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If you’re looking to live in London, you’re not alone. London offers great educational institutions and job opportunities and has a rich culture and history that draws travelers from all across the globe to this wonderful destination. Whether you’re looking for bustling urban centers or peaceful suburban retreats, there’s a place in London that will suit your lifestyle. The best places to live in London are a combination of both.  According to a study conducted by researchers from The University of Warwick, Newcastle University, and The University of Sheffield, living within walking distance of an urban green space is associated with improved happiness, self-worth, and overall life satisfaction. 

The United Kingdom is one of the most diverse places to live, with citizens from all over the world. The Migration Observatory at the University of Oxford reports that as the year ended in June 2021, people born outside the UK made up an estimated 14.5% of the UK’s population, or 9.6 million people. London has the largest number of migrants among all the regions of the UK. The city itself is very old, first founded by the Romans as Londinium back in 43 AD.

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If you have your heart set on moving to London, StudyFinds has done the research to help you decide which area is right for you. Getting familiar with your options is key to choosing the right home. Get to know London’s top five best places to live with our list below.  Our list is made up of the top recommendations across 10 expert websites. Don’t see your favorite city? Let us know in the comments!

Big Ben clock tower in London
Big Ben clock tower in London. (Photo by Marcin Nowak on Unsplash)

The List: Best Places to Live in London, According to Experts

1. Brixton

Living in Brixton won’t leave you with any shortage of entertainment and things to do. Rent London Flat  writes, “Brixton is a part of the Borough of Lambeth in south London. It’s a very multi-cultural and entertaining area to live in, with lots of fantastic places to socialize with friends and hang out. There are many food markets and local bars. Public transport is also very accessible, with the Northern Line tube stopping at Brixton station.” 

Besides being full of vibrant culture and nightlife, this neighborhood is well connected with the iconic London tube. Everywhere you need to go is a short ride away on the metro. “There are few London neighborhoods quite like Brixton. As soon as you step out of the metro station, you’ll be swept away by the sheer energy of the place. Enticing smells, sounds, and colors come at you from all directions and at all hours of the day and night,” says Expatica

“Located in South London, it has built up a reputation for itself through its eclectic music and arts scene, fascinating local market, and lower-than-average rent prices. While you may struggle to find whole houses to live in, there are endless late Victorian terrace houses available, many of which have been converted into flats for the young professionals who tend to call this area their home”, says The Homelike. Brixton is a hot spot for 20-30 somethings who enjoy being in a major hub of the city.

2. Camden 

Stored ranks Camden number one in its list of the coolest places in London to live.  “Arguably the largest pub in Europe is located in Camden, along with some of the best live music venues in London. The vibrancy of the nightlife in Camden cannot be matched. This fascinating area hosts an eclectic mix of restaurants, open-air markets, and exciting street art, making it an urban haven for its alternative, punk, and art student type residents.”

Living here means you will probably end up living in an apartment versus a house, but you’ll be sure to have a lovely view. “Located just to the north of the capital’s only international station, St Pancras, Camden is well-established as one of North London’s liveliest neighborhoods. You’ll find plenty of nearby parks, although your new favorite will likely be Primrose Hill, which offers spectacular views over the city,” writes Expatica

“If you’re hoping to move to London for the street food, vintage stores, and vibrant vegan shops, Camden is the place for you. This hipster hub has held its quirky individuality since the 1960s – the decade that rock and psychedelia exploded. The Roundhouse (Camden’s most attractive music venue) was at the heart of the 60s revolution, and still holds up to this day. And the rest of Camden is no different – whether you’re into soul, jazz, heavy metal, rock, or indie music, this borough has you covered,” adds Move Hub

3. Islington

Home Views rates Islington a 4.56 out of 5 for its diversity and unique style. “Islington is a borough of many faces. Its mish-mash of neighbourhoods each have their own distinct personality, from the urban bars and pubs of Angel to the chintzy antique stores of Camden Passage. Its properties have many guises, too – there are in-the-thick-of-it luxury apartments, and period townhouses sitting shoulder to shoulder on sleepy backstreets.”

If you’re looking to live somewhere that has an abundance of green space, you won’t find it in this neighborhood, but you’ll have plenty of activities to distract you. “Islington certainly doesn’t win the prize for green, leafy space. But what it does win prizes for is proximity to the centre of London (ideal for the return of the commute), swathes of jaw-droppingly attractive Georgian squares bursting at the seams with charming period properties, and ample choice of bars, restaurants and the much-beloved pubs,” says Gentleman’s Journal

“Upper Street is lined with shops, restaurants, bars, and cafes, and there’s always something to catch the eye in Camden Passage. Leafy squares abound, there are colorful doors everywhere. Pros of living in Islington include the shops and restaurants on Upper Street, Camden Passage, the tube, train, and Overground stations, and proximity to central London. The main con of living in Islington is the relatively high cost of housing in the area,” advises A Lady In London

4. Richmond

Homelike ranks Richmond at number three and explains,  that “Richmond has become one of the most sought-after places to live in London. This is especially true amongst families that are attracted by the highly-regarded schools in the area, and the hugely popular Richmond Park.” Richmond boasts the best of suburban town and country living while still being within 30 minutes of London’s center.

“You’ll find Richmond at the top of the list for many guides to living in London. You won’t have to spend too long enjoying the countless river walks and strolls through the parks before you too, quickly fall in love with what has to be a contender, for the most beautiful district in London raves The Flex Living. Richmond Park is London’ largest green space and is home to a colony of over 300 deer. 

“If you are looking to raise a family in London, Richmond stands out as one of the best places you can choose to live,” says Greater London Properties. “It provides easy access to outstanding schools and plenty of natural green space. The perceived threat of crime deters many families from moving to London. Richmond is in the top three London boroughs for low crime rates.”

5. Hampstead

“Hampstead is one of those neighborhoods that you don’t expect to find somewhere as busy, built-up, and hectic as the city of London,” writes Homelike. “Despite the odds, Hampstead has managed to retain its villagey feel, with independent eateries, butchers, grocers, and shops still ruling the roost here. Reportedly home to more millionaires than any other area in the UK, this is also one of London’s most expensive neighborhoods.” If you are able to afford a property here, you’ll be right near Hampstead Heath, which is home to Parliament Hill, along with some amazing views and a natural swimming pool.

“They make it one of the most beautiful places to live in London,” writes A Lady in London. “Pros of living in Hampstead include the picturesque surroundings, green spaces, and tube station in the heart of the area. Cons of living in Hampstead include the slightly longer commute into central London, high housing prices, and the lack of a large supermarket for grocery shopping.”

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