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Forget supermarket sludge – the world’s olive oil royalty bathes your taste buds in liquid sunshine. Think grassy whispers from Spain, Italian firecrackers bursting with spice, and Greek expressions of lemon on sun-warmed stone. These oils aren’t just fat, they’re flavor symphonies, dipping adventures for crusty bread, and secret weapons for culinary magic. The top seven best olive oils in the world will delight the palate with richly nuanced flavor.

According to recent research, olive oil consumption has increased over the years — and for good reason. This long-term study also showed that replacing margarine, butter, mayonnaise, and dairy fat with an equivalent amount of olive oil reduced the risk of death from cardiovascular disease. When researchers compared those who rarely or never consumed olive oil, those in the highest consumption category had a 19 percent lower risk of death from cardiovascular disease, a 17 percent lower risk of cancer death, a 29 percent lower risk of death from dementia, and an 18 percent lower risk of respiratory disease death.

This is consistent with the plethora of findings published about the health benefits of a Mediterranean diet, which is rich in fruits, vegetables, oily fish, and olive oil. Another study examining the blood and urine samples of over 600 elderly people over two decades found that the Mediterranean diet contributed to living a longer life. It has also been implicated in stopping Alzheimer’s disease, preventing frailty in the elderly, promoting healthy aging, and fighting off depression.

Remember, the “best” oil is subjective and is ultimately a matter of preference. For those that want to discover a new favorite, the top seven best olive oils are ready to pour. We combed through what was recommended most across nine expert reviews to build this list. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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The List: Best Olive Oils, According to Experts

1. California Olive Ranch Extra Virgin Olive Oil

100% California Extra Virgin Olive Oil (MEDIUM) Rich & Vibrant Cold Press One Bottle 33.8 fl. oz/1L. each. By: California Olive Ranch
100% California Extra Virgin Olive Oil (MEDIUM) Rich & Vibrant Cold Press One Bottle 33.8 fl. oz/1L. each. By: California Olive Ranch

California Olive Ranch’s Extra Virgin shines for a reason. Fresh-pressed Californian olives fill every drop, offering a smooth blend of floral flavors and peppery hints. This product is getting rave reviews for its well-rounded flavor and versatility. 1000 Logos describes it as “floral” with notes of “fresh herbs, fruit, and green grass,” perfect for a wide range of cooking applications like marinades, sautéing, grilling, and even baking. NBC Select highlights its California-grown origins and distinct flavor profile, mentioning its availability in various sizes and its impressive 4.8-star rating from customers.

But the praise doesn’t stop there. Eat This, Not That! emphasizes the oil’s exceptional value and versatility, calling it a “must-try for 2024.” They commend the brand’s 25-year commitment to quality and its role in shaping the American olive oil industry, mentioning their support for the Olive Oil Commission of California, which ensures quality through strict testing and analysis.

Overall, California Olive Ranch Extra Virgin Olive Oil seems to be a crowd-pleaser, offering a delicious and versatile option for home cooks at an attractive price point. With its commitment to quality and California roots, it’s no wonder it’s garnering such positive attention.

2. Cobram Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Cobram Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100% Australia Select, First Cold Pressed, Non-GMO 375mL, Keto Friendly High in Antioxidants, Made from Australian...
Cobram Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100% Australia Select

Sun-kissed Australian olives waltz into every dish with Cobram Estate’s Extra Virgin. This oil is ready to elevate salads, pasta, and even your daily bread. Cobram Estate olive oil takes pride in its Australian heritage and dedication to quality, garnering praise from various sources. 1000 Logos hails it as “an Australian icon in the olive oil sector,” recognized for its superior quality and “potent anti-inflammatory properties.” This nutritional powerhouse doesn’t just boast deliciousness, but also scientifically-backed health benefits.

Eat This, Not That! sheds light on its origin story, highlighting its founding by two passionate farmers and its impressive collection of awards. They emphasize that Cobram Estate adheres to strict standards, ensuring their extra virgin olive oils exceed the benchmark acidity level of 0.8% by boasting an even lower 0.3% or less.

3. Brightland The Duo Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Brightland The Duo Extra Virgin Olive Oils - Cold-Pressed Made with Early-Harvest Arbequina and Arbosana Olives, 12.7 fl. oz. Bottles (Pack of 2)
Brightland The Duo Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Brightland’s Duo is perfect for salads with peppery AWAKE and compliments roast veggies with buttery ALIVE. Flavor alchemy in every duo-licious drizzle. Brightland seem to be making a splash with their distinct flavor profiles and versatility. Guides praises their unique blend of early-harvest olives, resulting in a “smooth and grassy” ALIVE oil ideal for drizzling and dipping, and a “bold and robust” AWAKE oil perfect for roasting and sauteing.

