Best Golf Bags In 2023: Top 5 Caddies Most Recommended By Experts

For a golf enthusiast, caddy bags are essential. That’s especially the case for golfers who spend the day on the course lugging around their set of clubs. There are mainly three types of golf bags, namely stand bags, cart bags and carry bags, and the players can choose at their convenience. The best golf bags keep golfers’ clubs safe from damage while also providing easy, comfortable access during the game.

It might be just a hobby for some, but playing a round on the green is beneficial to your health. A new study shows that people over the age of 65 can gain more health benefits from playing golf than those who regularly walk with poles — to work the upper body as well as their legs. Plus, courses make for beautiful scenery and an excuse to spend the day outdoors, which has many positives to your health, too.

There’s more to it than just exercise. Another study finds it’s also doing a great job of keeping players’ minds healthy. Researchers in Japan have found that men who exercise, or participate in sports that work both the brain and the body, like golf and tennis, have a significantly lower risk of developing dementia. “Leisure activities that include cognitive activity have a protective association against cognitive decline and dementia,” writes corresponding author Dr. Norie Sawada of Tokyo’s National Cancer Center. “A randomized clinical trial reported that combined cognitive and exercise training could improve the cognitive functions of community-dwelling older adults. In addition, the social activity that accompanies leisure-time physical activities, such as participation in golf competitions and enrollment in tennis circles, also has a protective association against cognitive decline and dementia.”

With all that said, it’s time to hit the links! With gear in mind, numerous famous brands have made stylish, elegant, and durable bags for a worthwhile experience. StudyFinds did the research for you and listed the five best golf bags after reviewing 11 expert sites so you don’t have to. As always, feel free to leave us your recommendations in the comments section below!

The List: Best Golf Bags, According to Experts

1. Titleist Players 4 StaDry Stand Bag

Active mentions this model makes the perfect present for anyone who is into the sport: “If you’re looking for a great gift for the golfer in your life, we recommend the Titelist Players 4 StaDry golf bag. The classic look blends seamlessly with a low-profile top cuff, full-length dividers, and aluminum legs that set a wide and solid base. We also think golfers will appreciate little details like the external water bottle pocket, a glove Velcro landing patch, and the magnetic accessories pocket.”

Titleist Players 4 StaDry Stand Bag
Titleist Players 4 StaDry Stand Bag

“For a lot of folks, the most appealing part of the game is getting to play outdoors, fully immersed in the elements. Unfortunately, that means walking the links in the rain is occasionally inevitable. Having a soggy scorecard to turn in at the end of the round is never a good feeling, making waterproof bags essential for both competitive and leisurely play,” says Forbes. “The antidote to a rainy day is Titleist’s StaDry bag, which features a robust waterproof construction with seam-sealed zippers to keep your pockets dry. This lightweight bag clocks in at just under 4 pounds, making it a great walking bag.”

While Titleist has many options, “the Titleist Players 4 StaDry stand bag is, well, a clear standout. The bag’s double strap system is designed to provide cushioned support against your chest and shoulders. It features seven pockets—including a tee pocket, an external water bottle pocket and top-accessible magnetics pocket,” writes SI Showcase

2. Sunday Golf Loma Bag

Tom’s Guide says to choose carefully: “Not all Sunday bags are created equal. Many of them are quite flimsy, don’t have much in the way in pockets and often don’t come with a stand. The Sunday bag from Sunday Bag called The Loma isn’t one of those bags. Now granted, this probably wouldn’t work if it was your only bag. Its specs say that it can hold eight clubs, but it’s really more like seven, so unless you’re Seve Ballesteros and can hit greenside bunker shots with a long iron, you’re going to want a bag where you can hold close to the 14-club limit for everyday play. But a Sunday bag, as its name would imply, is great for late Sunday rounds, walking nine holes casually with friends. It’s also great for par-3 courses, taking a few clubs out to the range or the short-game area for practice or any other time when just a few clubs will do.”

Sunday Golf Loma Bag
Sunday Golf Loma Bag

Buy Side From WSJ adds that this design offers perfection in price and style: “It’s an ultra-light two-pound bag and it sits at a lower price point than the other options our experts mentioned. Alissa Kacar, the San Diego-based host of Golf Life TV calls out its petite size and handy features like an insulated drink pouch and an easy-grab handle, as well as the bag’s color range (there are 10 options available) and solid quality for the price.”

