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Hummus has been enjoyed since the 13th century, and it shows no signs of slowing down in popularity. With lots of brands and flavors to choose from, you might find yourself just staring at the refrigerated shelves at the supermarket. There are even hummus options for dessert! Strawberries dipped in chocolate hummus are quite delicious, but when you just want a classic option, which stands head and shoulders above the rest as the best hummus? 

Hummus is such a popular ready-to-eat snack, it’s even become part of breakfast! In a poll, 29 percent of 2,000 respondents say they regularly indulge in avocado or hummus toast as their morning meal. Who’s eating that?! According to the survey, men between the ages of 25 and 34 choose avocado and hummus toast for breakfast more than any other demographic. While you may be more of an eggs and bacon person, hummus is a great plant-based protein option, thanks to its chickpeas and tahini.

Okay, so hummus tastes great and can be enjoyed any time of day, but would you eat it straight from the container like with a spoon? More than six in 10 Americans would! A survey of 2,000 adults found that 63 percent eat their favorite spread straight out of the packaging. And of course, hummus is one of the most popular options.

So, don’t “dip” out on reading this article! We found the consensus among 14 experts on which are the best hummus brands and flavors at the supermarket. Because of how fail-proof hummus is, you really can’t go wrong with any of these options on the list below. We hope you find one that your taste buds will love. If you’re not the type to eat it straight from the container, try scooping it with pita chips or sliced cucumbers. It’s great as a spread in a wrap or on toast, too. Don’t see your go-to listed? Let us know in the comments below!

A plate of hummus
A plate of hummus (Photo by Christopher Alvarenga on Unsplash)

The List: Best Hummus, According to Experts


1. Ithaca Fresh Lemon Garlic Hummus

AllRecipes considers this the best hummus you can find at the store: “Ithaca’s hummus is definitely not the cheapest variety on the market. Its high price aside, however, it might be the best commercially made hummus. The citrus notes in Ithaca’s blend are more present than in any other brand we tested, and the garlic is pleasant without being overpowering. The texture is also remarkably close to homemade. And while the container might look smaller than some of the others on the shelf, it contains the same 10 ounces as most of its competitors. If you’re looking to treat yourself, it may be worth splurging a bit on Ithaca.” 

Ithaca Fresh Lemon Garlic Hummus
Ithaca Fresh Lemon Garlic Hummus

“This hummus brand is recognized for using fresh ingredients that lead to a unique flavor. The recipe is simple enough – lemon and garlic, which is what you’d see in the Mediterranean countries,” The Middle Eats Food writes.

Sporked appreciates the consistency of this hummus: “Ithaca hummus is thick. This isn’t a droopy and watery spread like some other brands. Ithaca has got an exceptionally lemony tang, garlicky bite, and nutty taste. Ithaca hummus goes with everything because it’s got serious flavor. Also, there’s no citric acid. This is as fresh as store bought hummus gets and that makes it one of the best store bought hummus brands.” 

“The brand’s Lemon Garlic Hummus has a passionate fan base. One satisfied snacker calls this her ‘favorite hummus of all time,’” says SheKnows.

2. Roots Original Hummus

What’s delicious about Roots? According to Delish, it’s the ingredients: “This flavorful hummus uses light, low-cholesterol safflower oil instead of the typical canola oil you’ll find in most store brand hummuses. The original version comes seasoned with cumin, black pepper, and tamari.”  

Roots Original Hummus
Roots Original Hummus (

“Some tasters really liked the smoky earthiness that cumin brings to the table. If you’d fall into that group, opt for Roots Original Hummus. In addition to the cumin, this hummus has a healthy dose of black pepper and is seasoned further with tamari, so it’s by no means traditional. But this was a taste test, not an authenticity test, and we loved this hummus not just for its flavor but also its texture: fluffy, as if it’s been whipped,” raves Epicurious.

And VegOut gives serving suggestions: “Known as the microbrew of hummus, the Roots company crafts unique dip flavors in both traditional and oil-free varieties. Pair Roots hummus with veggies, pita, pretzels, and a mug of local craft beer for extra credit.” 

3. Boar’s Head Traditional Hummus

Wait, the deli brand? Eat This, Not That! addresses that reputation: “I know what you’re thinking: Boar’s Head, the brand best known for premium deli meats and cheese, makes hummus? As a matter of fact, it does — and it’s awesome. The chickpeas, tahini, garlic, and olive oil are all blended perfectly for a well-balanced flavor. I could easily eat this entire thing.”

Boar’s Head Traditional Hummus
Boar’s Head Traditional Hummus (

TODAY also recommends this brand, writing, “Boar’s Head actually makes a killer hummus. This was, by far, the sleeper hit of the bunch, with a very chickpea-forward bite that celebrates hummus’ primary ingredient (instead of covering it up with cumin, vinegar or any of the other aforementioned distractions).”

“One spice lover [enthused,] ‘Yay for cumin! All chickpea and just the right amount of lemon,’” reports The Washington Post.

4. Yorgo’s Original Hommus

The Kitchn taste tested seven brands of hummus, and this was a crowd pleaser: “The taste testers almost unanimously chose this hummus, which is made by a small New Hampshire food company, as their favorite. While the texture didn’t seem too different from the other brands, the flavor was in a league all its own. Some of the tasters described this hummus as being buttery and smooth; certainly not something you hear very often when it comes to hummus. It was that combined with its super-creamy, rich taste that won everyone over.” 

Yorgo’s Original Hommus
Yorgo’s Original Hommus (

It’s also a good choice if you’re trying to watch your sodium intake. Business Yield says, “This is excellent because it contains only 60 milligrams of sodium and 3 grams fiber per serving. It’s the best of all worlds in terms of sodium reduction and increased fiber content when compared to other alternatives.”

Delish lays it out simply: “The best hummus for dipping? It’s this buttery version that’s rich in flavor and made of only five whole-food ingredients.”

5. ​​Cedar’s Original Hummus

Los Angeles Times recommends Cedar’s as a nice option: “The clear favorite was Cedar’s Original Hummus. It was well balanced, complex and nutty with a sesame flavor that didn’t overpower the beans. The texture was silky and coated the spoon nicely. This was also one of the few we tasted that did not have a metallic aftertaste.” 

Cedar’s Original Hummus
Cedar’s Original Hummus

“Also worthy of a spot in your next snack spread was Cedar’s. This brand definitely gave our panel a bit more tahini flavor, so sesame-lovers, this one’s for you! With that extra bit of tang and acidity, Cedar’s hummus was a bit more interesting than others we tried,” Taste of Home writes.

Delish also raves about this brand’s dark chocolate variety: “Dessert hummus? Why not! This chocolatey chickpea spread is like a low-cal version of Nutella.”

It’s also pretty easy to make hummus at home with a handful of ingredients and a food processor! Which is your favorite: store-bought or homemade? Let us know in the comments below.

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