Best Places To Propose In The World: Top 5 Spots Per Marriage Experts (With Real Engagement Pics Too!)

If you’re on social media, your feed may be inundated with engagement announcements and newlywed posts. After all, a wedding is one of the biggest milestones in life. That got us thinking: Where are the best places to propose in the world? If the world were your oyster (and it is), which global destinations ooze romance more than the rest? 

Turns out, it may be worth it to splurge on the perfect backdrop for your proposal. That’s because U.S. marriage rates have steadily declined over the past few decades, and researchers from Cornell University offer a possible explanation: “Most American women hope to marry but current shortages of marriageable men – men with a stable job and a good income – make this increasingly difficult, especially in the current gig economy of unstable low-paying service jobs.”

Yikes! But isn’t marriage about love, not money? Those researchers address that, too, saying, “Marriage is still based on love, but it also is fundamentally an economic transaction. Many young men today have little to bring to the marriage bargain, especially as young women’s educational levels on average now exceed their male suitors.” 

That might be pretty surprising … or it might not, depending on the “transactional relationships” of those around you. But regardless of what’s in your bank account, you can take heart in learning the most romantic places to pop the question, according to proposal experts.    

This best-of list might shock you! But the good kind of shock like how you feel in the moment the person you love asks to spend forever with you. Or says, “YES!” So, will you … read on with us? We’ve scoured 10 expert websites to find the best places in the world to propose, coming away with the five most recommended spots across these sites. Check out the top spots below, then get the ring and make the arrangements! 

The List: Top 5 Places To Propose, According To Experts

1. Bow Bridge, Central Park, New York City

The best place for a marriage proposal is Bow Bridge in NYC! 

“Forgo the typical marriage spot of the Empire State Building that’s bustling with snap-happy tourists and instead head to Bow Bridge in the middle of Central Park. Overlooking The Lake, which is usually home to myriad wildlife and people boating whatever the weather, it’s the perfect picturesque place to take a knee and pop the big question,” KAYAK writes.

And Wedding Ideas agrees: “Interestingly, Central Park in New York has come out as the number one place in the world to pop the question. Yep, Central Park, an oasis of calm in bustling New York City, has taken the top spot as the most popular place in the world to propose.” 

2. Hamilton Island, Australia

Romance is in the air in Hamilton Island.

“The absolute sense of privacy here, along with utmost luxury and gorgeous views around, make it one of the most romantic places to propose to your partner,” TravelTriangle says.

Couple Travel the World elaborates on the surrounding beauty, writing, “It is one of the Whitsunday Islands located close to the Great Barrier Reef, and its white sand, green vegetation, and the great expanse of the blue sea make for both a romantic and beautiful background to propose to your loved one.” 

3. Paris, France

Ouh là là! This is perhaps the first place people think of when romance is involved, but somehow it was beat out by two others. 

According to Hitched, “For a Parisian proposal with a difference, bypass busy tourist spots such as the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre and seek out hidden corners of the City of Light instead. Get down on one knee in the cobbled streets of Le Marais before the shops open then grab a pastry from Boulangerie Murciano and celebrate by the Seine. You’ll have all day to revel in your newly fiancéd status and can pop some corks at the aptly named Bisou bar later (its name means ‘kiss’ in French).” 

Is Paris too cliché? Hand Luggage Only says, “Okay, this might seem like the most obvious choice but it’s that for a reason. For so many people it’s the city of love and a proposal at the top of the Eiffel Tower can be a very special experience. Again, with this one, make sure to book your tickets in advance to make your day or evening that bit easier. You don’t want to be queueing and waiting around to pop the question.”

4. Venice, Italy

If you book a trip to Venice for you and your soon-to-be fiancé, they might suspect something romantic to happen. 

“Venice might be a bit predictable, but for good reason. With its narrow canals, Venetian Gothic architecture and dreamy lampposts lighting up the streets at twilight, it’s no wonder we couldn’t leave it off our list! While you may want to opt for the timeless gondola ride, you can also get creative and explore the ideas of St. Mark’s Square outside the Basilica, the entrance of the San Giorgio Maggiore church, or a traditional Michelin star Venetian restaurant,” Ordinary Traveler writes.

And Brides says Venice is “guaranteed to get you that ‘yes’ you’re after.” These wedding experts encourage a proposal there sooner than later: “The ancient city on water has been plagued by flooding in the past, so you’ll want to visit while St. Mark’s Basilica and the Rialto Bridge still serve as a beautiful backdrop for a proposal.”

5. St. Lucia

The last spot on the list lands in the tropics. 

Trips to Discover says, “If you’re looking for the ultimate tropical location, St. Lucia sets the perfect scene. Book one of the luxury resorts in St. Lucia located atop the volcanic cliffs, where you can enjoy perks like private plunge pools with jaw-dropping views of the Caribbean and the Piton Mountains that rise nearly 3,000 feet from the water. The glorious fiery sunsets, secluded stretches of idyllic sands and turquoise waters complete the dream setting as well as offering the opportunity for private horseback rides, catamaran cruises and delectable candlelit dinners – all of which are ideal for popping the question.”

The scenery is seriously stunning. The Plunge recommends St. Lucia for this reason: “The magnificent views of the Piton Mountains … provide the perfect backdrop for those intending to get down on one knee. How’s that for romantic?” 

What do you think of this expert-recommended list of best places to propose? Let is know in the comments.


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