Best Root Touch-Up Spray: Top 5 Brands Most Recommended By Style Experts

Want to make that gray go away in between hair salon visits? Some of the best root touch-up sprays can work wonders. These sprayable cover-ups are relatively cheap and easy to use. Simply spray your roots with the color of your choice and voila! Your hair looks like you’ve just dyed it.

Gray hairs are part of life. Some of us embrace the silver fox look, while others would rather keep our original hair color a bit longer. Studies have shown stress plays a factor in going gray sooner rather than later. In fact, one survey finds some women feel four years older after living through the pandemic stress of 2020. 

Out of 2,000 American female respondents, 52 percent believe they’ve gone gray faster during quarantine than they would have otherwise. Another 42 percent have discovered new strands of silver in their hair. Forty-six percent of this group admit it was the first gray hair they’ve ever found. Out of the 33 percent of women who dyed their hair at home during the pandemic, 85 percent said it was an effort to cover up their grays. Many add they did so because they wanted to make a change with their hair (44%) or got bored and wanted something to do (32%).

If you’re ready to add a temporary color spray to your hair care routine, we’re here to help! StudyFinds compiled a list of the five best root touch-up spray brands from ten expert websites to find the most reliable and full-coverage products out there today. As always, we’d like to see your own recommendations in the comments below! 

Woman looking at her gray roots
Woman looking at her gray roots (Photo by PPStudio on Shutterstock)

The List: Best Root Touch-Up Sprays, According to Beauty Experts


1. L’Oreal Paris Magic Root Cover Up Concealer Spray

Topping our list is a L’Oreal product that both stylists and celebrities love. It comes in several shades too. “The application takes seconds, and once applied, it will maintain vibrancy until your next wash day,” according to InStyle.

L’Oreal Paris Magic Root Cover Up Concealer Spray
L’Oreal Paris Magic Root Cover Up Concealer Spray

Shape points out, it “feels super lightweight without any sticky residue. Also nice: It works well on a wide range of hair types and textures — even synthetic hair such as hair extensions.”

E! Online shares this tip: “make sure you cover the part in your hair to prevent the color from getting on your skin. Cover it with your hand or a comb as you spray and you’ll get that natural-looking coverage without any signs of error.”

Another bonus? It’s inexpensive. You can find it at most drug stores.

2. Rita Hazan Root Concealer Touch-Up Spray

This affordable spray from Rita Hazan works well on lighter hair, which tends to be harder to conceal. “Covering up golden blonde and sandy shades, this transfer-proof touch-up spray covers everything you need—without any residue, smudging, or movement throughout the day,” according to Byrdie.

Rita Hazan Root Concealer Touch-Up Spray
Rita Hazan Root Concealer Touch-Up Spray

The lightweight formula is great for thinning hair too. Good Housekeeping points out, it’s “able to cover large areas of hair and tints sparse areas on the scalp, making hair appear fuller.”

Woman and Home Magazine found “the waterproof formula to be easy to apply, long-lasting, and very buildable. It was also extremely fool-proof to use. We were able to spray it precisely onto our hairline without any mess or skin transfer.” 

3. R+Co Bright Shadows Root Touch-Up Spray

R+Co’s Root Touch-Up spray gets high marks for color variety. Cosmopolitan notes, “it comes in seven shades (including a rich red and a light blonde) that blend seamlessly into your hair color.”

R+Co Bright Shadows Root Touch-Up Spray
R+Co Bright Shadows Root Touch-Up Spray

“With a lineup that includes a shade for redheads (often overlooked), this formula is made of mineral-derived pigments and moisturizing amino acids. Its texture is lightweight without being sticky and a little goes a long way,” adds The Cut.

The spray’s hues aren’t its only benefit. Essence Magazine suggests the formula “covers regrowth in an instant, moisturizes your hair and imparts shine. Plus, it even absorbs excess oil at the roots for a long-lasting effect.” 

4. Oribe Airbrush Root Touch-Up Spray

Oribe is known for quality hair products, and its root touch-up spray is no different. Don’t Waste Your Money notes, it “blends seamlessly with your color thanks to microfine pigments. It dries quickly and is easy to use. The formula also absorbs dirt and oil in your hair.”

Oribe Airbrush Root Touch-Up Spray
Oribe Airbrush Root Touch-Up Spray

Highlighted hair getting a little rooty? That’s not a problem with this formula. Good Housekeeping points out, “for those with lighter hair or highlights, Oribe’s root touch-up spray comes in both a blonde and platinum shade.” 

“It’s suitable for all hair types and gives you believable-looking coverage. What’s more, depending on who you ask, it smells great — but that also means that some people are put off by the scent,” suggests InStyle. Another potential drawback? The price point on this spray is a bit higher than the others, so consider it a splurge purchase. 

5. dpHUE Color Touch-Up Spray

Rounding out our top five, is this product from dpHUE. Reviewers say it’s easy to apply. Byrdie notes, “it has two spray settings—one for precise application and another for more diffused color.”

dpHUE Color Touch-Up Spray
dpHUE Color Touch-Up Spray

Excess growth is a non-issue with this formula. “The dpHUE Color Touch-Up Spray makes covering grown-out roots a breeze with its unique nozzle design. It also dries quickly and can last until your next wash,” according to Essence Magazine.

If you’re having trouble finding your hue, the brand offers several color choices. “Coming in up to six shades for your ideal match, this is a favorite for darker hair colors and thinner hair,” adds The Cut.

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