Best Mayonnaise In 2023: Top 5 Brands Most Recommended By Experts

Pass the potato salad! A key ingredient of this yummy side? Mayonnaise. It’s such a versatile condiment. Slather it on a burger, whip it into a dip, or even smear it on a sandwich. The possibilities are endless. Stuck on which brand to buy? Here we’ve gone seeking out the consensus five best mayonnaise spreads most recommended by food experts.

Mayo has gotten a bad rap as being unhealthy, due to its fat content. The main ingredients of most mayonnaise are oil, egg, and vinegar. If you are watching your cholesterol, just remember to check the saturated fat content. The American Heart Association suggests consuming less than 200 milligrams of cholesterol per day if you have heart disease risk factors. Generally, there’s only about two grams of saturated fat per tablespoon of regular mayonnaise.  

Still, mayonnaise is one of the most popular condiments to spread on the buns of our cookout favorites. In fact, according to one survey, mayo  more edges out barbecue sauce (but falls just behind ketchup) when it comes to favorite sauces for grilling.

So what’s the best mayonnaise to compliment your delicious dishes? StudyFinds compiled a list of the five best mayonnaise choices, from ten expert websites, to find the best mayonnaise for your food. Our list is comprised of the five most popular brands according to the sources we vetted. As always, we’d like to see your own recommendations in the comments below!

The List: Best Mayonnaise, According To Expert Reviews

1.  Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise

This classic brand of mayonnaise continues to be a top-choice, and a kitchen staple.

“Sure, there is a familiarity that helped the jar take top honors, but its flavor, balance of ingredients and signature jiggle make it unrivaled when it comes to mayonnaise and the certifiable king of this creamy condiment court,” according to Today.

Hellmann's Real Mayonnaise
Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise (Photo by Kelsey Todd on Unsplash)

Taste of Home notes Hellmann’s, “combines all of what we want from mayonnaise in a single jar: it’s thick but spreadable; tangy but not too overpowering.”

“Rich and creamy, with a full fat flavor, testers enjoyed this condiment but found it was lacking in vinegar, which would help cut through the richness,” adds Good Housekeeping.

2. Duke’s Real Mayonnaise

Do you desire a tangier mayo? Duke’s could be the one to try.

“This mayo has bite, or as the bottle exclaims, ‘it’s got tang!’ But it’s not just tangy, that’s to be expected, it’s smokey, spicy, and earthy — no doubt a consequence of the paprika and cider vinegar. It has a really present flavor that jumps out at you,” according to UPROXX.

Duke’s Real Mayonnaise
Duke’s Real Mayonnaise

Sporked points out Duke’s, “is what homemade mayo should taste like. It’s just got such a lovely, sharp, citrusy bite.”

“Though on its own some tasters felt the flavor was too strong, it won people over in the potato salad taste test with its vinegary kick,” notes Serious Eats.

3. Kewpie Mayonnaise

If a Japanese-style mayonnaise is what you want, you’ve come to the right place.

“Kewpie mayo tastes great on sushi but don’t just limit it to Japanese food. Use this stuff on anything else you normally put mayonnaise on and your taste buds are sure to be thrilled,” according to Mashed.

Kewpie Squeeze Tube Mayonnaise
Kewpie Squeeze Tube Mayonnaise

Today suggests Kewpie, “is also known for its distinct egginess that makes it almost custard-like but without the sweetness — only umaminess. Use this to make aiolis or spicy mayos that taste gourmet (as if you whipped the mayo’s eggs yourself) and not out of a plastic container.”

UPROXX points out it’s, “creamy, sweet, luxurious, bright, sumptuous, umami-packed. This mayo explodes with flavor while improving whatever you put it on.”

4. Sir Kensington’s Classic Mayonnaise

Looking for a lemony mayonnaise? Here’s a solid choice.

“With a punch of tangy lemon, a distinctly artisanal taste and smooth texture, Sir Kensington’s quickly topped our list as the most gourmet mayo of the taste test. Our editors felt that it tasted almost homemade, wasn’t too thick or too sweet, and made the perfect dip for fries or spread for a sandwich,” according to Tasting Table.

Sir Kensington’s Classic Mayonnaise
Sir Kensington’s Classic Mayonnaise

UPROXX notes it, “uses humane-certified free-range eggs, sunflower oil, cane sugar, and organic lemon juice and everything tastes well incorporated.”

5. Primal Kitchen Real Mayonnaise

Want a healthier mayo option? This one is made with avocado oil. 

“It’s extremely keto-friendly with zero net carbs and a whopping 12 grams of healthy fats to keep you in ketosis. The taste is actually much more flavorful than traditional mayo, and the texture is creamy as it should be,” according to Bodyketosis.

Primal Kitchen Real Mayonnaise
Primal Kitchen Real Mayonnaise

“The texture seems very similar to standard mayo when scooping from the jar, but we noticed it feels more oily when you’re actually consuming it, which makes it a little easier to spread without globs everywhere,” adds The Nutrition Insider.

Think the experts missed the best mayonnaise? Leave your opinions in the comments below!

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  1. Too many of these have a preservative in them. I love the taste of Dukes but can’t find a preservative free version. Do they make one? I don’t buy any of the others with preservatives so stick with a few tried and true natural/organic ones or make my own.

  2. Yup mayonnaise’s explosion in popularity is driven by unprecedented popularity among young people(Gen Z and Alpha and The youngest millennials on the cusp of Gen Z) I heard that older millennials and generation x and Boomers were more or less much less in favor of mayonnaise when they were young.

  3. This was made by hellmans who is now China bought and paid for. I used hellmans for 70 years of my life but NEVER AGAIN . My whole USED to use hellmans but not now I will never trust them…

  4. Mayonnaise is supposed to be made with lemon juice. I have used Kraft for years but the taste changed so I went with hellmans now that one has changed. They all taste like vinegar and powdered flavors. I am going back to basics and make my own. With lemon

  5. All mayor suck now as they wayyyyy to thin and soupy. Hellmans and Kraft used to be best in the big Quart jars. Now they are all too soupy.

  6. Duke’s is a superior mayonnaise in every way. Unlike Hellman’s it has no sugar, it has a much more consistent texture, it has a truer taste and it is Made in America.

  7. The best mayo ever made is DUKES mayonnaise without a doubt ! Raised eating DUKES and no other mayo stacks up to the delicious complex flavor of # 1 DUKES mayonnaise.

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