Best Places To Live In Wyoming: Top 5 Cities According To Travel Experts

You’ve had it with city life and you’re looking out West for a chance of pace. California is too metropolitan, Washington is too rainy – so you remember those pictures of Yellowstone National Park in the beautiful Cowboy State and you’ve got your heart set on becoming a Wyomingite. Some of the best places to live in Wyoming are amazing spots for nature lovers, families and young professionals.

Speaking of families, raising your child in a place with easy access to the great outdoors can actually boost their mental health. A recent study reveals that excitement and exploration help kids avoid anxiety, according to researchers from the University of Exeter. Children who spend more time playing adventurously show fewer signs of anxiety and depression. Wyoming boasts plenty of natural settings for your children to harness their inner explorer.

That being said, what kind of a landscape can you expect in the Cowboy State? Wyoming houses two national parks, one of them being Yellowstone National Park — which is quite the boon to living in the state. Livability says, “Wyoming is one of the best places to experience America’s natural wonders — it has 12 state parks, five national forests, four wildlife refuges, and two national parks (Grand Teton and Yellowstone). Old Faithful just so happens to erupt on Wyoming turf 17 times a day, but besides that, you can wander between brilliantly-colored hot springs or past the first United States National Monument ever declared, Devils Tower.”

Though some of that natural beauty has a wild side as Yellow Stone is home to a volcano. There is no need for concern over eruptions, though, as the volcano is luckily dormant. A recent study investiagted activity in the Yellowstone hotspot track, which fuels all of the famous mudpots, geysers, and fumaroles found within the popular tourist attraction. Now, evidence of two ancient volcanic super-eruptions, one of which appears to be that area’s most cataclysmic event ever, suggest that volcanic activity in Yellowstone National Park is waning and decreasing with time.

If you’re ready to make the move, but don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered. StudyFinds set out to do the research for you, visiting 10 expert websites to put together this list of the best places to live in Wyoming. If you’ve got your own suggestions, please leave them in the comments below!

The List: Best Places to Live in Wyoming, Per Experts

1. Cody

Look, you wanted to move to Wyoming for the adventure and to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Cody is Wyoming in a nutshell. An entrance to Yellowstone and one of the few places where the Old Western ideology still lives. “Founded by Colonel William ‘Buffalo Bill’ Cody, this historic town is located along the Shoshone river, nestled between the Beartooth and Absaroka Mountains,” says the Nomad Lawyer, “The town also features Old West-style shop fronts, plenty of galleries, the world-class Buffalo Bill Center of the West, and an excellent school system. Couple this with an affordable cost of living and you get a great place to put down your roots.”


Travel Over Planet says, “The best places to live in Wyoming lower you in all of the upsides of the Cowboy State. Accepting that you’re expecting to live in a cut of history, consider Cody your new homestead. This town has a yearly rush event in his name, puts on enactments of Wild West shootouts at the Irma Hotel, and houses various history displays.”

” The other reason to check out Cody will be if you love rodeo. Since it is the Rodeo Capital of the World, you get a chance to see many prestigious competitions. Lastly, Yellowstone National Park is on the outskirts, lending Cody magnificent scenery. Be sure to stick around for events like Wyoming Outdoors annual banquet, the Plains Indian Museum Powwow, and Mule Days. All are as interesting as they sound!” raves Attractions of America.

2. Cheyenne

The United State’s rodeo capital of the world (and not to mention the capital of the state as well!) takes the number two spot on the list. Train lovers will also find something to love about Cheyenne. “It is known as ‘Magic City of the Plains’ and has music legends like Chris LeDoux and more,” writes Movingist, “We can see the nomadic lifestyle in Cheyenne, and it is because most people belong to farming. Currently, they follow the buffalo herds as they walk across the plains.”


According to Touropia, “Home to the world’s biggest outdoor rodeo, Cheyenne offers a great mix of leisure and affordable living. The Cheyenne Frontier Days runs in July each year and not only attracts some of the top cowboys and cowgirls, but the best in country music. But all throughout the year, you’ll be able to enjoy an affordable rental market and a town that has a reputation for being family-friendly. Wyoming’s capital city is known as the Magic City of the Plains and offers great public parks, several museums and plenty of things to do in nearby nature. Residents only have a short drive to Granite Springs Reservoir and the Vedauwoo Recreation Area for excellent hiking, fishing and camping.

“The city itself has grown into a family-friendly place. The Cheyenne Botanic Gardens and Paul Smith Children’s Village, along with movie theaters, museums and city parks, provide plenty of activities year-round for little ones. Plus, living in Cheyenne puts residents a short drive to Vedauwoo Recreation Area and Granite Springs Reservoir Campgrounds, beautiful hiking and fishing areas for those who want to escape,” says

3. Laramie

The official website for Laramie says, “Welcome to Laramie. Explore Wyoming’s spirited offbeat college town, with an abundance of outdoor recreation, deep western roots, and a vibrant cultural scene at 7,220 feet.”

“With less than 10,000 people currently living here, Laramie is often times considered to be one of the more underrated options that you could pick out for yourself simply because of how small it really is. Laramie does manage to stand out from the rest of the towns in Wyoming though, by being quite affordable considering just how many amazing amenities it has to offer. The University of Wyoming can be found here, and on top of that, the whole place is just brimming with positive energy. We can’t really explain it but you can definitely feel it the moment you step foot in it,” says Placeahholic.

