Best Rakes: Top 5 Lawn Tools Most Recommended By Experts

Fall brings the beautiful autumn colors of the trees, but with it comes the tedious task of cleaning up the fallen leaves. Having the right tools handy can make all the difference in this seasonal cleanup. The best rakes are versatile and durable tools, designed to effectively manage yard debris and keep outdoor spaces tidy. They come in various types, such as leaf rakes and garden rakes, each tailored for specific tasks. Look for rakes with sturdy handles and well-constructed tines to ensure efficient and reliable performance when tackling yard work.

Vibrant fall foliage is something that many people look forward to. In fact, a recent survey shows that 51 percent of people love the changing of the leaves most about fall, while 45 percent put the chill in the air in the top spot. Early October combines both, offering peak fall enjoyment (at least, when you’re not raking those lovely leaves). Of course, fall wouldn’t be complete for most without the hot drinks, comfort food, and of course, pumpkin spice. The season kicks off school, football, and the holidays, ushering in many of the things we associate with familiarity and routine.

Many plants and trees go dormant during the fall and winter months, so it’s a great time to clean up one last time, then relax while you wait for spring. The next time you see those leaves, they’ll be fresh and green and new on the branches. In the meantime, enjoy a puzzle, some hot cocoa, and a little “Die Hard” while you wait for the next bloom.

Getting prepared for autumn? To find the most efficient tools, look no further than our list of the top five best rakes for all your leaf-piling needs. If we missed your go-to fall essential, let us know in the comments below!

a red rake laying on top of a pile of leaves
Raking leaves (Photo by Wendell Shinn on Unsplash)

The List: Best Rakes, According to Lawn Care Experts


1. Fiskars 24-inch Leaf Rake

This rake is the whole package, from a lightweight, easy-to-use design, to an affordable price and a lifetime warranty. Where could you go wrong? Reviewed says that despite leaving a few leaves behind, the Fiskars 24-inch Leaf Rake offers plenty to love: “The handle is ergonomically designed (that is, the pole is not perfectly cylindrical) to fit better in your hand, and the plastic grip at the top of the pole will help to ease hand strain. Its lifetime warranty is also nothing to sneeze at.”

The Thomas Guide raves about its positive customer reviews, naming it the best lightweight leaf rake. “This rake’s wide span with 25 strong and flexible tines can rake leaves, cut grass, weeds, and other waste off of the lawn, decks, or driveways in large amounts, without harming fine grass, flowers, or other plants. A reviewer who lives in a house surrounded by many trees is able to use this rake for hours thanks to its ‘lightness, precision, comfort, strength, [and] ease of use’ and added that it has become an ‘inseparable workmate.’”

The Pioneer Woman favors the comfort factor, writing, “This lightweight rake prioritizes user comfort, with a longer length to help improve posture and reduce back fatigue, and a unique teardrop-shaped shaft for added support and control. Plus, it’s quite a bargain.”

2. Bully Tools 92630 Poly Lawn and Leaf Rake

Efficiency and durability are the name of the game for the Bully Tools Poly Lawn and Leaf Rake. Got a lot of leaves? This rake can handle the load!

Bully Tools 92630 Poly Lawn and Leaf Rake
Bully Tools 92630 Poly Lawn and Leaf Rake

The Washington Post listens to Kim Roman, author of How to Garden Indoors & Grow Your Own Food Year Round, with regards to the rake, as well as the leaves: “With its fiberglass handle and 30-inch-wide rake head, ‘it’s a serious rake for a serious yard,’ she says. Pro tip: Old, mulched-up leaves make excellent fertilizer. Get most of the leaves off the lawn with your rake, then run over the rest with your mower to help them decompose.”

“Made in the U.S., this leaf rake by Bully Tools is a commercial-grade product that can easily be used around all kinds of personal and professional setups. It has an impressive ergonomic design, so you get maximum support and effortless use. It is among the lightest weight products available, ensuring easy movement from one side to the other. Moreover, it has durable poly tines with double-sided reinforcement, which eases the sweeping process. This leaf rake highlights a high-strength fiberglass handle that is not just sturdy but also ensures that you have a classy and well-designed garden rake at your convenience,” writes Old House Journal.

The Spruce add that while it requires a little assembly, it’s nothing you can’t handle. “This rake requires assembly but is simple: All you need to do is attach the handle to the head and secure it with a screw. We found a few reports of broken parts upon delivery, so take advantage of the limited lifetime warranty if you encounter any problems.”

