Best Places To Live In Utah: Top 5 Communities Most Recommended By Experts

Want to live in one of the most sanguine, scenic, safest and snowiest states? Well, who doesn’t? The Beehive State offers all of that and more. Perhaps owing to the low crime rate, high median household income, successful marriages, excellent school systems, and strong economy with low unemployment rates, it is considered one of the happiest states in the U.S. There are plenty of towns deemed the best places to live in Utah, so to help narrow down your search, we’ve compiled 12 experts’ picks of the top five.

Utah offers some of the best outdoor recreation in the country, with several mountain ranges to visit and enjoy. This is especially great if you are raising kids or plan to in the future. A recent study shows that children who spend more time playing adventurously show fewer signs of anxiety and depression. Moreover, adventurous kids also tended to be happier during the first COVID-19 lockdown.

Utah is also one of the most beautiful states, with 43 state parks, five national parks, and an average of 238 sunny days per year. This is good news for anyone who has trouble sleeping because soaking up more daylight outdoors can help you sleep more soundly without turning to medicine, according to recent research. There are many lush forests, rivers, lakes and waterfalls to explore, as well as unique deserts. Also, the Rainbow Bridge in southern Utah is the world’s largest natural bridge and is definitely a place to visit.

If you have a hankering for a new home, Utah is a solid choice. And we’re here to help you find the right site for your next adventure! StudyFinds set out to do the research for you and turned to the opinions of experts to find the five best places to live in Utah. Plus, let us know in the comments if you have others to share as well!

The List: Best Places to Live in Utah, According to Experts

1. Salt Lake City

The capital city of Utah offers great outdoor recreation activities, urban appeal and plenty of jobs. According to Zumper, “With this beautiful backdrop comes access to world-class skiing, snowboarding, and gallivanting through the winter wonderland. But if you’re not a fan of snow, the resorts and parks in and around the mountains host warm-weather activities like frisbee golf and hiking. Move to the great outdoors with a one-bedroom in Salt Lake City for $1,099 per month, on average. Salt Lake City has a mixture of kid-friendly activities and stuff for adults. Grab tickets to the ballet, orchestra, opera, or theater. Stop by Pioneer Park for free concerts and events, head over to Washington Square for arts and culture festivals, or cheer on your favorite team in soccer, baseball, hockey, football, or basketball (like the NBA team, the Utah Jazz!).”

Salt Lake City skyline with mountains in the background
Salt Lake City skyline (Photo by Brent Pace on Unsplash)

Livability adds, “Salt Lake City is perhaps best known for its Great Salt Lake. Interstates 15 and 80 serve the city along with Salt Lake City International Airport, and higher education choices include the University of Utah.”

“The economy is booming in Salt Lake City. Aside from the county and state governments, some of the city’s largest employers include Delta Air Lines, the University of Utah, Microsoft, and Adobe Systems. Hospitality, tourism, transportation, and technology are also growing industries in Salt Lake City,” says Monster Jobs.

2. Logan

This small but growing college town is holding onto its grads with charm and economic opportunity. Neighbor Blog writes, “Logan is home to Utah State University and 28,000 students. Set between several mountain ranges in Cache Valley, Logan is famous for its small-town charm. Logan has quick access to many outdoor activities including hiking, watersports, and snow sports. Because of its affordability and beautiful landscape, Logan is growing steadily, spurred by graduates who’ve decided to stay in the valley.”

Main Street in Logan, Utah
Main Street in Logan, Utah (Photo by Michael Hart on Unsplash)

Rent says it’s safe and vibrant: “It’s home to many mom-and-pop shops, antique stores and one-of-a-kind restaurants — including Aggie Ice Cream, which is known to have some of the best ice creams in the state. Logan is full of young families and college students, making it a safe place to live, while still being lively. You’ll see friendly people out all the time — even in the winter when there’s lots of snow.”

“Logan, a fast growing city in Cache County near the state’s northern border, is our pick for Utah’s best city to live in. The city is home to Utah State University and a slew of large companies that drive Logan’s strong economy,” adds Chamber of Commerce.