Zumper talks about how you can spend your day in Laramie, “Spend your days exploring downtown with its historical sites, architecture straight out of a Western, and smells of fresh bread from a bakery that’s been a staple of the community for over 100 years. Shop popular stores and local boutiques, go on hikes or bike rides, and hit a few balls at one of the golf courses. Then, wind down at night with a brewski at a local bar, a visit to the symphony, or line dancing at the saloon.”

The Crazy Tourist makes it clear that this place is a solid pick to live, “Laramie ranks an impressive second best place to buy a house in Wyoming. It really does have everything going for it. Considering the population of 9,741, a B crime rating is good going. With levels of theft lying at nearly half of the national average.”

4. Jackson

Home of the vacation mega spot Jackson Hole and who wouldn’t want to live where people pay a lot of money to travel to? What tourists plan all year for could be your Saturday afternoon. Attractions of America says, “Though Jackson, found in Jackson Hole valley, is one of the largest towns in Teton County, it is still small in comparison to many other towns. Jackson is the middle ground between Grand Teton National Park, National Elk Refuge, and Yellowstone. There is also the mountain formation called ‘Sleeping Indian,’ wooden sidewalks, an aerial tram, skiing, and snowboarding to keep visitors entertained.”

There’s plenty to do in this city as Home Snacks mentions that the city is “located at the south end of Grand Teton National Park, Jackson is a thriving town with an absolute abundance of recreational opportunities. There’s a museum dedicated to wildlife art, but if you’d prefer a closer, realer look at some regional animals, there’s also the National Elk Refuge. Nearby Jackson Hole hosts regular rodeos for anyone trying to immerse themselves in cowboy culture. Rendevous Mountain provides some of the toughest skiing in the country, but those just looking to relax within the city limits will find plenty to love at and around Jackson’s Town Square.”

Looking to star gaze? Jackson might be your pick! “Jackson is amongst the most beautiful places to visit as it offers breathtaking scenic views and stunning wildlife. Along with that, the adventure lovers will get the complete chance to go hiking, skiing, and other outdoor activities. On top of that, many celebrities live in Jackson. How cool is that?Everyone says that it is the home of many celebrities, including Harrison Ford,” adds Movingist.

5. Sheridan

This city calls itself the “Jewel” of Wyoming and rounds off the list at number five. It showcases everything that is Wyoming with nature, beauty and adventure. “The place also stands true to its cowboy culture with plenty of traditional ranches here. The town offers great nightlife and is home to numerous highly-rated schools,” says the Nomad Lawyer, “Perched at the foot of the Big Horn Mountains, there is no shortage of outdoor recreational activities here.” says, “Sheridan lies nestled in the forested northern reaches of Wyoming’s Bighorn Mountains. The city was once home to Buffalo Bill Cody, whose wild west show sparked imagination and adventure across America. His Sheridan Inn still stands today for travelers to enjoy. Sheridan’s school district provides excellent education, while Sheridan Recreation District offers sports and activities for all ages.The city itself houses several dude ranches where horse-loving, trail-riding travelers can explore and stay. Sheridan also cultivates a unique and busy cultural atmosphere, with festivals and events filling the calendar. Locals love the legendary Don King Days rodeo and the Antelope Butte Summer Festival.”

“The city has various events, joining standard farmers’ markets with new products from adjacent farmers and expert products from your neighbors. You can loll in the space’s strengths and culture by visiting the craftsmanship shows, genuine objections, chronicled focuses, and two theaters. Sheridan moreover gives a load of snow-filled fun, including snowmobile-riding, cross-country skiing during the day, and a coordinated Nordic ski visit around evening time,” writes Travel Over Planet.

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  1. Chris Ledoux lived in small town Kaycee, WY, not Cheyenne. Buffalo Bill never lived in Sheridan, although he did stay there at historic Sheridan Inn. This author assumes things, not actual facts!

  2. Jackson is not a good place to live. 90% of Wyoming cannot stand Jackson. The people are pretentious and cost of living is horrible. Cheyenne is middle ground can be good and bad.

    Other towns like The Evanston while not many things surrounding it is a home town feeling. Mountain View is small and very comfortable with mountains and places to go around itm beautiful too. Lander is a great place as well. Buffalo near Sheridan is amazing. Any of these should and do beat out Jackson and Cheyenne.

    1. Totally agree with Buffalo & Sheridan being awesome WY towns for living. Moved to Basin last year from northern CO & love living up here. The further north & west in WY you go, the better the quality of living gets.

  3. We lived in star valley, Afton which is small but it is beautiful there. It’s not as commercial as Jackson.

  4. Not sure where you got the population of Laramie from but we have 32,000 not 10,000? And we are very expensive for buying a home.

  5. Don’t ruin Wyoming like Jackson and Cody have been ruined by real estate developers.

  6. I got relatives in Wyoming. Many visits there may me come to a conclusion that I am glad NOT living there. The majority of Wyomingites are really passive aggressive prejudice of others. The Trump MAGA signs on their front lawns says it all. They bitch about Big Government… but if the rest of America close all four corners and isolate that rectangular clump of a state… they would be strangled off for sure.

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