Best Rain Jackets For Women: Top 5 Coats Most Recommended By Experts

How many times has rain ruined your plans? From a night out on the town to a fun family day at the park to that long-awaited trip to the tropics, the disappointment resulting from changing plans can ruin the entire experience. The right rain jacket can save the day and keep the fun on track! But because there are so many options, choosing the best rain jacket for women is a challenge.

Different circumstances call for specific requirements for the best rain jacket, including style, material, design, color, sizing, and fit, not to mention affordability. If your plans include a hot tropical adventure, you need a lightweight rain jacket so that you stay dry and don’t melt in the heat. If you will be on a hiking trail, you could need protection from rain and possibly the cold, too. Then there’s the need for a stylish and/or “dressy” rain jacket that will match a fancy outfit and also protect your casual, yet “cute” date night wardrobe. Ugh, the shopping dilemma! 

There’s also the chance that you live where it rains ALL the time, so you need either a very versatile rain jacket, or more than one jacket to suit your needs. Who says you should only have one good rain jacket anyway?  According to a recent study, rainy weather can affect your mood and behavior. So, being prepared for the rainy-day blues can help keep you dry and happy so that only positive vibes keep flowing from you…who wouldn’t want that?

So, what are the top five best rain jackets for women? Many experts have researched and found the best ones to suit a variety of needs and it can be overwhelming to sort through all of them. We’re here to help! StudyFinds sought out 10 expert websites and selected the top five best rain jackets for women. Do you have a favorite rain jacket? Let us know in the comments below.

The List:  Best Rain Jackets for Women, According to Experts


1. Arc’teryx Beta LT

“The Arc’teryx Beta LT offers the best rain protection when inclement weather gets wet and wild, allowing you to stay out longer and go further,” according to Outdoor Gear Lab’s review, which ranked it Best Overall Rain Jacket for Women.

Arc'teryx Beta LT Women's Rain Jacket
Arc’teryx Beta LT Women’s Rain Jacket

“It’s made with a three-layer GORE-TEX shell, watertight zippers, and sealed seams to withstand wind, rain, and even snow,” adds Very Well Fit. The praise continues with “…its laminated hood is helmet-compatible and adjusts according to what coverage you need on a bike, cliffside, or while protecting a nice updo. Its minimalist design can be dressed up or down as you pack in a day of diverse activities.”

According to The Strategist, “The style holds up over time, too, making its price tag worth every penny: ‘It will keep you dry all day long, and last for years.'” 

2. Outdoor Research Helium II Jacket

If versatility is what you need, Luxe Digital says “There are heaps of handy extras on this rain jacket, too: reflective logos for walking or cycling in the dark, a carabiner loop for keys, and a pocket for packing away. These key features firmly place the Outdoor Research Helium II rain jacket as the best lightweight rain jacket for travel, exercise, or simply meandering through town.”

Outdoor Research Women's Helium II Jacket
Outdoor Research Women’s Helium II Jacket

Renee Hahnel, a travel blogger and photographer who always travels with her Helium II, raves to The Strategist that it “packs down to the size of a tennis ball, and keeps you dry for hours.”

Outdoor Gear Lab names this style the best for ultralight adventures and writes: “This was the jacket we found ourselves reaching for when trying to keep backpacks or suitcases light while traveling and backpacking, and it’s our top choice for a lightweight, packable option.”

3. Columbia Women’s Switchback Iii Jacket

Forbes chose this one as the Best Budget Rain Jacket for Women.  “Whether you’re stuck in a late-summer pop-up thunderstorm, hiking drizzly trails, or just trying to navigate a crosstown commute in a downpour,” this rain jacket is one of the best and “will have you covered in style,” according to their review.

Columbia Women's Switchback Iii Jacket
Columbia Women’s Switchback Iii Jacket

The item details on Columbia’s website say, “On the trail or out on the town, this is the perfect quick-fix layer for unpredictable days. With a waterproof nylon shell, it’s light enough to fold into a pocket for easy storage and durable enough to withstand a downpour at a moment’s notice.”

Luxe Digital says this is the best option for hiking and “occasional, and committed hikers seeking the best waterproof rain jacket on the market which provides the waterproofing you need, without weighing you down.”

4. Patagonia Torrentshell Jacket

In their list of the best, Very Well Fit proclaims, “Patagonia’s Torrentshell 3L Jacket was our top pick thanks to construction that’s fully waterproof without sacrificing breathability.  Equipped with covered zippers, pit vents, velcro wrists, an adjustable hem, and a stowable brimmed hood, this quality coat is great for moderate activities and offers sturdy protection that stays put. When not in use, it even packs into its left-hand pocket for easy storage or toting.”

Women's Torrentshell 3L Jacket
Women’s Torrentshell 3L Jacket

Switchback Travel says, “The best overall rain jacket balances premium weather protection, versatility (for both everyday use and hiking), and great quality and durability—all at an affordable price point. By all measures, the Patagonia Torrentshell 3L stands out among the crowd.”

“Of the jackets in the midrange price field, it offers the best water resistance and would be an excellent choice for those looking for maximum weather protection without breaking the bank,” according to Outdoor Gear Lab.

5. Outdoor Research Aspire II

Outdoor Gear Lab chose this rain jacket as an Editor’s Choice. The review states, “The Outdoor Research Aspire II is an all-around great jacket, performing well in every aspect of this test. The design is well thought out and shows attention to detail. It has one of the most customizable fits to keep moisture from penetrating openings and includes high-end components such as waterproof zippers.” 

Outdoor Research Women's Aspire II Jacket
Outdoor Research Women’s Aspire II Jacket

“Venture onto trails confidently with this protective but lightweight shell that won’t make a heavy addition to your pack weight. The mid-priced Aspire II is one of the most versatile raincoats of our top picks, a best-seller recently updated with a flattering, longer length and expanded size range. Its double-layered GORE-TEX PACLITE and taped seam construction make this jacket fully water- and leak-proof against downpours,” adds Very Well Fit.

According to The Strategist, “It features a two-layer construction as opposed to the Arc’teryx’s three, but still offers plenty of wind and rain protection.”

There you have it…a great start to help you find the Best Rain Jacket to suit your needs! Once you find your best fit, your plans won’t be ruined…you can sing, dance, or walk in the rain without getting wet!


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