3. Park City

Park City is not a cheap place to live by any means, but if you could live there, wouldn’t you? Wasatch Moving Company writes, “With today’s focus on finding that ideal work-life balance, Park City is becoming a bit of a destination. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast with children, moving to Park City balances some of the best ski resorts and biking trails with one of the top school systems in the state. And with access to Salt Lake City’s booming tech scene, it’s a bit easier to maintain the higher cost of living that comes with this haven for active mountain living. This cost is low in comparison to other major cities throughout the country, one reason it’s attracting education and tech-focused professionals looking for a balanced way of life. Reviews of the city also speak of the fierce inclusivity of the city, welcoming new neighbors with excitement and care.”

Downtown Park City, Utah with a ski resort
Downtown Park City (Photo by Benjamin Rascoe on Unsplash)

Movingist says, “People are moving to Park City, Utah to have a delightful experience, from the renowned Sundance Film Festival to its renowned ski resorts. There are typically 8,000 people living there permanently.”

The Crazy Tourist adds that many people choose to rent, and plenty of homes are available: “House prices and rental costs are very dear in this area. With median home value at $868,100, there is an affluent feel to the area. Despite monthly rent averaging at $1,223, there are still a considerable amount of people who choose to rent. With 38% of the population opting to live in rented accommodation, it is safe to say that there are ample properties available.”

4. Provo

The small university town of Provo is a hidden gem with big potential. UpNest says this up-and-coming city is a great investment: “A college town with a vibrant nightlife scene, Provo is situated between Utah Lake and the Wasatch Mountains. Not only is Provo beautiful, the cost-of-living index for this city is 86.8 — less than the average across the United States…Boasting a low crime rate and exceptional livability score, Provo is made up of 34 different neighborhoods. It’s a great time to invest in Provo, Utah, while it’s still affordable. The median home cost in Provo is $306,900, and the median rent cost is $764. If you’re wondering which is cheaper, Provo or Salt Lake City — Provo is 28% cheaper than Salt Lake.”

A woman overlooking Provo, Utah from high up
A woman overlooking Provo (Photo by Don LaVange Jr. on Unsplash)

Livability touts its quality of life, writing, “Home to Brigham Young University, Provo offers outdoor plusses like the Provo River for fishing, while Provo River Parkway is a paved trail that runs along the river. Quality of life luxuries include two major shopping malls, two hospitals, Utah Valley Convention Center and Provo Municipal Airport.”

“Adventure-seekers and cryptozoologists unite! Provo is your town for hiking, climbing, rafting, and Bigfoot hunting. Get your thrill at Provo Canyon while climbing the ice-covered ‘Stairway to Heaven’ or track footprints to finally find the mythical creature. If you’re looking for more traditional fun, Provo has those residents covered, too. Cheer on the Brigham Young University Cougars at a football game, fill up on delicious local food during the Thursday-night Food Truck Roundup or see a show at the Covey Center for the Arts. This city has some of the best family-friendly neighborhoods you’ll find in Utah,” says Zumper.

5. Ogden

If you’ve never heard of Ogden, you’re probably not alone. But this small town has a great arts and culture scene and it’s quaint old-town charm is noteworthy. Rocket Homes says South Ogden is the place to be: “South Ogden ranks #1 on our list for its housing cost-to-income ratio. It’s an attractive place for families, with nine parks, including a splash pad for hot summer days. It offers sports for all ages, including pickleball, and it borders an excellent ski area. South Ogden is in close proximity to the Hill Aerospace Museum on the Hill Air Force Base and to the Treehouse Museum for children. Ogden is home to Weber State University. Recently, Ogden has seen more economic activity, as well as a general citywide initiative to improve civic life.”

Washington Boulevard in Ogden, Utah
Washington Boulevard in Ogden, Utah (Photo by Chase Charaba on Unsplash)

States Explora touts the many things to do in Ogden, writing, “Ogden has a vibrant music scene that’s perfect for hitting up local shows and meeting new people. Go out with friends on Historic 25th Street in downtown Ogden, where you can find everything from delicious restaurants to fun bars and clubs. Whether you want to go dancing or take in some live music, there’s something here for everyone! Not only does this city offer plenty of activities to take part in but it also offers an abundance of employment opportunities. Furthermore, there are many cultural events to take part in around the area that provide excellent networking opportunities with like-minded people.”

Neighbor Blog says, “Like many old towns in Utah, Ogden’s historic downtown is quaint and cute and framed to the east by mountains. There are several ski resorts up the canyons in Ogden, as well as reservoirs and hiking trails.”

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