Best Skateboards For Kids: Top 5 Cruisers Most Recommended By Experts

Children build their confidence and coordination while playing fun and exciting games. One such activity is skateboarding. It teaches them how to balance and strengthens their cardiac strength. It’s important to choose a beginner-friendly skateboard for kids because advanced ones might prove to be unsafe. After developing this skill, one can choose the more advanced options. Some of the best skateboards for kids ensure a fun and easy way to learn the art of the kick flip and many other tricks.

But before buying a skateboard for your child, you must consider investing in helmets too. As riding a skateboard is easy, but it’s risky at the same time. Hundreds of children are rushed to the ER daily because of bicycle-related injuries. Regarding skateboards and scooters, the numbers are even worse because parents are not taking the basic safety measure for their bike-riding children. Wearing one of the best bike helmets for kids should be a no-brainer.

Some parents may overlook the importance of a helmet. A study aimed at gauging how well parents and children protect themselves on the road found that nearly one in five parents say their children “never” wear bicycle helmets. Remember, safety first!

Wtih the proper equipment in mind, you’ll want to choose a board that is suitable for beginners. We’ve done the research for you, putting together a list of the best skateboards for kids according to 10 expert websites. Our list is comprised of the five most frequently recommended models across these review. If you have any suggestions, let us know in the comments below!

The List: Best Skateboards for Kids, According to Experts


1. WhiteFang Skateboard

Concrete Wave Magazine ranks it at the top of its list and writes, “Maybe not everyone will notice, but this skateboard has unique treads on its soft wheels. And these marks do not come without a purpose. Such lines make the rollers more durable. Besides the quality urethane rollers, the bearings of this brand are also a plus for me. This skateboard features a dissymmetric concave shape, which makes learning and performing tricks more efficient. Paired with the non-slip emery grip tape, users will have their feet feeling more secure when riding.”

WhiteFang Skateboard
WhiteFang Skateboard

“This double-kick beginner’s skateboard from WhiteFang is made from strong and durable Canadian maple. It has mid-range parts for a smooth, stable ride that doesn’t reach an excessive speed,” writes Mom Loves Best. “Reviewers praise its strength when used in jumps and stunts and say it stands up well to sustained use. The board is available in five different designs. It also has a 400-pound weight rating so it should be good for your growing teen.”

“This skateboard features high-speed wheels to offer super smooth skateboarding and the best balance control to the rider. It also comes with a non-slip, water-resistant surface that gives you a safe experience even in the rain. Other features like 95A high rebound PU bushing and ABEC9 precision bearings make this product ideal for taking sharp turns even at high speed,” says Sports Illustrated

2. Beleev Skateboard

Very Well Family adds that it is the best skateboard for beginners. “Not only is this skateboard meant for beginners, but it’s also designed to be a great skateboard for parks and concrete walkways once the rider has mastered the basics. Like most beginner boards, it’s 8 inches wide to help give the rider better balance and control. This complete skateboard comes with aluminum trucks and 55 mm wheels for slower speeds. The deck is made from seven layers of maple wood that can accommodate up to 220 pounds, while it is also fairly lightweight so that you or your child can carry it with them on the go.”

BELEEV Beginner Skateboard
BELEEV Beginner Skateboard

“If anti-slip properties are a significant consideration, I’ll put my bet on the Beleev Skateboard. This kids skateboard features a non-slip emery grip sheet on the stepping surface, keeping the user safe when riding. Not only that, but since such a layer is waterproof, users can feel certain that no liquid will penetrate the deck from the top surface,” adds Concrete Wave Magazine. “The second anti-slip feature of this skateboard rests on its soft wheels. Beleev uses a set of 95a skate rollers, which have many benefits besides being grippy. First, they’re wear-resistant. Second, these quality wheels have high rebound properties. With these features, skaters can be confident about dodging street bumps and cracks without wearing the rollers out too soon.”

