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People are always saying to stop and smell the roses! Well, a flower subscription service makes that even easier. With one of the subscriptions, you automatically receive beautiful, fragrant blooms regularly so your home is never without a fresh bouquet. This is great gift for someone or simply a way to treat yourself. If you love flowers or want to shower someone you love with them, don’t let it be a thorn in your side finding the best flower subscription services. It can be hard to choose with so many options available, but we’re here to help. StudyFinds searched for what the experts recommend! Here are five of the best flower subscription services to consider based on the consensus of 13 experts! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

The List: Best Flower Subscription Services, According to Experts

1. BloomsyBox

Is your mom someone who lights up at the sight of a fresh bouquet? Does she love bringing a touch of nature’s beauty into her home? Well, then a BloomsyBox subscription might just be the perfect gift (or hint, hint!).

Martha Stewart herself is a BloomsyBox fan, raving about their wide range of subscription options to fit every budget and style. From classic blooms in the Bloomsy Original box to luxurious roses or botanical garden-inspired arrangements, there’s something for everyone (and every price point).

Feeling overwhelmed by all the choices? Real Simple is here to help. They love that BloomsyBox caters to all kinds of moms: the dog or cat lover with pet-safe flowers, the plant enthusiast with dedicated greenery subscriptions, and even those who simply adore the timeless elegance of roses.

But wait, there’s more! Urban Tastebud chimes in with how surprisingly affordable it is, especially considering the quality and freshness of the flowers. Plus, with blooms delivered straight to her door every month, it’s like a little dose of happiness arriving right on schedule. So ditch the drugstore bouquet and give mom the gift of a smile that lasts – a BloomsyBox subscription is a sure winner!

2. Urban Stems


From classic arrangements to more modern and artistic designs, Taste of Home recommends Urban Stems. Imagine ditching the grocery store bouquet for a box bursting with creative, artistic blooms! Urban Stems lets you choose your adventure – from classic and elegant arrangements to seasonal stunners or even luxurious, high-end options. Plus, with free shipping on every order, it’s a budget-friendly way to add a touch of floral magic to her home. Here’s the best part: with your first delivery, they even send a beautiful vase she can keep refilling for months to come – a gift that keeps on giving!

Feeling a bit indecisive? Vogue dives into the details of Urban Stems’ subscription plans. They offer three tiers – Classic, Seasonal, and Luxe – each with adjustable delivery frequencies (weekly, biweekly, or monthly) and durations to fit your gifting needs. The best part? You get a delightful surprise each time, with Urban Stems selecting the freshest, most seasonal blooms to fill her home with vibrant color and fragrance.

And for the eco-conscious moms out there, The Spruce has some fantastic news: all of Urban Stems’ flowers are sustainably sourced! They use Rainforest Alliance Certified farms, which means the flowers are grown with respect for the environment and the people who bring them to you. So you can feel good about giving a gift that’s good for her and the planet.

3. The Bouqs Co.

The Bouqs Co. is known for its unique, farm-fresh flowers delivered straight from eco-friendly, sustainable farms. This year, level up your gift-giving game with a Bouqs flower subscription – a service that’s both beautiful and budget-friendly, according to Epicurious magazine. Here’s the deal: you get to choose the stunning blooms you want delivered to her door each month, and save up to 30% off the regular price. Plus, Bouqs prides itself on super fresh flowers by working directly with eco-friendly farms. They cut the stems just before shipping, so they arrive looking their absolute best – a vibrant pop of color and fragrance to brighten her day.

But wait, there’s more! Brides magazine dives into the amazing flexibility Bouqs offers. You can pick the flowers, change the delivery date, and even send them straight to mom on her birthday – it’s the gift that keeps on giving! They come in three sizes to fit any budget, from the charming Original bunch to the luxurious Grand option. And the best part? Every subscription comes with free shipping, which is basically a gift in itself.

Best Products sums it up perfectly: Bouqs is a one-stop shop for effortless yet impressive bouquets. Their nationwide shipping, unbeatable customization options, and stunning variety of blooms make them a clear winner. Plus, their subscription service is easy on the wallet without sacrificing quality – what more could a mom ask for?

4. Ode à la Rose 

Calling all hopeless romantics! Does your mom swoon over classic roses, elegant tulips, and the delicate beauty of orchids? Then look no further than Ode à la Rose, a floral haven recommended by Forbes magazine.

Imagine sending mom a timeless arrangement filled with the freshest blooms – a touch of Parisian chic delivered straight to her door. But wait, the magic doesn’t stop there! Ode à la Rose lets you personalize your gift to an extra special degree. Want to include a beautiful vase so she can display her flowers in style? They have seven stunning options to choose from. Feeling extra generous? You can even bundle the flowers with a box of delectable macarons or a charming Sugarfina Bento Box – the perfect treat to complete her delightful surprise.

Petal Republic adds to the allure, describing Ode à la Rose as a captivating French floristry studio with a deep connection to Parisian floral design. Their decadent arrangements feature blooms sourced from the finest European, domestic, and international farms, ensuring the highest quality and freshness in every stem. So this Mother’s Day, ditch the ordinary and give mom the gift of a luxurious, Parisian-inspired floral experience – thanks to Ode à la Rose!

5. 1-800-Flowers 

1-800-Flowers is another subscription that’s easy on the wallet and big on blooms, as recommended by Country Living magazine. At an affordable price point, you can get a vibrant bouquet of 18 fresh, seasonal stems delivered straight to her doorstep – a weekly dose of happiness without breaking the bank! Plus, for an extra ten bucks, you can even add a stylish vase so she can display her beautiful blooms in style.

Here’s the best part: 1-800-Flowers isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of place, according to Bob Vila. They offer a whopping twelve different subscription bouquets to choose from, ranging from classic farm-fresh options to romantic red roses or calming lavender bundles. There’s something for every taste and every occasion! And signing up for a subscription means even bigger savings – you can snag between 15% and 25% off each delivery. Feeling extra generous? You can even add a box of decadent chocolate-covered strawberries to her floral surprise – yum!

Taste of Home magazine chimes in with another perk: super flexible delivery options! Choose from weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or even every-other-month deliveries to perfectly match your gifting needs. Plus, you can pick the bouquet style and even add a vase – it’s customization made easy. So ditch the stress and let 1-800-Flowers take care of the blooms this year – your mom will thank you for it!


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