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  1. Thomas McCallen says:
    10/31/2022 at 9:31 PM

    It took a few posts but Rosemary’s Baby made the list. Deservedly.
    Superb cast. A & B listers in that era.
    It is not bloody or gory. It is haunting.
    Could this really happen ? Has it happened ?

    Worth the effort to locate. You will be rewarded.
    T. McC.

    1. David Randall says:
      11/01/2022 at 2:07 AM

      Speaking of no gore, no mysterious flying knives or ghosts in digital sheets, but a slowly turning screw of mind, Robert Wise’s 1963 low budget b/w adaptation of Shirly Jackson’s The Haunting takes the cake. First and best of its genre, the disturbed house under investigation. I watch it nearly every year.

  2. Fred says:
    11/01/2022 at 12:52 AM

    Saturday Night Fever.
    That was some scary stuff, son.

  3. Dean Screamer says:
    11/01/2022 at 1:34 AM

    1. The Shining
    2. Deliverance
    3. Misery
    4. The Thing (John Carpenter version)
    5. Train to Busan

    And, oh yeah, The Exorcist is massively overrated nonsensical garbage.

    1. CA says:
      03/18/2023 at 9:47 AM

      The Exorcist was based on a true story and that makes it the scariest! Your scary list are make believe and cannot be taken seriously.

  4. Maria Cantwell says:
    11/01/2022 at 2:04 AM

    What, no Psycho? Philistines!

  5. bradley says:
    11/01/2022 at 2:41 AM

    According to “experts” in… WHAT, exactly? Rummaging through their parents’ dvd collection? Like a stopped clock being right twice a day, a couple of the films on the list do actually belong there. As for the rest, Meaghan, please stop writing articles on subjects you know nothing about.

  6. Frankenstein says:
    11/01/2022 at 3:02 AM

    1. Exorcist
    2. The Shining
    2. Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    3. Night of the Living Dead
    5. Halloween
    5. Hostel
    6. Faces of Death
    7. Friday the 13th
    8. Saw
    9. Poltergeist
    10. Final Destination

  7. MG39 says:
    11/01/2022 at 5:44 AM

    Thanks to all for expanding the list!! Awesome.

  8. Jodeo says:
    11/01/2022 at 9:06 AM

    WAIT— Bennifer’s “Gigli” isn’t on the list??? Nearly no one can even make it through the entire movie.

    I can’t believe I have to get mad about this.

  9. Laszlo A. Voros says:
    11/01/2022 at 11:04 AM

    Stephen King never liked Kubrick’s version because Kobrick did not follow the story, he did his own version. he went off rails. Yes, the twin girls were creepy, Jack Nicholson was superb. Lloyd the bartender was eerie , (He never blinks). Nicholson and Grady in the Gentleman’s room was, creepy, But the ending made no sense, and the TV version was closer to Stephen King’s book. Of course, he wrote the screenplay. Steven Weber was cool and Rebeca de Mone made a better Wendy. And how could they miss A. Jaws. Great White Sharks are real and my friend Justin, a devout fly fisherman, wouldn’t go near a lake for two whole weeks after seeing it. B. Carrie. The one with Sissy Spacek. Not the Chloe Moretz nonsense. It took you in and grabbed hold and scared the living hell out of you. I actually screamed right out loud, and I don’t scream right out loud at horror movies. C The Haunting. The Robert Wise one not the Liam Nesson disaster. Without super special effects it still manages to scare you silly. D. Horror Hotel. A girl investigating witchcraft in New England in Whitewood. With the immortal Christopher Lee. It’s my favorite scary movie. It’s atmospheric, creepy, and terrifying. TCM will show it at Halloween. E. Vincent Price The House of Wax. Best to see it in 3D. I have. A work of art. The remake made no sense whatsoever. F. John Carpenters The Fog. guaranteed to keep you up all night. The remake was crap. I have Linda Blair’s autograph, the Holy Grail for a Horror Movie fan. And good as the movie was, Tim Curry’s Pennywise The Dancing Clown in the TV movie version was sheer genius. And Richard Thomas and the others playing children at first and then adults back to battle Pennywise was beautifully done.

  10. Robert I. Kabakoff says:
    11/01/2022 at 12:52 PM

    Exorcist is a great film. Five stars. The rest? Not for me. Slasher films don’t scare ne. They bore me. Take a look at Eyes With a Face (1960) and Carnival of Souls (1962). Also, the original Nosferatu (1922). They’re still frightening.

  11. Scott M says:
    01/30/2023 at 5:34 PM


    The conjuring?

    The original Rec?

    The French movie Inside?

    What’s with this garbage list with it follows and paranormal activity on it?


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