“We all know that golf can take up a lot of time. In fact, it’s not a stretch to say it can be a full 8 hour day from when you leave your house to when you get back home. Because of that more and more people are enjoying shorter rounds. 9 holes, maybe even 6 holes, 3 holes – enough to get your fix without having to burn a whole day to do it. And when you’re playing shorter rounds, sometimes you don’t need as much gear. A light bag for a half set of clubs and a couple balls? Perfect. And Sunday Golf has the perfect bag for this, or for the younger or novice golfer who isn’t carrying a full set,” writes Breaking Eighty

3. Vessel VLS Stand Bag

Gear Patrol writes that it is the most versatile bag and says, “Vessel’s bags are known far and wide as some of the best in the sport — you’ll even find pros using its bags during tournament play. The VLS Stand is an optimal bag for amateurs and weekend warriors alike, owing to its lightweight construction and straightforward setup. Made from durable heavy-backed nylon twill, the bag is made to last, which you’ll also find evident thanks to other features like the exoskeletal base. It boasts an EQ2 Strap for comfortable carrying and has six strategically-placed pockets for all of your gear. Like most of the other bags, it’s got a water bottle pocket and valuables pockets to protect your phone and wallet while you’re playing.”

Vessel VLS Stand Bag
Vessel VLS Stand Bag

“The Southern California company, which also makes luxury luggage and tennis bags, builds some of the finest golf bags on the market, whether it’s tour staff bags used by a lot of playing pros, or walking bags,” says Golf Monthly. “So if you play a lot of golf, walk the course often, and are in the market for a new bag, you should definitely consider the Vessel VLS golf stand bag, which is arguably one of the the best golf bags for golfers who want to carry their own clubs.”

“If you haven’t heard of Vessel, it’s definitely a bag you should check out, whether it’s this outstanding carry bag, one of the company’s cart bags or a tour bag, which Vessel makes for several touring professionals, including USA Solheim Cup teams. For this report, however, we’re focusing on the Vessel VLS Golf stand bag, which is ideal for anyone who does a lot of walking and carrying their bag or for anyone who simply wants a compact, high-quality product that’s easy to get in and out of the trunk and onto the course,” writes Tom’s Guide

4. Sun Mountain 2.5+ Stand Carry Bag

Yardstick Golf describes all of this model’s impressive features: “One of the standout features of the Sun Mountain 2.5+ Stand Bag is its built-in stand system, which allows the bag to stand upright on the course. This makes it easier to access clubs and other equipment while you’re on the course. The stand system also includes leg locks, which help keep the bag stable and prevent it from tipping over. Overall, the Sun Mountain 2.5+ Stand Bag is a high-quality and well-designed golf bag that is suitable for players of all skill levels.”

Sun Mountain 2.5+ Stand Carry Bag
Sun Mountain 2.5+ Stand Carry Bag

“Sun Mountain has been around for years and has built a name for itself with highly functional and reliable golf equipment. I used one of the precursors to this bag, the Sun Mountain Front 9 for 4 years and absolutely loved it,” writes Breaking Eighty. “Not only is the build quality great, but there’s more storage than you’d expect for a bag this light. Downsides? You may or may not be a fan of Sun Mountain’s styling.”

“Fourteen-way dividers aren’t for everyone, but it’s impressive that Sun Mountain was able to implement that feature in a bag that weighs around four pounds. In addition to keeping your sticks organized and protected, the X-Strap is not only easy to get on and off, but works well as a single strap—a sure-fire way to make your caddie like you regardless of your skill set,” adds Golf Digest

5. Ping Hoofer Bag

Tom’s Guide has this bag at the top of its list. “When you think about carry stand bags, the PING Hoofer is probably the first one that comes to mind. After all, it’s been the standard in carry bags for the past three decades, and probably the most comfortable carry bag of all time over those years, having innovated several features that are standard today. The latest version of the Hoofer doesn’t disappoint. It’s still a great carry bag, coming in at a very reasonable 5.5 pounds, is comfortable to tote on the course and works equally well on a push cart or a powered golf cart.”

Ping Hoofer Bag
Ping Hoofer Bag

“Where the Hoofer truly shines, though, is walking rounds. The stand mechanism operates fluidly and was a godsend for our tester who had been using an old MacGregor bag from the ’80s with no stand legs. The backpack straps are soft and durable while the strap puck allows it to easily be converted from double to single strap and back,” writes Gear Patrol. “Another great feature is the perfect placement of the insulated water bottle sleeve, which happens to be right where our tester’s left hand rested while carrying the bag. While there are bags that you’d spend less on and be happy with, the value you get and the long-term quality are worth spending that little bit of extra for what is simply the best golf bag money can buy.”

Golf Sidekick claims this bag is built to last: “It’s a very simple design, the material is rugged and the zippers are the best in the stand-bag class. The zipper pulls make opening and closing the many pockets quick and easy. The huge number of pockets means you have place for everything in your golf bag. Pockets are placed in such intuitive ways and are easily accessible even when walking. Everything is placed perfectly with attention to detail and the needs of the golfer in mind. The simple and effective pen holder slot and golf glove Velcro pad add a touch of class to the bag.”

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