Best Of The Best Essential Oils: Top 5 ‘Scentsational’ Aromatherapy Brands Recommended By Experts

For thousands of years, essential oils have been used for medicinal purposes. Still today, they’re said to be an alternative therapy with a variety of reputed health benefits. Benefits like supporting emotional well-being, reducing skin inflammation and supporting wound healing, enhancing immunity, as well as supporting respiratory and digestive health. With the many scents and benefits they have to offer, it’s hard to choose the best essential oils on the market. And recently, there’s one more benefit that’s emerged.  

What’s that? Well, it wasn’t discovered until people with post-COVID loss of taste and smell were researched. A study revealed that those who sniff essential oils are more likely to get their sense of smell and taste back after contracting COVID-19, especially if they’re under 40 years old. According to researchers, this common COVID symptom usually lasts up to six months for four out of every five patients. 

The ways to use essential oils are almost as expansive as their benefits. They can be inhaled, diluted and then applied topically or even used in a diffuser or air humidifier to infuse fragrance into your home. The latter is such a popular option, a couple of the best air humidifiers have a built-in functionality for essential oils. That’s because diffusing an essential oil like lavender at bedtime, when a lot of people are already using an air humidifier, helps many people relax. 

But of course, lavender isn’t your only option. In fact, there are so many choices, it can get overwhelming when you’re looking for which essential oils to buy. We at Study Finds decided to help you narrow down the selection, finding 11 experts’ consensus on which brands stand out. This expert-recommended list of the best essential oils brands will help you when you’re ready to order a new set or find unique blends. Keep reading to discover the best of the best. From there, you can check out the brand websites for their best-selling scents!

The List: Best Essential Oils, According To Experts

1. Plant Therapy

Spruce up your essential oils collection with this recommendation from The Spruce: “Your search for high-quality and affordable essential oils without additives, adulterants, or dilutions stops at Plant Therapy, a brand whose wide selection is worth a sniff. These essential oils are sourced from reputed suppliers and are third-party tested so you can be assured of their quality.”

Observer says, “Plant Therapy originally started as a small family business that quickly grew into one of the biggest essential oil providers. Plant Therapy features a large variety of blends and oils to choose from at competitive prices. And most of the essences are kid-friendly, too!” 

And according to Top Trends Guide, “Plant Therapy is one of the most popular essential oil brands on the market and makes high-quality organic products that are safe to use on adults and kids. Whether you’re just experimenting with oils or been using them for years, this company has everything you need. Their roll-on oils can do everything from clearing your sinuses to providing energy and rejuvenation for the day.” 

2. Vitruvi

Yahoo! is impressed by this brand’s quality: “Vitruvi is [a] top pick because of its high-quality oils and blends. Everything is nontoxic, all-natural, and 100% pure. In addition to the classic essential oils, it also offers special blends for cozy nights in, dinner parties, or bedtime routines.” 

The Island Now thinks this brand is great for everyday life: “Vitruvi is known for creating non-toxic, all-natural, pure, and cruelty-free essential oils. On their website, you can purchase their classic essential oils for great prices. Vitruvi has always catered to folks who want to indulge in natural ways to include essential oils in their daily lives.” 

On top of all their great products, Vitruvi is a family-owned business. The Spruce writes, “Siblings Sara Panton and Sean Panton sought an alternative to traditional home scents chock-full of toxins, so they bottled and labeled Vitruvi’s first few essential oil collections by hand.”

3. Young Living

This is a top brand for Essential Oil Haven, “Young Living Essential Oils has been one of the leading essential oil brands in the industry for a while. They use a proprietary Seed to Seal process to make their essential oils. It is a system that controls the cultivating, harvesting and distilling of many of their oils. For some plants, Young Living owns their own farms across the world. This gives Young Living the unique ability to verify their quality standards at every step of the process.” 

“Young Living is a pioneer brand in the essential oil industry. With a focus on product quality, the company has several pillars which are sourcing, science and standards. If a product fails their exhaustive tests, they do not source it. They have a scientific staff who develops new products. The brand has developed the Lacey Act Compliance Program to check and ensure essential oil quality,” Organic Aromas claims.

Top Trends Guide admires their packaging as well. They add: “Young Living has formulated many high-quality essential oils that come in beautiful, artistic bottles that reflect the artistry and care of the brand.” Their top recommendations from the brand include “the joy essential oil for perking up your mood and energy, and the calming scent for soothing and relaxing.”

4. NOW Foods

Honest Brand Reviews says this is a high-quality, low-priced brand: “NOW Foods is perhaps one of the most known names on my list of best essential oil brands. You’ll have likely seen it at your local pharmacy alongside its wide range of supplements. People gravitate to NOW Foods because of its low prices, but they also appreciate the high quality of its products.” 

Hello Glow also has a glowing review: “While they’re most well-known for their nutritional supplements, NOW also has a line of high-quality, affordable essential oils. Over the years, they have developed long-lasting relationships with their ingredient suppliers, which allows them to purchase oil ingredients in bulk and pass the savings back to the customer. They also have a full in-house testing facility to ensure all of their products, oils included, surpass industry standards. They are consistently one of the best-priced essential oil brands, and you can trust their oils to be high quality.” 

This brand is a household name according to The Spruce. They write, “The brand’s in-house state-of-the-art laboratory and experts verify the findings of external quality tests. You can trust that the oils are non-GMO, cruelty-free, and vegan, and are sold through many retailers, including Amazon.”

5. Jade Bloom

According to Sarah Ever After“Jade Bloom was founded by a group of naturalists dedicated to making quality essential oils available at the lowest possible prices. Jade Bloom sources pure essential oils from organic or wild-crafted sources around the world. They have a tool that allows you to enter the batch number located on the bottom of each bottle to see the GC-MS report and Certificate of Analysis for that specific batch of oil. True to their stated mission, Jade Bloom’s pricing is reasonable and it accurately reflects the difference in value between various oils.”

Review42 recommends this brand, too: “Its rising popularity is undeniable, thanks to the 100% pure essential oil products they offer plus affordable pricing. Their product variety is also extensive. Jade Bloom products and raw materials are sourced from all over the world. Third-party test results such as GC and MS tests are easily available online.” 

Want to learn more about the ins and outs of essential oils? “The single most unique feature about Jade Bloom is their free essential oils university. It’s a fun program with lessons and schedules, to learn about essential oils,” Essential Oil Haven writes in their review.

Do you use any of these brands? Let us know your favorite scents and blends of essential oils in the comments! 


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  1. I use Young Living and fall in love with it. I like Peace and Calming, Deep Relief for pain and Vertiver + Lavender for sleeping

  2. I love Plant Therapy Essential Oils. Great oils and reasonably priced. The company has exceptional customer service. They post recipes using their essential oils on their website.

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