Best Teeth Whitening Products For 2023: Top 5 Smile Boosters Recommended By Expert Websites

Having a smile that you’re ready to show off can do more than boost your confidence, it can even make you feel happier. For many of us, teeth maintenance is not always on the top of our minds– between missed dentist appointments, subpar brushing and flossing, and those pesky coffee stains, there’s surely room for improvement. Having the best teeth whitening products at home is a great way to help you feel like your ultimate self. 

A recent study found that even if you don’t feel like smiling, faking one can have positive impacts. Researchers say smiling triggers certain facial muscles which can trick your brain into feeling more positive. The study by the University of South Australia examines participants holding a pen between their teeth, forcing their face to use the same muscles as a smile. The experiment reveals that this movement alters both facial and body expressions, which generates more uplifting emotions.

Current research about tooth whitening shows that it is safe and effective when the manufacturer’s protocol is followed, according to the National Institutes for HealthThere are many miracle teeth whitening products on the market promising perfect results, but most don’t live up to their promises.

While going to the dentist to get your teeth whitened is always an option, opting to do it at home with dentist-recommended products can help you get the best results without adding another appointment to your calendar. 

Ready to brighten up those pearly whites with expert-approved products at a fraction of the cost? StudyFinds visited 10 of the leading expert websites to see which teeth whitening products were rated the highest. Our list is ranked based on the most-recommended products across these sites.

The List: Best Teeth Whitening Products, According To Experts

1. Crest 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips

When you think of oral hygiene, Crest is a household name that comes to mind for many of us. Along with their toothpastes and toothbrushes, the brand has become a favorite for its 3D Whitestrips, offering affordable and effective whitening at home.

“There’s no doubt that Crest Whitestrips are one of the most recognizable over-the-counter teeth whitening systems available. It seems almost as if they’ve been around forever — and professionals still love them. The hydrogen peroxide in the strips eliminates up to 14 years of stains, according to the brand,” Allure writes.

Crest 3D White Strips are a great option for those looking for convenience as they are widely available at drugstores and online.

“Crest’s 3D White Strips are an affordable option you can use on the go that makes teeth look brighter after one 60-minute treatment and up to 18 shades whiter in 20 days. The kit includes 20 mess-free whitening strips coated in hydrogen peroxide. What’s best is that they cling to your teeth and stay put, so you can go about your day as usual,” Forbes writes.

2. Colgate Optic White Toothpaste

Looking for whiter teeth but not looking to add an extra step in your routine? Colgate’s Optic White Toothpaste is a great pick if you want to brighten your smile without the time or investment.

“Unlike most other whitening toothpastes, Colgate Optic White Toothpaste removes intrinsic and extrinsic stains. Its active whitening ingredient is hydrogen peroxide. It also contains fluoride to protect against cavities,” Healthline writes.

The toothpaste is safe for tooth enamel, sugar-free, and gluten-free.

“This Colgate toothpaste is one of the few that actually uses a chemical whitener. Others rely on physical tooth-polishers like silica or calcium carbonate, which can dull the surface of the enamel over time, but Optic White contains hydrogen peroxide in a small concentration that will actually whiten or bleach your tooth enamel, giving you true color change to your tooth structure,” New York Magazine writes. 

3. Lumineux Teeth Whitening Strips

Chemical-free whitening is hard to pull off, but Lumineaux managed to do just that with its dentist-approved teeth whitening strips.

“These gentle whitening strips rely on lemon peel oil, coconut oil, sage oil, and mineral-rich sea salt from the Dead Sea to whiten teeth,” Healthline writes.

Reviewers also love this product as it’s easy to talk while wearing, and you can see results as in little as three days.

“Not only were these strips easy to apply, we liked how they tasted refreshing, not ‘plasticky,’ and also how they didn’t interfere with our conversations.  In testing, we observed a gradual lightening of about two shades in under three days, which means you can definitely use these to get a super-short turnaround on brighter teeth,” Very Well Health writes. 

4. Opalescence Go 15 Percent Kit

Opalescence Go 15 Percent Kit is great if you’re looking for a quick and easy-use teeth-whitening product.

“These prefilled trays by Opalescence won’t be for everyone (people with sensitive teeth, beware!), but they were definitely the easiest and least messy whitening tray option we tested, which is why we’ve placed them here as our best tray pick,” Very Well Health writes.

The product contains 15 percent hydrogen peroxide, and only takes 15 to 20 minutes of your time per day for five to 10 days.

“The benefit of using a mouth tray or mouth guard with gel is that, unlike white strips, you aren’t as likely to miss spots on the teeth or irritate your gums,” Insider writes. 

5. Bite Whitening Gel

Looking for an eco-friendly way to whiten your teeth? Bite’s Whitening Gel offers targeted, plastic-free whitening using a gentle formula and brush.

“This simple teeth whitening kit from Bite contains a bottle of carbamide peroxide gel plus a small brush to paint the no-rinse formula on teeth. Reviewers raved about how well it works and liked that the brush allows you to target specific discolored teeth,” Good Housekeeping writes.

The brand is also cruelty-free and vegan, making it an overall guilt-free choice for all your dental needs.

“It contains 36 percent carbamide peroxide, which is the equivalent of approximately 12.6 percent hydrogen peroxide. It has aloe vera in it, too, which “is also very soothing to teeth,” New York Magazine writes.


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