Best Places To Live In Georgia: Top 5 Communities Most Recommended By Experts

Make like the birds and fly south! Georgia is a great place to set down roots with its subtropical climate, Southern hospitality, and amazing fresh-grown peaches and peanuts harvested right around the corner. The state offers a diverse landscape with anything from mountains and valleys to beautiful beaches. You can also live among rolling hills or in eclectic art-centered towns like Savannah. Some of the best places to live in Georgia make for both a safe and gorgeous home for young professionals and families alike.

Ranked as number 18 by U.S. News and World Report, the state of Georgia is a popular choice. With notable landmarks like Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (the world’s busiest airport), the bustling metropolitan city of Atlanta, premier higher education options, coastal cities, and more, there’s no wonder why it’s a popular choice.

According to a recent study, Georgia is the 7th most popular state that people are moving to. As for why, the top reason respondents gave was moving to take a new job in another state. Moving closer to family, lowering their cost of living, wanting to live in a new place, and a desire to be in a warmer climate make up the five biggest motives for a move.

The Peach State is filled with growing cities ranging from metropolitan to rural which makes for a different dynamic everywhere you go. StudyFinds turned to the experts to lend a helping hand by rounding up the best cities to live in Georgia. While narrowing down to five cities is tough, we’ve used expert opinions to put together this short list. If you think we missed your favorite spot, let us know in the comments below!

The List: Best Places to Live in Georgia, According to Expert Reviews

1. Alpharetta

This suburban city is known for being affluent, safe, and features many unique options for residents like restaurants, shopping, and other entertainment. We’re not kidding when we say affluent. “Homes average $392,200, making them the sixth most expensive in the state; that equates to a high desire to live there,” says the Atlanta Journal Constitution, “And residents take home nearly double the median household income of Georgians, earning $105,908 annually.”

Families walking along Market Street in Alpharetta, Georgia
Families walking along Market Street in Alpharetta, Georgia (Photo by Taylor Deas-Melesh on Unsplash)

But residents seem to get their money’s worth. “One of the big highlights of this area is the Avalon which opened in 2014. This multi-use development has become the center for shopping, dining and events for those in this city and surrounding areas,” notes Simple Showing.

Real estate is on the rise, and the area has been named among the best suburbs in America multiple times. Properties here are expensive but well worth the price, as this is a place one can remain for the entirety of their lives,” writes a reviewer on Niche.

Homeia lists the best Alpharetta neighborhoods as: Windward, City Center, and Avalon. With the city being in Fulton County and just 25 miles away from Atlanta, Alpharetta is a great suburban option for those looking for a place to call their permanent home.

2. Johns Creek

Another suburb of Atlanta, Johns Creek is another popular choice. There’s a reason why it’s a close second to Alpharetta listed above. It was a former city of Alpharetta, until it became its own entity in 2006, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

It’s known for having some of the best schools in the state and a low crime rate. “The property crime rate is 75% lower than the national average, while the rate of violent crime is a welcomed 90% lower,” adds The Crazy Tourist.

Zumper lists it as “Best city in Georgia for outdoor recreation,” saying: “No matter your choice of recreation, residents agree that Johns Creek has something for everyone, with hundreds of acres of hiking and walking trails, an Art Center, golf courses, and the North Atlanta Dance Theater.”

Love to Know agrees, also noting it’s a great option for families. “For a family lifestyle, especially one that enjoys being out in nature, you’ll find hiking/walking trails thanks to over 400 acres of parkland. This expansive nature reserve includes parts of the Chattahoochee River, and occasional outdoor concerts are held that your family is sure to enjoy.

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  2. This article is so funny. You say Decatur is a good place to live but have a picture of Glenwood Rd which has been a Warfield for 10+ years. The good part of Decatur is downtown and where ever Decatur pd patrol. Outside of that, it’s the hood that’s slowly being gentrified

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