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Tired? Life will do that to you, but so will low testosterone; and men who are deficient can experience ill effects such as fatigue. There’s also increased body fat, changes to metabolism, and decreased muscle mass to name a few more effects. Many men do not want to consider testosterone replacement therapy and would prefer to try bumping testosterone levels naturally; and that’s why we searched the web to find the consensus best testosterone-boosting supplements most recommended by experts.

As of now, the medical world considers anything less than 300 nanograms per deciliter to be low testosterone. Age of course plays a large role in this, but there is new research that may change the low T cutoff based on age groups. The only way to know for sure if you’re on the low end is to have bloodwork done by a medical professional.

It’s well known that aging lowers testosterone levels, but many people might be surprised to learn that diet also plays a large role. Yes, processed food may taste good, but it wreaks havoc on the body in many ways. One of those ways, researchers found, may be the lowering of testosterone levels due to inflammation caused by the unhealthy foods. As if you needed another reason to make healthy food choices.

Beyond junk food, researchers also found that men with vegetarian low-fat diets may be doing themselves a disservice. These diets may leave men “suffering a loss of libido,” according to this Study Finds article. What’s more, low-carb, high-protein diets may also lower testosterone levels. According to another recent study: “Having more than 35 percent protein reduced testosterone levels by 37 percent.” Muscle heads be warned, there is a limit to just how much protein is beneficial.

Stud Finds wants you to enjoy optimal health, so let’s get to that list of the top five testosterone boosting supplements according to expert reviews. As always, we want to hear from you. Comment below and let us know which testosterone supplement gives you the biggest boost!

The List: Top 5 Test Boosters, According to Experts

1. Testo Prime

This all-natural testosterone booster ranked number one on almost every list we reviewed. WebMD lists this as their “strongest testosterone booster supplement.” And, if you’re skeptical, this product is backed with a 100% lifetime money-back guarantee.

According to WebMD: “This supplement’s composition is backed by intensive research, and its ingredients are all-natural, with scientifically proven benefits for maximum efficacy and minimal side effects. Sticking to the brand’s dosage recommendations can help optimize efficacy and mitigate any risk of side effects.”

It can be difficult to know which supplement companies are trustworthy, but according to Men’s Journal, the makers of Testo Prime can be trusted: “Wolfson Berg manufactures Testo Prime. They are one of the most popular in the supplement business. Besides being popular, they also produce some of the best products in the market. This, among other things, ensures the credibility of Testo Prime.”

If you’re looking for a highly rated testosterone boosting supplement that comes with a lifetime money-back guarantee, look no further.

2. Testogen

The makers of Testogen make a bold claim on their website: “Testogen boosts your testosterone naturally and reverses the symptoms of low T.” And it looks as though they can back it up.

If you want a product backed by science, from Muscle & Fitness: “And there’s an absolute mountain of scientific studies to prove its effectiveness. With a staggering 80 research papers referenced on their website, Testogen has the most science behind it than any other supplement on our list!”

And from Times Union: “Overall, Testogen is one of the best testosterone supplements on the market. Its formula is all-natural, easy to use, and offers fast results. If used in conjunction with exercise, most men experience noticeable results in as little as two weeks, with the best results coming after one month.”

Times Union also noted that this product comes “with a 100-day money back guarantee.” It’s not a lifetime guarantee like Testo Prime, but it’s more than enough time to decide if the results were worth the hit to your wallet.

3. Testo-Max

Crazy Bulk’s Testo-Max is another natural test boosting supplement we found on most lists. This is another booster known across the web for its muscle-building abilities.

Orlando Magazine writes, “talk to any guy in the fitness industry and mention Crazybulk. They’ll tell you it’s a great brand and very fitness focused. Pro athletes, trainers, and bodybuilders are part of their client base, and you’ll see why so many men and women rely on the product.”

If you’re not worried about benefits outside of the gym, this may be a good choice. WTKR writes, “I didn’t find it as effective outside the gym as Testo Prime for stuff like energy, focus, and overall well-being, but it’s legit powerful for building muscle.”

So, if you’re only looking for the muscle and the big lifts in the gym and don’t so much care about improved libido and sleep quality, it may be worth giving this brand a try.

4. Prime Male

If libido is your focus, this may be the choice for you. Center TRT notes that “Prime has a number of ingredients designed to improve sexual performance, improve sperm quality and overall sexual health.” And they go on to explain that “the product is not going to be nearly as helpful as some of the others listed for weight loss or to increase muscle mass as the other testosterone boosting supplements, but to increase libido, it’s second to none.”

Wishtv.com writes, “Prime Male is a natural dietary supplement that assists men over 30 years of age maintain a healthy lifestyle with the help of its essential nutrients.”

This may not be the best option for natural bodybuilders looking to take their physique to the next level. Or even powerlifters trying to pack more plates onto a barbell. And it doesn’t sound like it has the fat-burning benefits of other boosters on the market, but reviews do say it’ll give you a boost in the bedroom.

5. Testodren

Listed as their “Highest Rated Test Booster for Men Over 40,” The Dallas Morning News notes that, like many test boosters on the market, Testodren relies on Fenugreek as one of its main components: “Fenugreek can benefit your sexual health, athletic stamina, and overall energy levels. Many of the herb’s health benefits come from its furostanolic saponins content, which are compounds that may increase testosterone production.”

This is another test booster that comes backed by a guarantee. If you do not see or feel results, you have 67 days to receive a full refund.

Also listing this as “Best for Men Over 40,” Times Union writes, “the manufacturer claims that Testodren can increase your free testosterone levels in as little as 12 weeks using a potent blend of testosterone boosting nutrients. Since Testodren uses only natural ingredients, there is no prescription required.”

For 40+ year-old men looking to raise testosterone levels naturally, this may be worth a look.


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