Best Frozen Lasagna: Top 5 Oven-Ready Meals Most Recommended By Experts

It’s five o’clock and you haven’t even begun to think about dinner, but the kids are hungry and eating out adds up. Why not pop a delicious lasagna into the oven? Garfield would agree, this Italian treat can’t be beat! To help you find the most delicious options for your next family meal, we’ve put together a list of the top five best frozen lasagnas for you to try!

Shared family meals are a time-honored tradition that may be falling by the wayside in modern times. With busy kids going in different directions, late nights at the office, and the general hassle of coming up with weekly meal ideas, it’s easy to give up on this particular family ritual. But there are plenty of reasons to persevere. For one, eating meals at home is proven to help you eat healthier. Plus eating together as a family is a great way to connect, spend quality time, and model healthy habits. Research shows that 91 percent of parents notice a decrease in family stress levels when they eat meals together.

Eating in is also cheaper than eating out. You’ll save money with a mix of frozen and fresh menu options throughout the week. Save the restaurant for special occasions. You don’t have to be a great cook to pull off a pleasant family meal, either. There are lots of quick, tasty options out there that can make serving dinner a breeze! Pasta dishes like lasagna also make great leftovers, which can make the next day’s lunch prep cheaper and easier, too.

What’s not to love about lasagna? Experts credit Italy with some of the best cuisine in the world for good reason. This layered pasta dish comes in many forms, including the Naples version featuring meatballs, ricotta, mozzarella and hard-boiled eggs, and the Genoese pesto-sauce style. But we in America are most familiar with the Neapolitan variety consisting of a Bolognese sauce layered with lasagna noodles, ricotta and mozzarella cheese. It’s easy to make at home, but even easier to purchase frozen. Do yourself a favor and try it today, using our list of the best frozen lasagna most recommended by 14 experts.

The List: Best Frozen Lasagnas, According to Experts

1. Stouffer’s Lasagna with Meat & Sauce

This well-known favorite is easily the most recommended by experts. Lacademie writes, “Tasty and scrumptious, this frozen lasagna from Stouffer is definitely the go-to choice when it comes to ready-made lasagna. In fact, this frozen meal is so delicious that you will immediately fall in love with its homemade taste and texture.”

My Frozen Picks touts its size and leftover potential: “Each frozen lasagna weighs one pound, so they’re a good size for two people to share as an entrée, or you can use it to make baked ziti the next day.”

“This dish is always fresh, simply frozen, so use your microwave or conventional oven to grab an easy-to-prepare family favorite that will be enjoyed by all at the dinner table!” says Skip Lunch.

2. Rao’s Made For Home Meat Lasagna

Coming up a close second is Rao’s Homemade, created by the famous New York Italian restaurant. The Kitchn raves, “Rao’s marinara sauce is my go-to jarred pasta sauce, so I had high hopes for the brand’s frozen lasagna. Rightly so, it turns out — it’s fantastic. The noodles come out perfectly cooked with a nice chew; the sauce is bright, fresh, and tomatoey without musty dried herb flavors or unnecessary sweetness; the ground beef and pork are wonderfully tender; and the layer of herbed ricotta is rich, creamy, and fluffy. Quite a feat for a frozen entrée. Rao’s makes a 27-ounce size for serving family-style, too.”

Wide Open Eats reveals the secret ingredient: “Rao’s also had a secret the others didn’t: it includes beef meatballs and sausage, making it an Italian sausage lasagna. The blending of flavors and textures meant that Rao’s will be my choice whenever I’m in the freezer aisle.”

Cook Gem describes it, “Rao’s Made For Home Meat Lasagna is a mouth-watering three-layer meat lasagna packed with fresh parsley, basil, and garlic. Their delicious marinara meat sauce and fresh romano and ricotta cheese filling are snuggled between each layer of bronze cut pasta and topped with rich mozzarella.” Yum!

3. Michael Angelo’s Lasagna with Meat Sauce likes Michael Angelo’s simple ingredients. “We like this one for overall best taste and the simplest ingredients — no preservatives — just real ingredients.”

“Michael Angelo’s uses family recipes from Sicily to craft authentic, filling Italian cuisine. The company uses the best ingredients, emphasizing artisan cheeses, organic tomatoes, and lots of high-quality garlic,” adds Restaurant Clicks.

Foodsguy touts its small-batch prep: “This range of lasagne is also made from scratch in smaller batches to ensure you get the freshest possible flavors and the highest possible quality!”

4. Amy’s Vegetable Lasagna

Eat This, Not That! admires this lasagna’s restaurant-quality appearance: “Out of all of the frozen lasagnas I tried, Amy’s Vegetable Lasagna looked the most like a slice I’d get at a restaurant. It was perfectly square and I could actually see the ingredients in between the layers.”

Mashed says, “On Influenster, the lasagna has a score of 4.6 out of 5 stars from 114 reviews, so clearly Amy’s is doing something right. This could taste like every other run-of-the-mill frozen lasagna, but what Amy’s does right is use high-quality vegetables so the sauce is rich and tangy and the vegetables are cooked well and work perfectly with the dish. One Influenster reviewer even describes this as the best frozen pasta dish that they’ve ever tasted.”

This meal is also vegan and gluten-free. “Amy’s frozen Vegetable Lasagna is layered with Parmesan, mozzarella, ricotta, tender vegetables, and their irresistible Italian-style sauce made from sun-ripened tomatoes. Established in 1988, Amy’s is yet to disappoint their customers as its vegetable lasagna is rated one of the top five veggie dishes on Amazon,” adds Cook Gem.

5. Stouffer’s Veggie Lovers Lasagna

Sporked gives this vegetarian option seven out of 10 sporks. “It’s undeniably creamy and delicious. A lot of veggie lasagnas use breadcrumbs, which can dry them out, but Stouffer’s manages to strike the perfect balance. The alfredo is creamy, the cheese is stretchy, and the breadcrumbs provide a nice texture. It’s cozy, substantial, tasty, cheesy, textured, and creamy. Stouffer’s Veggie Lovers rules.”

Food Shark Marfa agrees, “The 10.5 ounces frozen meal is made of colorful layers of spinach, onions, broccoli with Romano and Parmesan cheese for an incredible Italian taste.”

“The creamy cheese sauce seasoned with garlic and onions makes it one of the best-tasting lasagna available in the market,” enthuses Chef DaDong.

Don’t see your fav on the list? Share the lasagna that tempts your tastebuds in the comments below!

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