5 Refreshing Mexican Beers To Crack Open On Cinco De Mayo

Cheers! Happy Cinco de Mayo (or as some refer to it, “Cinco de Drinko”). What better way to celebrate than with a frosty Mexican cerveza in hand? Beyond the ubiquitous bottles of Corona with a lime wedge, Mexico boasts a rich and flavorful brewing tradition waiting to be explored. From crisp pilsners to deep, malty bocks, buckle up for a south-of-the-border beer adventure to discover the perfect brew to toast this vibrant cultural celebration.

Mexico has a rich history of brewing beer, which began in earnest when Europeans introduced the practice when they arrived in the 1500s. By the 1800s, German settlers added their lager-style brews to the mix, and that’s when things really took off. Now there are a range of distinctly Mexican beers that use plants like corn, cactus, agave, and cocoa beans in addition to barley. So, with so many tasty beverages to choose from, how do you land on a handful of the best beers from Mexico? StudyFinds did the legwork and consulted 10 expert websites to draft this list of the best Mexican beers you should consider trying if you’re looking for a new favorite beer. Let us know which ones you enjoy in the comments below.

The List: Best Mexican Beers, According to Brew Experts

1. Pacífico

Cerveza Pacifico beer bottle
Pacifico beer (Photo by Tom Rogerson on Unsplash)

Craving a cerveza that’s as light and refreshing as a Mexican breeze? This balanced, German-style amber lager is one of the best Mexican beers out there. The company has been brewing beer for more than 100 years, so they’re doing something right. Points and Travel raves about the perfect amount of carbonation that creates a delightful dance on your tongue. It might resemble your typical pale lager at first glance, but take a sip and you’ll discover a world of flavor – a touch more depth and character for those who like their beers with a bit more backbone.

Pacifico’s name itself whispers of its origins – brewed in the vibrant coastal city of Mazatlán. Renegade Brewing describes its appearance: a light, inviting gold that’s anything but boring, with a lively fizz that keeps things interesting. The aroma is clean and familiar, with hints of hops and maybe even a touch of grassy freshness.

Bison Brew likes the drink’s versatility – a pale color with a hint of sweetness that makes it perfect for any time of day. The alcohol content is lower than some beers, clocking in at just 4.5%, making it a refreshing option for those long afternoons of celebrating Cinco de Mayo. And like any good beachside brew, it pairs perfectly with seafood or can be enjoyed with a wedge of lime for a classic Mexican twist. So, raise a glass of Pacífico and let the fiesta commence!

2. Victoria

a person sitting at a table with a plate of food
Victoria beer (Photo by Tony Rocket on Unsplash)

For a taste of Mexican brewing history, look no further than Victoria, a lager from the country’s oldest beer brand. It’s a light, crisp beer known for its distinctly fruity flavor. Delish describes its flavor profile as a delightful conversation between toasted malt, tangy apple butter, and a touch of exotic star fruit – a unique and intriguing mix.

Victoria’s heritage is evident in its beautiful amber color, a nod to the Vienna-style lager tradition. Top10HQ explains that this style is known for its medium body and toasty malt flavor, perfect for those who appreciate a beer with a bit more character.

But Victoria isn’t all about tradition. Taste of Home points out a surprising twist – hints of orange, honey, and apple butter peek through the malty base, creating a flavor that’s both familiar and refreshingly different. This easy-drinking lager is perfect for any celebration, offering a taste of Mexico’s rich brewing heritage with a burst of unexpected fruitiness. So, raise a glass of Victoria and toast to good times, good friends, and a fiesta worth remembering!

3. Negra Modelo

Modelo Negra beer
Modelo Negra beer (modelousa.com)


Modelo Negra is a rich, dark beer that’s great to drink on its own or with food. Forget everything you think you know about Mexican beer! Negra Modelo shatters stereotypes and offers a uniquely flavorful experience. Men’s Journal explains that Vienna lagers like this one, while often mistaken for German styles, actually hail from Austria. Think of Negra Modelo as the cooler cousin of an Oktoberfest brew – lighter in body, but with a richer, toastier malt flavor that sets it apart from your typical pilsner. And like any good beach or barbecue companion, it’s easy-drinking and perfect for a festive gathering.

Wine Enthusiast calls Negra Modelo a game-changer, upending the expectations of what defines a “Mexican beer.” Many associate Mexican brews with lightness in both color and flavor, but Negra Modelo proudly embraces its amber hue and robust character. Don’t be fooled by its darker appearance, though – this Vienna lager is still incredibly drinkable.

Transitions Abroad describes the familiar taste of Negra Modelo, a favorite in Mexican restaurants across the U.S. This malty brew boasts a hint of sweetness and a touch of smokiness, creating a flavor profile that perfectly complements spicy and hearty Mexican dishes. But don’t underestimate its solo act – Negra Modelo is delicious on its own, no lime wedge required.

4. Carta Blanca


Carta Blanca – an award-winning lager that’s easy on the wallet and the palate. Delish describes it as a harmonious blend of grainy and hoppy notes, making it the perfect partner for spicy Mexican food. Imagine a beer so smooth and crisp that it disappears as quickly as a celebratory mariachi tune. With a light color and a taste that lingers pleasantly, Carta Blanca is a crowd-pleaser for everyone.

Taste of Home says this crisp lager boasts a clean flavor that shines on its own or complements a squeeze of lime. Bison Brew adds that Carta Blanca isn’t just delicious, it’s historic – the first premium brew from the renowned Cervecería Cuauhtémoc brewery, showcasing the rich heritage behind this Mexican favorite.

5. Bohemia Obscura

This German-style pilsner is a tasty treat. And it has a 5.3% alcohol content, which is higher than most other Mexican beers. Bohemia Obscura is a pilsner that packs a flavorful punch. Top10HQ enthusiastically describes it as a symphony of tastes: crafted with barley and hops at its core, it surprises with hints of fruit, a touch of sweet vanilla in the aroma, and a delightful cocoa bean finish. If there’s one beer that captures the essence of Mexico’s rich brewing heritage, Bohemia Obscura might just be it!

But don’t be fooled by the unexpected – Taste of Home reminds us that this is a true pilsner at heart. Expect a malty base with earthy undertones and a touch of floral elegance. The bitterness is slightly more pronounced than other Mexican brews, making it a perfect partner for even the spiciest dishes.

Points and Travel dives into the secret behind Bohemia Obscura’s unique flavor profile. A combination of black malts and caramel creates a one-of-a-kind blend, balanced by the addition of hops for a touch of bitterness. The aroma is all about pleasant sweetness from the grains, while the appearance is a light, refreshing pale color with a medium-light level of carbonation. No wonder Mexico considers this a national treasure – it’s a beer that’s both complex and easy to drink, making it a true fiesta in a bottle!


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    2x lager and amber are missing here as well. Sure Victoria and modelo negra deserve their spot, but others missed it.

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