Recommended By Experts

If there are women in your life who take fashion seriously, you know they won’t skimp when it comes to their footwear. So, whether you’re looking to gift someone with a luxury shoe, or you’re ready to treat yourself to your next favorite pair, you may be wondering which are the best designer shoe brands for women, no matter the style you’re looking for.

Designer shoes can be worn to any occasion, from daily office visits to destination weddings, so you shouldn’t shy away from checking out shoes from the best designer brands on the market. They can be worn with jeans, floor length dresses, pant suits, and mini skirts and still be the focal point of a great outfit.

Did you know how you are dressed can change how you’re treated in public? A recent study reveals what you wear when you decide to eat out for dinner may influence the level of service you get at a restaurant. Research shows that servers actually predict whether or not their guests will leave big tips simply based on their attire. Scientists at the University of Missouri conclude that restaurant wait staff often believe that the most well-dressed diners will leave the best tips. Under that notion, servers ramp up their hospitality for those customers. So, you might want to think twice before leaving in sneakers and a t-shirt and opt for something a little classier when venturing out for a meal.

But if opening your wallet to pay is giving you pause, you can feel good knowing that the best designer shoes made for women are also an investment. Shoes made by famous fashion designers are always in style and typically hold their value. Plus, they’re usually made with high-quality material and they stand the test of time better than most “fast fashion” trends that hit the internet every season. These fast-paced trends are actually losing appeal, according to a recent study. Buying from designer brands ensures a shoe you’ll wear for years to come and won’t fall apart after one wear.

With so many epic brands out there to choose from, how do you know which ones are must-haves for a wardrobe? Personal tastes (and one’s budget) always play a role when choosing high fashion pieces, but StudyFinds consulted 10 expert sites to come up with our list of the best designer shoe brands for women. Let us know which is your favorite in the comments below.

Gucci sneakers
Gucci sneakers (Photo by Max Anderson on Unsplash)

The List: Best Designer Shoe Brands for Women, According to Experts

1. Jimmy Choo

This brand is modern luxury incarnate when it comes to women’s designer shoe brands. They’re known for their sexy, often edgy takes on sophisticated designs and high-quality craftsmanship. “Always a shoo-in in most expensive lists, this signature is a favorite by Hollywood A-listers and, in fact, is expected to be seen on many a red carpet glam night,” writes AOL.

“A bespoke shoemaker named Jimmy Choo set himself up in London’s East End in the early 90s. He catered to an exclusive group of globe trotters, including Princess Diana,” notes WWD.” “Today, Jimmy Choo is a leading global luxury brand. … Each style is sophisticated, comfortable, and crafted with an elegant silhouette.”

Similarly, Byrdie writes: “Founded by Malaysian-born designer Jimmy Choo (who also, by the way, came from a family of shoemakers), Jimmy Choo shoes are known for sexy, feminine designs and high-quality Italian craftsmanship.”

2. Christian Louboutin

Known as “Red Bottoms” due to the brand’s famous red soles, these shoes are synonymous with high-end luxury. While it may be best known for its stiletto heels, it offers a slew of shoe styles ranging from sandals to sneakers.

“Designer Christian Louboutin is known for single-handedly reintroducing stiletto heels back into fashion in the late 1990s, but Louboutin has hundreds of styles today, including sneakers and more. And, yes, almost all come with that famous red-bottom sole,” writes Byrdie.

“Red soles and high heels, these are unmistakably Christian Louboutin,” notes Finances Online. “The brand is at once classic and cutting-edge that jibes with the modern woman of style: strong, powerful but still feminine.”

“The brand is synonymous with their red sole shoes that have a celebrity following,” writes Your Next Shoes. “They’re the shoes that every woman dreams of adding to her collection. Whether you’re a sneaker collector or prefer a classic silhouette, Christian Louboutin is a designer brand that has something to offer everyone.”

3. Manolo Blahnik

While this brand has been considered one of the best since it rose to popularity in the 1970s, it was Sarah Jessica Parker’s character in “Sex and the City that made it a must-have among fashionistas. The signature brand offers a wide range of shoe styles that are known for their elegant, feminine designs.

ClothedUp states that the brand is “Renowned for being super comfortable, stylish, and of top-tier design. … Manolo offers hand-made shoes in a huge range of styles, whether you’re looking for sandals, pumps, leather boots, and more.”

“While Manolo’s most famous style is their jeweled buckle satin pump, it’s impossible to go wrong with the craftsmanship and design of the brand, especially given that they have been creating quality shoes since 1971,” states Byrdie.

And Finances Online notes, “Manolo Blahnik has always reflected a rebellious air, right off when it launched in the seventies with a line of high heels on an age when the rage was platform shoes and boots.”

4. Stuart Weitzman

Offering a great mix of styles ranging from leather flats to Swarovski crystal stilettos, this luxury shoe brand is one of the best. It even designs shoes for celebrities. “Since 1986, Stuart Weitzman has provided high-quality, beautiful shoes for women in the hopes of making them feel bold, sexy, and confident,” writes ClothedUp. “A huge majority of Stuart Weitzman shoes are made in Elda, Spain that’s highly-known for its artisan shoemaking.”

“Stuart Weitzman is one of our favorite shoe brands, giving you a mixture of attainable luxury shoes and must-have designer styles,” states Your Next Shoes. “Whatever your aesthetic is, you’re guaranteed to find a style of shoes for you. Stuart Weitzman offers everything from leather to suede and Nappa shoes, with a mixture of classic and contemporary designs and eye-catching silhouettes.You’ll even find the occasional style with Swarovski crystals.”

“There’s a reason that Stuart Weitzman shoes have been the best of the best in designer shoes for decades now,” writes Byrdie. “If you’re in search of a luxury brand that focuses on just shoes, Stuart Weitzman is a classic choice. Plus, many styles have sizes that go up to 12, which is pretty size-inclusive as luxury shoes go.”

5. Gucci

This iconic, Italian-based brand is super popular worldwide. From classic heel silhouettes to boots and slip ons, it offers everything a designer shoe brand should. AOL names the famous brand as one of the most expensive in the world.

“It’s a brand that straddles the worlds of the super rich and the normal rich and, occasionally, the not-so rich that happens to earn a big bonus,” writes Finances Online. “The brand is known for bourgeois Renaissance and it doesn’t apologize for it. Call it eclectic, the shoes fit the brand’s Italian couture, a standout in any party.”

And ClothedUp adds, “A long-time iconic and famous brand, Gucci is based in Florence, Italy and is an Italian luxury brand that’s been at the forefront of the high-fashion industry since 1921. Some of the most sought-after shoes Gucci has to offer include its double-G pumps, the Princeton mules, and the leather espadrilles.

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