Best Snow Boots For Men In 2023: Top 5 Footwear For Weathering Harsh Winter Conditions

Even if you want to stay under a heated blanket, there are some reasons to get outside in the snow. But don’t turn it into a tumble on the ice. Combat cold, wet feet with the best snow boots for men that experts say will keep your toes toasty in even the harshest of wintry conditions. And a pro tip: A good rule of thumb is to consider the cost-per-use. If you expect to wear your boots daily, invest in a sturdier, more expensive pair.

The cold winter months tend to make all of us just a little bit more inclined to stay home, but a study found it is especially important for older adults to stay moving in winter. After just two weeks of reduced physical activity (roughly 1,500 steps per day), a group of older adults exhibited prominent loss of muscle mass and significant weight gains, particularly around the waist. So, walking in a winter wonderland (with the right gear) has some perks.

What about other winter fun? A poll about planned winter activities shed some light on what your feet experience in the snow. Twenty-one percent said they’re going to build a snowman, and 20 percent are fantasizing about a dramatic snowball fight. If you’re looking to shuffle to the nearest snow bank to hide in waiting for a snowball victim, then keep reading.

Brave the winter with the snow boots most recommended by experts. We’ve found the top five pairs that are tried and tested to kick butt in the snow. These boots keep feet warm and dry while receiving high marks for being comfortable and having top-notch traction in wet, icy conditions. Our list below includes the most well-rated pairs that will keep you stomping until spring (or longer if you live in a place that snows until the summer solstice).

The List: Top 5 Snow Boots For Men, Ranked By 12 Experts 

1. Sorel Caribou

The Sorel Caribou boots are an expert favorite, making it tops on the our list of best snow boots.

If you want a long-lasting pair, Treeline Review recommends these: “While known for their clunky-chore-boot charm, the Caribous have been keeping our toes ultra-toasty and feet dry in an 80 year spree with no end in sight. My father has owned his pair of Sorel Caribous since 1992. I’ve never seen a winter without him wearing those boot — from New York to Colorado to Maine! In fact, many reviewers brought up family members having owned these boots for 15+ years, and still going strong.”  

Sorel Caribou Men's Snow Boot
Sorel Caribou Men’s Snow Boot

“These boots boast a shaft height of more than 9 inches, ideal for maximum snow drift protection. From the seam-sealed waterproof construction to the amped-up height, suede-meets-ballistic nylon detailing and a warm sherpa pile snow cuff, this is one reliable pair of surprisingly affordable winter boots,” Gear Patrol writes.

Clever Hiker suggests getting a pair for all winter activities, writing, “Sorel’s Caribou Snow Boots are simply classic for winter activities like shoveling the walk or walking around town in snowy conditions. The current model of the Caribous has the same thick felt liners they’ve had for years, but the rubber lug outsoles have been updated to offer more traction than ever before. The Caribous are legendary for their durability, too. It’s common for a pair to last for 10 years or more, which makes them an excellent value.” 

2. UGG Butte Boot

Rolling Stone recommends the UGG Butte Boot, particularly for its ability to handle tougher wintry weather: “With a Vibram outsole and a premium weatherproof leather upper, the boots are dependable enough for slick or gnarled terrain and heavy snow. Inside the boots is fluffy, real sheep fur. We also appreciate the Butte’s classic look, which works with casual outfits and dressier outfits alike.” 

Insider raves about the warmth and comfortability, writing, “The UGG Butte is a great all-around winter boot but does especially well in keeping your feet warm and comfortable. The full-grain leather upper is waterproof, has a sherpa lining at the cuff and is lined with wool textile inside. It’s rated for -25.6˚F (-32˚C). Besides being very warm, the Butte also gets a high rating for comfort with an EVA footbed and midsole, like a sneaker, but with a sturdy Vibram outsole that’s designed to stay flexible in freezing temperatures.”

UGG Men's Butte Snow Boot
UGG Men’s Butte Snow Boot

The Strategist also thinks these boots are a great investment, saying, “Made from leather, with a high shaft that’ll keep the snow out, this pair offers tight lacing for maximum traction and lugs for gripping on to snow and ice. The boots use a technology developed by UGG called DryTech, which creates a highly effective waterproof-bootie effect. They also feature a cozy sheepskin lining for comfort and warmth. A worthy investment if you’re spending months at a time in snow.” 

3. The North Face Chilkat V 400

According to GearLab, the North Face Chilkat V 400 are boots that are likely to stick around for many winters before it’s time for a new pair. “These boots are the total package, with warmth, comfort, a great fit, and a fair price,” they write. “The boot is very light, making it comfortable to walk long distances, and the excellent tread pattern ensures good grip on both paved and rough surfaces, dry or slick. It also has plenty of weather resistance for stormy weather and enough durability to last a long time.” 

The North Face Men's Chilkat 400 II Insulated Snow Boot
The North Face Men’s Chilkat 400 II Insulated Snow Boot

“The North Face’s Chilkat 400 V is a true all-rounder. This full-grain leather design features a molded TPU shell, waterproof membrane for sealing out moisture, and TNF’s Surface Control sole for advanced traction on slippery ground. In terms of insulation, you get 400-gram Heatseeker Eco, which offers a generous amount of warmth. Finally, the Chilkat 400 V tacks on some nice performance features, including D-ring gaiter attachments and a heel clip to keep your snowshoes or winter traction devices in place. It all adds up to a well-balanced design that’s equally at home shoveling the driveway and running errands as it is hiking on slick trails,” Switchback Travel adds.

4. Kamik Nation Plus

The New York Times thinks this boot is a great choice for most snowy scenarios: “The Kamik Nation Plus offers the best combination of performance on the most types of cold-weather surfaces — from icy driveways to snow-packed fields. Get this if: You need something that will keep your feet warm and dry during light outdoor activity in the snow, like shoveling the driveway or walking from the car to the office.” 

“Constructed using water-resistant leather and a seam-sealed, synthetic rubber shell, the Kamik NationPlus is a good-looking boot. Kamik rates these boots to be able to keep your feet warm in temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit. I also like that their 11.5-inch-tall shaft height makes you feel protected and secure without being too rigid,” Reviewed says.

Kamik Men's Nationplus Boot
Kamik Men’s Nationplus Boot

5. Ugg Kirkson Boot

Men’s Journal recommends this stylish snow boot: “This well-crafted boot from Ugg checks boxes for both style and function. The handsome leather exterior makes it a stylish addition to any winter outfit, while the wool blend lining and seam-sealed, waterproof upper design keeps your feet warm and dry. On the bottom, the chunky Vibram outsoles provide plenty of grip for navigating slushy sidewalks.” 

“It’s equal parts turn-of-the-century vintage and modern outdoorsman, making it a versatile boot for men who want to look stylish without having a dozen pairs. They’re rated to 25 below zero, have a grippy outsole for ice and snow, and cradle your feet with a plush wool lining and moldable foam footbed,” TripSavvy reviews.

UGG Men's Kirkson Fashion Boot
UGG Men’s Kirkson Fashion Boot

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