This Old House says it’s best for large trees, noting that the fan shape allows for reaching larger areas, and customers can flip it over to scoop up piles of leaves. Nifty! “The tines on this rake fan out in a circular shape instead of a triangular shape, giving it more width. Its tines also make the rake efficient at collecting large amounts of leaves. Additionally, the rake has a reinforced fiberglass handle with triple-wall construction for durability, includes double-sided support ridges on the tines to prevent breakage, and features a 90-degree angle design on the tines for more efficiency.”

3. Ames 22-Tine Steel Leaf Rake

If you can pick only one rake to do it all, let this be the one! Its heavy-duty design is built to last and easy to use for all of your cleanup needs. Bob Vila puts it in the number-one spot, writing, “If we had to choose only one yard cleanup tool, this rake would be it. It moves fall leaves at a slower pace, but its compact build and durable materials make it the better tool for year-round tasks like cleaning up after pruning or preparing a new garden bed. However, the Ames 22-Tine Steel Leaf Rake has a smallish head, and its 22-inch width is less efficient for moving bulky dry leaves. But its relatively light weight somewhat offsets the compact size, making the work less physically demanding. Users of smaller stature may find the size to their advantage. This rake could be an excellent primary leaf rake for small to midsize yards or when the rake is used in combination with a leaf blower/vacuum and lawn mower.”

Ames 22-Tine Steel Leaf Rake
Ames 22-Tine Steel Leaf Rake

Made in the U.S. and carrying a 15-year warranty, the Ames 22-Tine Steel Leaf Rake is well constructed with a hardwood handle and a robust steel head. “It features a 22-inch, one-piece head with flexible steel tines, bolted to the wooden handle for a secure connection. The coil spring mechanism allows for comfortable raking action. The handle features a six-inch cushioned grip for extra comfort,” says Gardener’s Path.

Popular Mechanics adds, “It’s also lightweight, at just 2.5 pounds, and ideal for raking leaves, pulling thatch from the lawn, and general debris cleanup on grass and walkways.”

4. Jardineer Adjustable Garden Rake

The Jardineer’s uniquely adjustable design is perfect for hard-to-reach areas, odd corners, and getting around delicate plants without harming them. Concerned about your flower beds? With this rake, you don’t have to be!

Jardineer Adjustable Garden Rake
Jardineer Adjustable Garden Rake

Garden Gate Magazine names it the most lightweight rake and user-friendly, noting, “The 63-inch telescopic garden rake by Jardineer is designed to reduce bending and discomfort during long sessions of raking. The 23″ large head of the garden rake efficiently catches more debris with each pass, saving you time and effort. Moreover, for convenience, you can simply turn the yellow lock at any time to adjust the breadth of the garden rake to your needs. The head coupled with the aluminum handle is naturally unbending and is built to be rust-free for years.”

Evening Standard raves, “Looking for a garden rake that gets deep into the corners and trickier-shaped parts of the lawn? The Jardineer 160cm Garden Leaf Rake is the perfect tool for effortlessly collecting leaves and debris from your garden, lawn and patio no matter what shape your garden follows. … Its flexible tines are designed to delicately pick up leaves from flower beds and other delicate plants without damaging them, while its lightweight design makes it easy to get through your tasks without much elbow grease required.”

“The rake also has an ergonomic rubberized handle and a loop hole for easy storage,” adds Gardens Illustrated.

5. True Temper 26-inch Dual Tine Poly Leaf Rake

The True Temper digs its claws in where it’s needed most, doing double duty with a smart new design. Having tested rakes on a variety of debris, Bob Vila names it the best overall, noting that any on the list is a reliable pick for consistent, extended use. “We liked that the working edge where the tines meet the ground is relatively flat, because it allows the rake to pick up more new material on each stroke regardless of the user’s height.”

True Temper 26-inch Dual Tine Poly Leaf Rake
True Temper 26-inch Dual Tine Poly Leaf Rake

“The dual rows of teeth mean that it pulls leaves from multiple tilts, grabbing thick piles of leaves and moving them in clumps in a way that single rows of tines often can’t. Because of this functionality, the dual-tine system can potentially speed up raking thick fluffy piles of leaves,” enthuses Better Homes and Gardens.

Family Handyman names it the best reengineered leaf rake, writing, “It has a comfort grip on the handle and a larger 26-inch width for greater coverage with each pass.”

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