Best Prenatal Vitamins of 2022: Top 4 Brands Most Recommended By Expert Websites

While research on the added benefits of taking a multivitamin for the general population may be divided, if you’re pregnant, most doctors agree taking prenatal vitamins is non-negotiable. But which prenatal vitamins are the best?

First, it’s important to understand that the levels of most vitamins in the blood decrease during pregnancy if un-supplemented. They include vitamins A, C, D, K, B1, B3, B5, B6, folate, biotin, and B12, as stated by the National Institutes of Health. Research shows that failing to meet the recommended dose of vitamins from preconception through pregnancy increases the risk of many pregnancy complications and infant health problems.

Many studies indicate that insufficient vitamin intake may lead to various pregnancy complications such as depression, anemia, and gestational diabetes. Lack of proper nutrients in the blood may also lead to infant health problems such as low birth weight, congenital heart defects, intellectual development, according to the NIH.

Taking care of your body during pregnancy can even help keep your baby healthy later on in life, according to the latest research. One study out of Copenhagen University Hospital reports that women taking high doses of these supplements during pregnancy lowered the future risk that their children would develop croup, a common viral chest infection, by as much as 40 percent.

While it’s clear that pregnant women need to supplement their diet with a prenatal vitamin, choosing the best one is another question. 

StudyFinds set out to find the highest rated and best prenatal vitamins across expert websites. For our findings, we visited 10 leading health websites to see which prenatal vitamins were most recommended to help support a healthy pregnancy and post-pregnancy.

The List: Best Prenatal Vitamins

1. Nature Made Prenatal Multi + DHA

Nature Made prenatal multivitamin with DHA is a doctor favorite due to its 20 key nutrients, 800 micrograms of folic acid and 200 milligrams of DHA. This vitamin is also rated highly due to its affordability and wide accessibility.

“For an all-in-one option that will provide parent and baby with high-quality nutrition, Nature Made Prenatal Multivitamin with DHA is a solid choice,” Very Well Family writes. “Many pregnant people like that it is a once-daily soft gel, gluten-free, and does not contain any artificial flavors.”

Nature Made Prenatal Multi + DHA is third-party tested by U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP) and has more than 33,000 mostly 5-star reviews online, Heathline reports.

2. Ritual Essential Prenatal

Ritual, also well-known for its multivitamins for women and men, ranks high on the list of best prenatal vitamins partially due to its unique formula for sensitive stomachs and pregnancy nausea.

“This vitamin doesn’t contain calcium, which may help you better absorb the iron in it—that could be especially important if you’re anemic,” Women’s Health notes.

Ritual is also a great option for those who prefer to live an animal product-free lifestyle, with its key nutrients, vitamin B12, Omega-3 DHA and iron sourced completely from plants or bioidentical ingredients. 

“Ritual prides itself on ingredient transparency, offering visibly supply chain information on where each of the 12 key nutrients in their prenatal vitamins are sourced,” Babylist writes. “And for sensitive stomachs, the two capsules a day are designed not to dissolve until they reach an area of your digestive tract that’s less likely to trigger nausea.”

3. Garden of Life 

Mykind Organics Garden of Life Prenatal Multi comes in as the number one organic multivitamin across the board. The one-a-day gummies are made with fruits and vegetables, free of gelatin (vegan), artificial flavorings, gluten and GMOs. 

“Taking an organic prenatal isn’t necessary, but opting for organic ingredients is definitely a nice bonus. Garden of Life’s myKind Prenatal vitamin is certified organic by the USDA and its ingredients are derived from an organic food blend,” Byrdie writes.

The blend of vitamins also includes organic ginger and peppermint, helping to alleviate that notorious first-trimester nausea. “It is NSF certified, so you can feel confident that it contains what it says it contains and is free of harmful contaminants,” Very Well Family notes. 

4. One A Day 

One A Day prenatal vitamin is well-reviewed for its affordability and all-in-one nutrients. The softgel includes EPA and DHA.

“This one-a-day prenatal vitamin delivers everything you need while you are trying to conceive, pregnant or breastfeeding, with 100 percent of the daily value for important nutrients, including folic acid,” The Bump writes.

This prenatal also earned a top spot due to its widespread recommendation from OB/GYNs. “The brand contains hefty doses of the most critical nutrients (iron, vitamin D, folic acid), plus a few important extras, like DHA, vitamin B6 and about 12 percent of your RDA for calcium. The comprehensive formula is packed into one daily pill, making it super convenient,” What To Expect adds. 


Because every woman and every pregnancy is different, you should always discuss with your doctor which prenatal vitamins are best before making a decision.

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