Best Rakes: Top 5 Lawn Tools Most Recommended By Experts

If you own a home or property with landscaping maintenance involved, the annual dread of lawn work can seem daunting. This is especially true in the fall with its relentless falling of leaves. Though each season boasts beautiful foliage, it can be a chore to clear it from your lawn as it falls. Every homeowner should one of the best rakes at their disposal to keep everything tidy.

Not all of us see the outdoors as a privilege, because so much of our lives exists inside. Spending time in the great outdoors is known to be linked to a person’s well-being, but did you know that simply being able to see green spaces from inside can affect you as well? According to a study from the University of Plymouth, being able to just see greenery and nature from your home can lead to less frequent, and intense cravings. 

And taking pride in your home (even how it looks on the outside!) is important to many. A survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of TruGreen reveals that 75 percent of homeowners believe it’s important that their yard or home’s exterior looks impeccable. “People take great pride in their home’s appearance, and many first-time homeowners invest without realizing the amount of work and cost involved in its upkeep,” says Johanna Metz, vice president of marketing for TruGreen, in a statement.

What better way to start taking care of your own green space by investing in one of the most important tools to keep your lawn looking fresh? StudyFinds did the research for you, consulting expert sources to find the best rakes to clean your yard. Our list contains the most commonly recommended models you can trust to do the job. Have a go-to essential rake of your own? Let us know which one you use in the comments below!

a red rake laying on top of a pile of leaves
Raking leaves (Photo by Wendell Shinn on Unsplash)

The List: Best Rakes, According to Gardening Experts

1. Bully Tools 30-inch Lawn and Leaf Rake

If you’re looking for a rake that will clear a large lawn in no time, grab this model for its durability. The brand even offers a lifetime warranty on its products.“This rake is designed with several features that make it extra strong and sturdy, including a reinforced wood core inside the handle,” writes Popular Mechanics. “Double-sided support ridges on the tines bolster their strength to prevent breakage during strenuous tasks.”

Bully Tools 30-inch Lawn and Leaf Rake
Bully Tools 30-inch Lawn and Leaf Rake

This choice is perfect for those looking to rake large amounts of leaves or foliage easily due to its wide diameter. “As the name suggests, the tines fan out to a massive 30 inches wide, and are particularly effective at cleaning up wet leaf material. The reinforced ridges on both sides of the tines prevent them from breaking, even during heavy use,” says Gardener’s Path.

“A true leaf bully, the Bully Tools Law/Leaf Rake is a powerfully built plastic-headed leaf rake that gives poly tines the longevity you’d expect out of traditional steel-headed rakes,” advises The Washington Post. “With an extra-wide 30-inch head, this huge rake does a great job of pulling in heaps of leaves.”

2. Fiskars 8-inch Shrub Rake

Sometimes you need a smaller rake to get those hard-to-reach spots between landscaping. “The Fiskars 8-Inch Shrub Rake is a slender little rake that’s great for moving in and out of tight places,” explains Better Homes & Gardens. “Use it to pull leaves out of hard-to-reach spots between flowering bushes, maneuver behind shrubs, and reach into overgrown areas.”

Fiskars 8-inch Shrub Rake
Fiskars 8-inch Shrub Rake

This Fiskars rake is lightweight and flexible, but durable. Fiskars also backs their products with a lifetime warranty. “The extra-wide tines flaunt a gentle curve that makes it a breeze to use — even in the tightest of spaces. That way you can gather up annoying pinecones and seed pods between bushes,” says Best Products.

“Wide rake heads just don’t fit between and under shrubs or in tight corners easily. That’s why you need a shrub rake,” writes The Spruce. “This one from Fiskars is a great choice. The 58-inch-long aluminum handle is lightweight but long enough to get under the largest shrubs. The handle is teardrop-shaped for comfort and provides a good grip as you work.”

3. True Temper Poly Leaf Rake

If you’d like a model that serves as a general purpose rake, this True Temper is big enough to cover surface area but small enough to reach more cramped spaces. “The True Temper Poly Leaf Rake is a basic but reliable rake that’ll get the job done. Whether you need to rake up large piles of leaves, some pine needles, or scattered sticks, this lawn rake has your back,” raves Best Products. “It features a patented design that prevents leaves from getting clogged. We also appreciate that its handle is cushioned — a rarity for wood-handled rakes.”

True Temper Poly Leaf Rake
True Temper Poly Leaf Rake

The tines of this rake are strong enough to rake through lawn or even tough overgrown areas. “With an expansive 30-inch head, this True Temper model helps you zip through your raking chores in no time. The hardwood handle provides enhanced strength and stability. Some Amazon users noted they had to use their own screws to secure the head to the handle during assembly,” says Popular Mechanics.

“The True Temper poly steel lawn rake is a hybrid, general-purpose rake. The 30-inch head is big enough for leaf raking but small enough for spreading mulch around plants — and it’s securely connected to take on that task,” writes Family HandyMan.

4. Fiskars Leaf Rake

The Fiskars Leaf Rake is a perfect go-to if you aren’t sure whether you need a rake with any specific specialty. “I own multiple rakes myself and the Fiskars Leaf Rake is my favorite,” writes a reviewer at Family Handyman. “Its lightweight, teardrop-shaped aluminum handle offers easy gripping, and it’s long enough (67 inches) for all kinds of tasks. The rugged poly head spans 24 inches, which is just about right for my needs. It’s my go-to rake.”

Fiskars Leaf Rake
Fiskars Leaf Rake

You won’t need to shell out big bucks for a fancy rake either. “At a budget-friendly price, this rake offers a good bang for your buck. Sturdy and surprisingly well-built, it can handle all of your routine raking jobs and will last even with heavy use,” writes Popular Mechanics.  

“The Fiskars Leaf Rake maintains its brand reputation for comfortable, quality performance at a wallet-friendly price. It offers durable lightweight construction designed for comfort without sacrificing performance,” says Bob Vila.

5. Jardineer Adjustable Leaf Rake

For those who rake large areas often, the Jardineer Adjustable rake is a great option that adjusts to the perfect height for the user and makes reaching far areas easier. “The 63-inch telescopic garden rake by Jardineer is designed to reduce bending and discomfort during long sessions of raking,” says Garden Gate Magazine. “The 23-inch large head of the garden rake efficiently catches more debris with each pass, saving you time and effort. Moreover, for convenience, you can simply turn the yellow lock at any time to adjust the breadth of the garden rake to your needs.”

Jardineer Adjustable Leaf Rake
Jardineer Adjustable Leaf Rake

Even if it is extendable up to 63 inches, the Jardineer is still light enough to maneuver. “We liked how lightweight it was because it didn’t make our arms tired during use,” writes reviewers at This Old House. “We also liked the latching mechanism on the underside of the pole. We could easily push it down to change the head into a shrub rake or lawn rake and push it up to lock it in position.”

“This adjustable leaf rake from Jardineer can perform a variety of gardening tasks. The rake head is expandable from 7 to 23 inches, and a lock keeps it fixed in any position. The long, telescopic handle reduces the need for bending down and prevents fatigue while raking,” writes The Spruce.

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