“Beleev manufactures everything from skateboards to bikes to scooters, so you know you’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for just about anything with wheels! Well, you might want to go to Toyota or Honda for your car, but you get the point. The Beleev 31-Inch Skateboard features a sturdy and well-crafted but accessible build that makes it the perfect skateboard for any youngster just starting out, and it comes at a great price. And as a nice little bonus, it comes in multiple designs, so your kid can pick the best skateboard deck for their style (I’m partial to the graffiti pattern myself.) Keep reading to learn why the Beleev 31-Inch Skateboard earned the top spot on my list of the best kids’ skateboards on the market,” explains Parenting Pod

3. Magneto Kids Skateboard

Play Eat Grow explains its design: “You can see this in the smaller size; instead of the average 31-inch skateboard. This smaller size helps cut the weight. In addition, it comes with high-quality and high-tack grip tape. The skateboard is made with seven layers of hard maple, one of the best woods for skateboard construction. It allows this skateboard to be highly durable and rugged. It can easily hold several hundred pounds of weight. Moreover, it retains a good bit of flexibility to allow for excellent impact absorption when doing tricks.”

Magneto Kids Skateboard
Magneto Kids Skateboard

“This Magneto comes in dimensions 27.5″ x 7.75″. While these numbers do not always suit adult skateboard users, they benefit kids. Little skaters won’t have a hard time moving the board, thanks to the low weight and sufficient length,” writes Concrete Wave Magazine. “There’s no need to worry if the stepping surface is small because kids’ feet aren’t the size of adults’ yet. Despite being a compact board, this option never compromises on safety and quality. Additionally, there is a layer of grit sheet on the top. These features are necessary to secure the feet and retain the skateboard’s overall durability.”

“This awesome and affordable board is great for any young kids. We love the black and white design, and your Vans checkered shoes will go perfectly with it. Made from maple, it’s sturdier than plastic boards, and the price is hard to argue with. It’s also very well-reviewed, making this another solid recommendation,” states Stoked Ride Shop.

4. Retrospec Alameda Complete Skateboard loves this model for beginners. Why? “It has a very low center of gravity, making it easy to ride and control. You can use this board for commuting or cruising, depending on the type of grip tape that you prefer. The Retrospec Alameda Skateboard Complete | Canadian Maple Wood Deck is a very sturdy skateboard with a smooth and easy-to-control design. The board is made of Canadian Maple wood that is strong, light, and soft to the touch. The deck is 7-ply which provides a nice smooth riding experience and it also comes with a decent length.”

Retrospec Alameda Complete Skateboard
Retrospec Alameda Complete Skateboard

“Trying to decide between either a skateboard for tricks or a skateboard for transportation? This skateboard from Retrospec allows you to do both, as it’s designed for the street and the skate park. You can choose between a 7.5-inch or 8-inch wide deck, so you can adjust for your child’s skill level and height, ” adds Very Well Family. “There are 11 attractive deck designs. The 52 mm wheels are great for getting around, and the 95A-rated wheels ride well in that not-too-hard/not-too-soft kind of way, meaning you can take a long ride and pull off a trick or two.”

“For beginner skaters, the skateboard must be controllable in all possible ways, like the Retrospec Alameda Skateboard. The first feature I like about this model is the dual kicktail moderate concave shape. It makes skating easy. And whether we’re learning tricks or doing casual rides, this item can help the user do it better. While bearings are essential to all quality boards, I find the ones coming with this option significant. Each wheel core of the Alameda comes with a rubber dust cover, preventing dirt and gunk from penetrating it. For many skaters concerned about riding smoothness, such an aspect is relevant in keeping the skateboard’s optimum performance,” explains Concrete Wave Magazine.

5. Merkapa 22” Complete Skateboard

While it’s helpful to start on a bigger board, USA Today says, “if you feel you must have a smaller board, this is the favorite of all the ones we’ve found. Its light-up wheels and cool and funky designs make it a fun ride. The plastic deck makes it little kid friendly, and the 6” deck makes it a smaller size that’s perfectly portable for younger kids.”

Merkapa 22” Complete Skateboard
Merkapa 22” Complete Skateboard

“For kids just starting out skateboarding, the Merkapa 22” is a great board. It also has a beautiful design and light-up wheels. It is six inches wide, making it narrow enough for younger skateboarders but wide enough to grow with your child,” adds Family Education. “The cool thing about this skateboard is that it can be used by people of varying ages and sizes. It’s just perfect for anyone just starting out. It comes with a skate key, so you can tighten it for kids learning to cruise and loosen it when they’re ready to start safely learning to steer and perform jumps and tricks.”

“This awesome board has great colors, and works well no matter what your goal is. It’s also reasonably priced, and makes skateboarding a whole lot of fun for the little ones. This will make a perfect gift for any child. It will also make it easy to learn – so we highly recommend it,” notes Stoked Ride Shop

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