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Let’s face it, we spend a lot of time in front of screens. Whether we are working, studying or reading, digital technology can cause eye strain. That’s why investing in a good pair of reading glasses can help you to see everything clearly. Our eyesight changes as we age. It gets harder to read without glasses to make that print just a little bit bigger. Struggling and squinting to read leads to eye fatigue, which also leads to vision problems, and headaches. The best reading glasses will help you see text clearly without putting extra strain on your eyes.

By the way, how’s your overall eye health? A recent study found that the average person first begins to worry about their vision at 39 years-old. Although 48 percent of respondents rate their eyesight as “good,” most find it “easy” to take care of their eyes (62%), because they care about their vision (69%), go to a good eye doctor (51%), and follow a daily routine (48%). Taking early action to practice preventative care such as going for annual eye exams can catch degenerative conditions early and prevent further damage.

Good eye health habits start early, and encouraging children to wear glasses if their vision calls for them can directly benefit their academic performance. In a study performed by researchers from Jon Hopkins University, a three-year clincial trial was conducted in which children receiving new glasses through the Vision for Baltimore program scored higher on reading and math tests in comparison to students who did not get glasses or got them later on.

If you haven’t considered getting a pair of non-prescription reading glasses, now just may be the time to do so. So what are the best reading glasses for diving into that next novel? StudyFinds compiled a list of the five best reading glasses, from ten expert websites, to find the best reading glasses for clearer vision. As always, we’d like to see your own recommendations in the comments below! 

The List: Best Reading Glasses, According to Experts 


1. Readers.com The Vancouver Bifocal Reading Glasses

A fave among reviewers, for $20.95, these full-rim plastic reading glasses come in black, brown and tortoise color. “The Vancouver Bifocals are classic style rectangular readers which are suitable for both women and men. The bifocal lenses are kind to your eyes and reduce strain, even when worn for long periods of time,” according to Hooked To Books.

Consumer Rating adds the, “glasses show up with very polarized lenses, only with the bottom section providing strength from +2 to +4. The magnification is remarkably precise.”


Readers.com The Vancouver Bifocal Reading Glasses
The Vancouver Bifocal Reading Glasses

2. Warby Parker Reading Glasses

This well-known eyeglass brand gets the second spot on our list. Prices vary depending on frame style, but can run on the more expensive side, at $95. “Warby Parker treats all lenses with scratch-resistant and anti-reflective coatings. Yeah, even their readers. They have many handsome styles to choose from and have magnification strengths from +0.25 up to +2.75,” according to SPY.

Man trying on Warby Parker reading glasses
Warby Parker reading glasses

One popular frame? Warby Parker Haskell in Crystal. Healthline notes they’re, “the Invisalign of reading glasses: These clear readers frame your face without calling attention to themselves.” If you don’t want a clear frame, the Haskell style comes in several colors too.

Prevention highlights the Percey frame adding, “we especially love the friendly energy (and nine colorways) of the Percey, which is already a modern classic. Plus, you can opt for progressive lenses, too.” 

3. Boost Eyewear 6-Pack Reading Glasses

Maybe you want to keep a pair of reading glasses in every room? Or your car? If that’s the case, check out these from Boost Eyewear. You can find this bundle starting at about $15, in black or assorted colors.

“The classic rectangular frames in a satin finish complement most face shapes and sizes. The spring-loaded temple hinges provide flexibility and comfort, while the shatter-resistant lenses and frames ensure durability and safety,” according to FindThisBest.

Man wearing Boost Eyewear Reading Glasses
Boost Eyewear Reading Glasses

The Healthy adds the lenses, “can include an optical power from +1.00 to +3.00. These reading glasses do not include adjustable nose pads, but they do include spring-loaded hinges and a set of cleaning cloths.

4. ThinOptics Stick Anywhere Reading Glasses

If you don’t want a bulky frame, check out this slimmer, portable design from ThinOptics. The price? $19.95. They also come in a variety of colors.

Hooked To Books points out these, “bendable reading glasses are the best option for readers who are always on the go. The glasses come in an extremely minimalist design, with 2 clear lenses, nose pads, a thin rim, and a bridge to connect them.”

ThinOptics Universal Pod Case + Rectangular Reading Glasses
ThinOptics Universal Pod Case + Rectangular Reading Glasses

“Due to their lightweight nature and polycarbonate as the primary ingredient, these Lightweight Lenses feel as lightweight as just a feather. Yet they’re still so assertive on your nose,” notes Consumer Rating.

5. PeeperSpecs Peepers Reading Glasses

If you desire a stylish frame at a decent price, take a look at this offering from PeeperSpecs. For between $20-$30, these glasses feature UV 360 protection lens coating.  “Ranging from contemporary frames to those that are vintage-inspired, even the most fashion-conscious people should find something they like. Plus, the spring hinges on the frames provide added comfort,” according to Verywell Health.

“The UVA and UVB light-blocking, anti-scratch lenses come in magnifications ranging from +1 to +3, and the translucent oval frames have wood-like arms for a natural aesthetic,” adds Career Librarian.com

“They come in a variety of colors, but all have a matching design,” points out Nerdy Book Girl. Although some reviewers did note the screws tend to loosen on these. Prices vary by style.


PeeperSpecs Peepers Reading Glasses
PeeperSpecs Peepers Reading Glasses

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