NBC Select adds to the chorus of approval, highlighting Brightland’s AAPI-owned status. They mention the option to purchase them individually or as a set, making them a flexible choice for various culinary needs.

Eat This, Not That! delves deeper into the functionality of the duo, explaining how their differing intensities allow for customization. AWAKE caters to dishes requiring a bolder punch, while ALIVE offers a milder touch. Both boast a high smoke point, making them suitable for high-heat cooking. Additionally, their California origins and aesthetically pleasing bottles earn them bonus points for style and convenience.

4. Graza Drizzle & Sizzle Extra Virgin Olive Oil

“Drizzle” & “Sizzle”Extra Virgin Olive Oil
“Drizzle” & “Sizzle” Extra Virgin Olive Oil (graza.com)

Graza Drizzle & Sizzle has impressive offerings across the board. Young and spicy Drizzle enhances dishes, while mellow Sizzle is a smooth finishing touch. NBC Select suggests Sizzle for roasting, searing, and pan-frying due to its mild flavor. They say Drizzle is a punchier option harvested earlier in the season, both made from 100% Spanish Picual olives.

Graza seems to have mastered the art of combining deliciousness, practicality, and design. 1000 Logos highlights the unique selling point: the innovative dual-flow spout. This ingenious design allows you to switch between a steady stream for drizzling and controlled drops for more precise culinary applications, truly taking control of your oil usage.

According to Vice, the brand’s “chic squeeze bottle” adds to the entire experience with sleek, acid green labels, eliminating the guesswork when choosing the right oil for the job. They also love the functionality and convenience offered by the Sizzle and Drizzle duo.

5. Flamingo Estate Heritage Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Heritage Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Heritage Extra Virgin Olive Oil (flamingoestate.com)

Hand-picked California olives are the star of Flamingo Estate’s oil. Green, peppery perfection elevates every dish, from salads to sauces. Vice talks about Flamingo Estate’s lasciviously scandalous history, “You can check out its Architectural Digest Home Tour, which reveals it was once a ‘decrepit adult-film studio’ that’s been transformed into an oasis with a lush garden filled with organic fruits and vegetables. This produce ends up in its products—everything from soap and candles to pantry staples like its extra virgin olive oil that is sourced and cold-pressed at an organic farm in Ojai, California.”

The New York Post is impressed by their production process because they use organic olives from a small, family-owned farm. The olives are hand-picked and immediately cold-pressed to ensure the utmost freshness.

Women’s Health reviews the flavor profile of this complex oil: “Flamingo Estate’s EVOO boasts a vibrant, green, and peppery flavor with underlying sweet, fruity notes. Use it for dipping or finishing to fully appreciate these tasting notes.”

6. Iliada Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Iliada Kalamata PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil First Cold Pressed - Direct From Greece - 1 Litre
Iliada Kalamata PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil First Cold Pressed – Direct From Greece – 1 Litre

Greece’s bounty bursts forth in Iliada’s Kalamata EVOO. Bold, grassy, and a touch spicy, it adds rich Mediterranean flavor to every bite. Iliada’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil, crafted primarily from Koroneiki olives, sings a vibrant melody of flavor. Taste Atlas describes its color as a dance between intense green and yellowish-green, hinting at the symphony of taste to come. The first sip unfolds with a pleasant bitterness, reminiscent of freshly picked green fruits. A gentle peppery kick lingers on the palate, leaving a refreshing echo.

This Greek masterpiece has garnered rave reviews, with The New York Post highlighting its “smooth, fresh, and full-bodied” character. Consumers adore its authenticity, praising its harvest and cold-pressing process that avoids any chemicals or preservatives. As one reviewer puts it, it’s the true Santorini experience captured in a bottle, begging to be added to your cart.

Beyond its deliciousness, Iliada boasts a distinguished heritage. 1000 Logos emphasizes its PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) label, a testament to its impeccable quality and adherence to regional traditions. This world-class olive oil reflects the expertise of generations, honoring time-honored techniques while delivering a luxurious blend of rich fruitiness and a delightful peppery bite.

7. Kosterina Original Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Kosterina - Original Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Cold-Pressed Premium Greek EVOO, Made from 100% Pure Early Harvest Koroneiki Olives, Incredible Superfood,...
Kosterina – Original Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Early harvest Koroneiki olives are the primary olive in Kosterina’s Original oil. Bold, grassy, and brimming with antioxidant muscle, it’s a Greek getaway in every drizzle. MBG Food applauds its small-batch, cold-pressed production that ensures the highly beneficial polyphenol hydroxytyrosol content.

