Best Squat Racks In 2023: Top 5 Folding Body-Building Setups For Home Gyms

Maybe you don’t like gym crowds. Maybe the gyms near you don’t cater to your preferred workout hours. Or maybe you just want to set up your own bad a@% home gym. No matter the reason, you’re going to need a staple piece of equipment: a squat rack. But space is often an issue when constructing a home gym; and that’s why we searched the web to find for you the consensus best folding squat racks on the market. Below are the five best space-saving squat racks for your home gym.

A solid squat rack offers much more than just a place to rack a barbell. Many racks have options for a variety of accessories. These can include various pull-up bars, dip, step-up, and reverse-hyper attachments, as well as barbell holders and plate horns. And that’s not even a full list, the options are many.

Another benefit of having a squat rack at home is that it becomes a place to hang a TRX and resistance bands. Having an anchor point for these allows you to add hundreds (no exaggeration) more exercises to your program. So, a squat rack is so much more than just a place to do your squats.

But back to the issue of space. Luckily many brands realized this limitation of home gyms and created an amazing solution: the folding squat rack. Attach some stringers to the wall, bolt the rack to the stringers, and each post folds in (or out) so that when you’re not using it it’s completely out of the way. Genius. Take a look at the list we’ve put together of the best squat racks, according to expert reviews, and let us know what you think. Our list is comprised of the five most recommended, space-saving setups for your home gyms we found mentioned across 10 fitness sites.

The List: Top 5 Folding Squat Racks, According to Fitness Pros

1. Rogue RML-3W Fold Back Wall Mount Rack

Most every gym-goer that cares about squat racks has heard of Rogue Fitness. What started out as a very small operation has now grown to become the major sponsor of many professional lifting competitions.

BarBend lists this rack as the “Best Folding Squat Rack for Small Spaces.” Though this rack just may get you in a bit of trouble: “So, you want to build a home gym, but you’ve got a studio apartment? No worries, the Rogue RML-3W Fold Back Rack is a great solution. Just don’t blame us when your landlord finds a folding squat rack in the kitchen,” writes BarBend.

And if you truly are tight for space, this may be the rack to look into, as Strong Home Gym points out: “It also will be under 6” off the wall when it’s folded away with the stringers compared to 6.5-7” for the other brands. That difference may not seem like much but can make a big difference if you are very tight on space or need to park a car when it’s folded away.”

While Rogue is certainly known to produce high quality products, they are not known for bargain prices. Much of their equipment is priced higher than competitors.

2. PRx Fold-In One Squat Rack

If you’re looking to avoid extra work, this rack may be a good option. Unlike many other folding squat racks, this one does not require that you install stringers.

“It is created to be as simple to install as feasible. This mounts directly to the wall studs, 16 or 24 inches apart, without purchasing additional material. With the simple twist of two pins, you may modify the pullup bar up to 90 inches. Unscrew one side to make it easier to store the squat rack,” writes Eve Pacific Health.

The ability to adjust the height of the pull-up bar is quite important. Of course, for people of different heights performing pull-ups or chin-ups, but if you do want to hang a TRX or resistance band(s), being able to move that top bar comes in handy.

If you’re looking to be frugal, Set For Set lists this as their “Best Budget Folding Squat Rack.” They go on to write: “When it comes to a budget folding rack, very few beat the PRx Fold-In ONE Rack. It treads the line of value for money perfectly, as this 1000 lb capacity rack provides you with everything the recreational lifter might need.”

3. Force USA MyRack Folding Power Rack

If you’re looking for a beefier squat rack that won’t require your putting holes in the walls, this is it. This rack is free standing; it is not a wall mount unit. Though it’s a full-size squat rack, it still folds to save space when not being used.

Your Workout Book writes, “okay, I’m not gonna lie—the design and ingenuity with this rack kind of blows my mind.” And rightfully so. A full rack that folds is not something you often see.

What’s more, Your Workout Book also points out a very important point: “Because it’s basically a power rack, Force USA offers a huge array of optional attachments that work with the MyRack, including safeties, monolift, dip station, landmine attachment, and more.”

If you’re looking to throw some serious weight around and are worried about the capacity of wall-mounted racks, this may be the rack to purchase. “The squat rack supports up to 2,000 pounds (907 kg), which is nearly double that of most models,” writes Healthline. They also note that the rack can be bolted to the floor if you want a little extra security.

4. Titan X-3 Series Folding Power Rack

This brand has made a name for itself in the fitness equipment industry. Much of their equipment looks and performs like Rogue equipment, but at a lower price point.

“This squat rack is modeled after the RML-3W in pretty much every way. And on paper, they look really similar. The only thing missing is the Rogue name (which counts for a lot). But to be clear, Titan is a budget friendly home fitness equipment provider. They certainly don’t have the same reputation Rogue has earned, but their racks and gear are generally well received,” writes The Home Gym.

And if you’re worried that, because it’s a wall mount, you won’t be able to customize it or add accessories: “Your purchase includes J-hooks and a pull-up bar, and Titan offers a full line of X-3 compatible accessories to beef up the functionality of your rack,” writes Greatist.

Like all other brands on this list, Titan does offer other squat rack options, both wall mount and free standing.

5. REP Fitness PR-4100 Folding Squat Rack

REP Fitness is another well-known name associated with quality fitness equipment. This squat rack option from them is a wall mounted version, but you have options as far as size is concerned.

“The REP Fitness PR 4100 Floating Squat Rack is a heavy-duty option that’s made of 11-gauge steel and can hold up to 1,000 pounds when mounted properly. It comes in two depth options: 21.5 inches and 41 inches. The smaller version folds in on itself, while the larger size folds out and flat against the wall,” writes Sports Illustrated. That is an important distinction as most wall mounted folding squat racks fold in on themselves.

Two important things to note from Powerlifting Technique: “It does not come with a purpose-built stringer for a more secure installation, so you will need to find an appropriate one from your local hardware store. You will also need to find your own hardware to mount the equipment yourself.”

If you’re up for a little extra work – the stringer and finding proper hardware – this could be a solid option. Also noteworthy, many websites list this as budget friendly, so maybe a little extra legwork would be worth it.

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