Best Long Distance Moving Companies: Top 5 Movers Most Recommended By Experts

It’s no secret that moving is one of the most stressful events for any individual or family. Packing up one home to move to another is never a simple task, and is often associated with a great deal of difficulty. Even moving within the same zip code can be challenging, but the stress of relocation rises to new levels when it comes to moving farther away from home. To tackle transport and alleviate some of the stress, the best long-distance moving companies are reliable to trust with safely relocating your belongings.

Believe it or not, research finds that moving is one of the topmost stress-inducing events. A recent survey asked a total of 1,000 Americans who had recently moved about the most stressful events in their life, and researchers say moving was selected most often by respondents (45%). This survey, commissioned by North American Van Lines, also notes that 64 percent of respondents consider their most recent big move to be one of the most stressful experiences they’ve ever had. Moreover, among Americans who went through their last move all on their own, 43 percent say they’ll never do that again.

Thankfully, in spite of the stress, most movers tend to find it worth their while. Though a recent survey finds that on average, moving costs Americans $3,946, 88 percent say that money was well spent and they’re happy with their move. Only 12 percent are unhappy with their move.

If you’re preparing for a long distance move, you don’t have to do it alone. There are plenty of companies with decades worth of experience in making moves like yours simple and easy from point A to point B. Whether you’re moving from coast to coast or to a totally new continent, movers can bear a great deal of the burden of the packing, loading, driving, and unloading that would otherwise be all on your shoulders. Of course, entrusting all your belongings to strangers can be stressful. That’s why StudyFinds did the research for you to find the best long distance moving companies with all the expertise you need to move in peace. This list includes the most frequently recommended companies, but be sure to let us know if you have a favorite we missed in the comments below!

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The List: Best Long Distance Moving Companies, According to Experts

1. Allied Van Lines

Whether you’re moving across the country or around the world, Allied Van Lines is here to help. With options for full-service, vehicle shipping, and more, you’re sure to find the perfect combination of services you need to make your move safe and simple. “Allied Van Lines is a perennial favorite on several consumer ranking platforms, including ours,” says Forbes. “The company stays on or near the top by offering customers a full slate of long distance moving options, from small, DIY moves to full-service, international moves and everything in between.”

“Planning a full-service move is a breeze with Allied,” boasts “With a fleet of over 400 agents nationwide and operations in 45 countries worldwide, the moving company offers a large network of movers who can get you just about anywhere you need to go. Allied coordinated over 750,000 moves throughout the U.S. in the last 15 years, from remote towns to vibrant cities.”

If you’re a bit apprehensive when it comes to trusting movers with all your belongings, Allied Van Lines has enough experience and expertise to put your fears to rest. As Architectural Digest explains, “in business since 1928, Allied Van Lines is one of the most experienced providers on our list. The company focuses on the overall customer experience, which can be reassuring when you trust it to transport your belongings hundreds or thousands of miles away.”

2. North American Van Lines

You’re not limited to moves within North America if you choose North American Van Lines. In fact, this company can easily help get you moved to all kinds of places thanks to its broad network of agents. “North American Van Lines is a full-service moving company with over 80 years of experience and a large fleet that can get you wherever you need to go,” claims “The company has agents in over 500 locations nationwide and international agents in more than 130 countries worldwide.”

“More than 500 agents make up the company’s global network, providing local, long distance and international moves of just about anything. Services include customizable full-service packing, unpacking, vehicle transport, specialty moving and more,” adds Forbes. “North American Van Lines [also] offers three insurance protection options for your peace of mind and a packing assistance program if you need help getting started and staying organized.”

As an added bonus, North American Van Lines will even help you move to places outside their reach. “As a carrier and a broker, NAVL will arrange for a partner moving company to help you if it cannot directly handle your move,” explains Architectural Digest. “NAVL will still coordinate and back your relocation, ensuring you have access to all of the company’s full-service offerings, add-on options, and moving resources.”

3. International Van Lines

You don’t have to be making an international move to benefit from the top-notch service offered by this company. International Van Lines is prepared to help with all kinds of relocations, from state-to-state to country-to-country. “International Van Lines serves up an impressive list of long distance moving options from which to choose,” notes Forbes. “Despite the descriptive name, International Van Lines excels in just about any type of moving, in addition to getting customers to worldwide destinations.”

“International Van Lines (IVL) began as an international logistics company and continues to specialize in global relocation services. IVL services 180 countries—more than any other provider in our review—and is the direct source for all international moves,” says Architectural Digest. “This makes IVL unique since many companies outsource international moves to partner agents. The company also provides long-distance moving services, working as a carrier and broker to ensure availability in all 50 states.”

If you’re hoping to save a few dollars on your final cost, International Van Lines also offers some complementary services and discounts. “It offers nationwide moving services, gives seniors a 15% discount, and even throws in 30 days of free storage,” explains “International Van Lines can also trim hundreds of bucks off car shipping services if you can be flexible about timing.”

4. American Van Lines

If you’re moving with some precious items, you want to make sure the movers you choose are just as invested in keeping them safe as you are. That’s what makes American Van Lines a great choice. As puts it, “these long-distance movers don’t skimp on the costs necessary to keep your belongings safe. American charges a flat rate and lets you use all of its many moving services (including piano moving).”

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“American Van Lines is worth exploring if you have a collection of antiques, fine art, or other high-value items to move. The company focuses on hiring and retaining experienced moving crews that can expertly pack, load, and transport items that require special handling,” says Architectural Digest. “AVL’s full-time crew members have an average of 10 years of experience in the moving industry. Further, they must complete ongoing education and annual training at the company’s on-site training facilities.”

For moves within the United States, American Van Lines is hard to beat. As Bob Vila explains, “American Van Lines has only been around since 1995, but it has quickly made a name for itself as a reliable company for national moves, especially for military members. The company can also handle commercial moving and specialty items like antiques and pianos. A standout feature is that AVL offers a discounted rate for anyone scheduling a move between major U.S. cities like Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, and more. This is a convenient and considerate cost savings for many who are moving.”

5. JK Moving Services

If you’re trying to get your move planned easily, you’ll love working with JK Moving Services. Thanks to a great mobile and online experience, it’s quick and simple to get in touch and make a plan with JK Moving. “When prepping for a long-distance move, you shouldn’t be wasting time trying to get movers on the phone. JK Moving Services proves that it values your time thanks to its 24/7 support team that can be reached via phone, live chat, email, or online form,” claims The Spruce. “When our data collector was prompted to leave a voicemail, a representative from the company called back with an answer to his question in less than five hours.”

“JK Moving Services is one of our top choices for long-distance moving services due to its customizable packages and personal moving coordinators. Your moving coordinator will ask about your service preferences and walk you through each step of move planning, arranging a virtual or in-home consultation to go over your home’s inventory,” says Architectural Digest. “You can then use JK Moving’s convenient mobile app to review the details of your estimate and proceed through the final booking process.”

Moving with JK Moving means you can easily pick and choose every service you need and leave out any that you don’t. You won’t be forced into a bundle that makes you pay for extra services you don’t need. As Today’s Homeowner explains, “unlike any other relocation specialist, the company offers niche add-on moving services and financing plans, making it possible to tailor your moving experience to your unique financial and service needs.”

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