Kosterina’s olive oil shines with both taste and health in mind. Women’s Health raves about its robust flavor, ideal for dipping crusty bread. They describe it as clean, fresh, and fruity, with a signature peppery finish that elevates the experience.

The New York Post highlights Kosterina’s wider appeal, praising their chic bottles and variety of blends. While their bestseller is the classic Original Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, they offer a Half Case option for those who can’t get enough of this delicious and healthy elixir.

Whether you’re drawn to its health benefits, bold flavor, or convenient options, Kosterina’s olive oil seems to offer something for everyone.


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  1. Udo says:

    Great olive oil from TUNISIA NORTH Afrika

  2. Arnulfo Cordero Valenzuela says:

    If your looking to get Extra virgin Olive oil you might as well visit: El Valle de Guadalupe in Mexico exclusively in San Antonio de las Minas where you’ll find a side road place with the name ” La prietita” They get the oil directly from the manufacturers in the Gadalupe valley

  3. Greg says:

    Click bait article.

  4. Marc says:

    Kosterina Original EVOO is my favorite. I have tried many from around the world….. none of the brands listed. I like the high polyphenols and the spicy flavor. I use this EVOO drizzled on salads, breads and meats. I occasionally use a Balsamic Vinegar as well.

  5. Andriana Agiantritis says:

    Nothing compares to Greek Olive Oil. We have won awards Internationally.
    The sun, earth and the fact some of our trees are 1000’s of years old make a huge difference in the quality and taste.
    Italy and Spain buy our surplus to mix with their own.
    California? Omg that’s hilarious.

  6. Suzette Brooks Bottoni says:

    pompein and Berio is garbage acvording to true Italians

  7. Rosalia says:

    If they are so great why have I never heard of even one of them and I use lots of olive oil and I have lived in many countries. Yet I don’t even know 1 of them. I find this very odd.

  8. Rick says:

    I find it interesting that nowhere in the article or comments was “polyphenol” mentioned. It is the key health feature of olive oil. It also varies significantly among brands. A simple google search will help you identify brands with the highest content. And yes you can taste the difference.

  9. Gina Stipo says:

    As an Italian chef, I assure you that all of these are TERRIBLE! Over processed lamp oil. Whoever did this study knows ZERO about EVOO. Kirkland Tuscan IGP or Kirkland Bari Bitonto DOP from Costco is the only thing you should buy in America

    1. Jimmy says:

      I’ll try them! Thanks! Jimmy

  10. Sara says:

    None of these oils are good.I am raised in a farm with olive trees and have participated in getting the olive oil done from the olives,so I do understand what it means to have the best olive oil out there and that is ONLY the filtered version of Marmarabirilik Olive Oil made in Tureky Europe.HERE ARE SOME OF THE DESCRIPTIONS OF THIS OIL..before I begin just to explain this brand Maramarabirilik has some versions that I do not like ,but the best one is the filtered olive oil put in dark green colored glassy bottles,with the instructions how to store these olive oil bottles in cold dark places at the store and at your home while using it .These bottles are checked in lab for acidity and peroxides and other indicators and and they have the productions and the expiration dates on them .The taste of this olive oil is light and fantastic ,it DOES NOT BURN YOUR THROAT AND NOR IT RUINS YOUR LIVER AND OTHER ORGANS WHILE CONSUMING IT.. AND I REPAT:— IT COMES IN DARG GREEN GLASSY BOTTLES not plastic bottles, so TO PRESERVE IT FROM the CHEMICALS OF PLASTIC AND THE DAMGAE OF THE SUN RAYS ON IT that can make the oil intoxicating….YES MARMARABIRILK HAS SOME OTHER VERSIONS OF THIS OIL THAT IS NOT FILTERED AND IT HAS A CLOUDY LOOK AT THE BOTTOM OF THEIR BOTTLES,BUT THAT IS NOT TO BE SOLD TO US THE HUMANS AND THOSE BOTTLES ARE GLASY, BUT NOT DARK COLORED –they are transparent ,THEY HAVE TO RAISE THE BAR AND SELL ONLY THE FILTERED VERSION ON DARK GREEN GALSSY BOTTLES..Enjoy the real taste of the olive oil out there

  11. Jimmy says:

    I’m a home cook and bought a liter of Pompeian Smooth. It was so bitter I barely used it and eventually threw it out. Yuk.

  12. Joe Rocco says:

    This article is a paid advertisement. The best olive oil is Partanna. Single source from Sicily. California Olive ranch uses olives from the middle east..