Best English Muffins: Top 4 Brands Plus Their Most Expert-Beloved Flavors 

Fun fact: English muffins are neither English nor muffins! Samuel Bath Thomas actually invented them in the United States, making it an American product and not English. Fast forward nearly 100 years since the trademark filing, and now there’s a nook and cranny just for them on every grocery store’s bread aisle! Plus, they have even more space in the cooler section. With so many brands to choose from, you may have found yourself wondering: Which are the consensus very best English muffins?

After all, even in the drive-thru, the English muffin claims the number one spot for best fast-food breakfast. Especially when it’s combined with a fluffy egg and melty cheese. We’re talking about McDonald’s Egg McMuffin, of course. But who needs McDonald’s when you have store-bought brands that can give you the same taste at home for a fraction of the cost? You might even be singing “Ba Da Ba Ba Bah, I’m Lovin’ It” in your kitchen with some of these English muffins below!

If you opt for a grain-loaded English muffin, you’ll have something to love other than the taste. Whole grain foods are a rich source of healthy nutrients, including fiber, potassium, magnesium, folate, iron and selenium. According to a study, eating brown breads or other whole grain foods are not only good for your waistline, but may also defend against heart disease and diabetes. 

So, if English muffins are on your grocery list, your next trip to the supermarket just got a little easier, thanks to our list of the best English muffins. These are the most popular picks that 11 experts say are worth a try. While you’re at the store, you may even want to pick up some of your favorite English muffin toppings. And if you’re in need of a way to toast your muffins, look no further than our list of expert-recommended toasters. Leave us a comment down below about your favorite English muffins!

The List: Best English Muffins, According To Experts

1. Thomas 

According to Brand Informers, “‘Thomas’ is one of most popular English muffin brands in the United States. In fact, it’s the top-selling English muffin in the country.” And the top three flavors that’ll tempt your taste buds are …  

100% Whole Wheat: FindThisBest ranks this as their No. 1 flavor because of its “Nooks & Crannies texture that toasts up crispy on the edges and soft in the middle.” Plus, it’s versatile. “Enjoy with your favorite spread (we suggest butter or cream cheese) or as a sandwich, burger, personal pizza and more! Create the perfect breakfast sandwich with sausage, eggs and cheese and a toasted Thomas’ English Muffin.”

Sourdough: “A yeasty bite really makes an English muffin just a little bit tastier and more representative of what an English muffin should be. These sourdough English muffins from Thomas’ won’t kick you in the teeth with yeast, but the sourness of the sourdough definitely gives these an edge over a lot of regular English muffins in the flavor department. Plus, these were nice and moist compared to some of the others we tried,” Sporked writes.

Cinnamon Raisin: “CINNAMON RAISIN IS THE FAN FAVORITE. Even raisin haters appreciated the sweetness, and a taster with a love for all things sugar noted that it’s the perfect way to have both ‘cake and carbs for breakfast.’ This was ‘pure nostalgia’ and ‘good all-around with surprisingly nice dried fruit’ that made one taster have a slight existential crisis. ‘Who on Earth eats cinnamon raisin bread after the age of 8? Maybe we should. Maybe we all should …,’” Bon Appétit recommends.

2. Bays

Epicurious says this brand is a winner: “The winning English muffin had a nice punch of salty flavor, which is welcome for sweet or savory applications. It had a very delicate sourness with a nice balance of moist-flaky-crunchy textures. One thing to note: you’ll need to look in your grocer’s refrigerated section to find Bays, as they’re kept there instead of in the bread aisle.”

Sourdough: “They are tangy and crunchy, with the crispy edge holes for butter that make Thomas’ worth it, without the high burn potential. They tolerate butter and marmalade EXTREMELY well, and the edges get crispier faster than the middle. Aesthetically appealing. Appetizingly sexy. Always happy to see these gentlemen in my household, and they have a standing invitation,” Medium writes.

Brioche: My Recipes is obsessed: “I have quickly become semi-obsessed with these. Rich and slightly sweet, like any good brioche, but with that wonderful chew you get with an English muffin, and plenty of nooks and crannies to fill with butter once toasted, suddenly my English muffin expanded beyond breakfast. From using them for the base of a croque monsieur-style sandwich, to swapping them in for burger buns, to making tea-time open-faced tartine snacks, I keep reaching for these over and over.”

3. Dave’s Killer Bread 

Organic and vegan-friendly, Dave’s Killer Bread only has two flavors of English muffins Classic and Rockin’ Grains but both are highly recommended. Brand Informers mentions their history: “It was co-founded by Dave Dahl who previously served 15 years in prison. The company believes in second chances and reinvention of the individual. They admirably employ about 1/3 of their workforce who have had a previous criminal past.”

Vegan Calm raves, “Dave’s Killer Bread may not have been around for a long time, but the brand has made a name for itself, especially among the healthy eaters’ community. Dave’s Killer Breads are certified USDA Organic, non-GMO, Whole-Grain, and Kosher. While the brand isn’t certified vegan, all of its products except a few snack bars are considered vegan-friendly because they have no animal ingredients.” 

And Living My Veg Life says, “Not only are Dave’s Killer Bread English Muffins vegan-friendly, but they are also a better-for-you alternative compared to many English muffin brands!”

4. Glutino 

Glutino is a highly recommended gluten-free choice, and they come in two flavors. 

Zero Gluten Guide writes, “Glutino English Muffins come in two varieties (Original and Multigrain), and they are both certified gluten free! They are also Kosher certified and pretty easy to find in the U.S.!”

Livestrong raves, “Glutino’s gluten-free muffins are light and fluffy, giving you the same original English muffin texture. Just add some butter, jam or peanut butter and enjoy!” 

How do you eat your English muffins? Drop us a comment with all the mouth-watering details!


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