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Many of us are cleaning our hair — with chemicals. These ingredients found in popular shampoos can not only dry out your hair and your scalp, but the chemicals are linked to more significant health hazards like cancer and hormonal disruptions. That’s why many health-minded consumers are turning to natural shampoo for healthy hair without all those unhealthy ingredients. So we sought out the consensus best natural shampoos according to the pros.

It’s worth noting that what’s bad for your hair is also bad for our water supply. When you rinse those chemicals out of your hair, they are draining into waterways that may also be contaminated by prescription drugs. Of course, these waterways impact the ecosystem, putting the environment and wildlife at risk — while also potentially making our drinking water dirtier too.

No wonder there is growing demand — and a growing market — for more natural shampoo alternatives. There are a wide range of options at every price point. As a bonus, there is a larger market share of natural shampoos that boast minimal plastics in their packaging. With plastics polluting the food chain, this is a bonus for eco-conscious shoppers. Other organic products, like deodorant, are also growing in popularity too.

With so many new natural shampoos and other hair care products coming to market, it can be difficult to comb through them to find the best option for your hair and our planet. Below are the top five natural shampoo products celebrated by sites dedicated to beauty and eco lifestyles. Our best natural shampoo list is based on the most recommended products across eight expert reviews quoted below. If you have your own suggestions, please be sure to leave them in the comments below!

The List: The Best Natural Shampoos, Top 5 According to Expert Reviews

1. Acure Shampoos

Acure offers a line of vegan shampoos for different hair types with a shampoo bar and two dry shampoo options. Elle Magazine sums up Acure as having “more than a dozen organic extracts and oils team up in this lush formula ideal for quenching brittle strands.”

Classifying Acure as an affordable natural product line, Byrdie supports Acure’s claim that its shampoos are good for daily use, “It is clarifying and great to reach for when you’re feeling like you have excess product build-up on your hair and scalp, but it doesn’t strip your hair of moisture.”

The Grove Collaborative lists two Acure shampoos; their Ultra Hydrating and Vivacious Volume options. The Collaborative says the Ultra Hydrating Shampoo will “calm the craziness that can sometimes go along with having curly hair” and the Vivacious Volume is high in protein, zinc, and antioxidants.”

2. Plaine Products

Plaine Products is a  B Corp member and a member 1% for the Planet. “At last… A liquid shampoo that’s truly zero waste!” Zero Waste Memoirs reports. Plaine Products’ aluminum bottle is both recyclable and returnable. It says, “The shampoo itself is stellar, and safe for the whole family. It’ll tame an unruly mane in no time, no matter how dry, damaged or color-treated it is.”

Though The Round UP  rates Plaine Products as a pricier natural shampoo, but says, “It’s a thick and luxurious product, though, so a little goes a long way. These big 16oz bottles will last you ages.” 

One Dey suggests the citrus and lavender scent and reports, “My hair feels light and bouncy after a shower, another surprise in the realm of sustainable shampoo. No residue is left, and my thin strands feel moisturized, but not weighed down.”

3. Ecoroots

Ecoroots offers plastic-free shampoo bars with a coconut oil and cocoa butter base. Voyageur Tripper rates  EcoRoots as “the best zero-waste shampoo.” Though it can take some time to transition to a shampoo bar, Voyageur Tripper asserts that “ once you’ve tried (it), you won’t look back.”

According to  ZeroWasteMemoirs, Ecoroots shampoo bars are “sure to leave your hair feeling and smelling divine” and they will be good for about 50 washes if left to dry on their bamboo soap dish between washes. 

Sustainable Jungle recommends new consumers “build your zero waste kit with (Ecoroots) to ensure you get it in recycled and biodegradable materials like compostable cornstarch packing peanuts.”

4. Etee

Etee’s shampoos and conditioners are also offered in a bar form and are plant-based. According to the The Roundup, etee formulated their shampoo bars based on “their favorite liquid products and removed all the water.” The Roundup raves that the “Etee coconut shampoo bar makes every shower time smell like a tropical vacation” and recommends that you follow it up with etee’s Coconut Conditioner Bars. 

Though etee’s shampoos are not free all of all additives that some naturalists may object to, Sustainable Jungle says, they are “scented with a variety of essential oils coupled with foamy properties through non-SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate)-means.” In addition, etee’s bars “provide a clean, moisturized scalp with no animal testing or byproducts.”

5. Ethique

Also certified by B-Corp, Ethique sells another solid shampoo that made it to the top of many lists. Voyageur Tripper calls it a “renowned brand.” It identifies Ethique’s shampoo bars as  “highly compatible with outdoor travel.” 

Because Ethique’s shampoo bars vegan and free of cruelty, palm oil, and plastic, Sustainable Jungle says it “tick(s) each and every one of our boxes!” It says that Ethique bars are a “huge bang for your buck” and notes it for having high ratings on major retailer sites. 

Any other recommendations for the best natural shampoo? Let us know in the comments. 


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  1. Beverly Rolfsmeyer says:

    Coconut oil or derivatives can be irritating to some scalps. But try finding a shampoo that doesn’t have it. Almost impossible! I only found three. One is a bar shampoo and one is a children’s shampoo. The other is too expensive.