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A little girl eating waffles (Photo by Irina Wilhauk

If you want to enjoy restaurant-quality waffles from the comfort of your kitchen, investing in the best waffle maker is crucial. The perfect appliance makes sure your waffles come out golden and crispy on the outside while remaining fluffy on the inside. Key features to look for include consistent heat distribution, adjustable temperature settings, and non-stick plates for easy cleanup. Some models even offer interchangeable plates to make other breakfast favorites such as pancakes or sandwiches.

Are you ready to start turning ordinary mornings into exceptional experiences for your family and friends? We have compiled a list of the  best waffle makers most often recommended by culinary experts across seven popular websites. If we missed one you love, let us know in the comments below.

Waffle Maker
Waffle Maker (Photo by Pietro De Grandi on Unsplash)

The List: Best Waffle Makers, According to Foodies


1. Breville Smart 4-Slice Waffle Maker

Breville Smart 4-Slice Waffle Maker
Breville Smart 4-Slice Waffle Maker

Breville is synonymous with high-end, reliable kitchen appliances, and this waffle maker fits the bill. According to Simply Recipes, it has “all the bells and whistles” with the “capacity and speed” to keep your hungry family fed quickly. It has five different cooking presets, 12 browning settings, and even “Waffle IQ” technology based on your waffle style. The machine is expensive — but you’ll have a perfect waffle every time.

We all hate when batter spills over the edge of a waffle maker, but you won’t have to worry about that with this machine. The Spruce Eats loves that this model has a no mess moat to catch all the overflow batter. The LCD screen is easy to read, making this the “waffle maker of the future.”

This is the Cadillac of waffle makers, which Food & Wine calls the “best splurge item!” You will get your money’s worth with all the extras, including a button to brown your waffles longer, without having to restart the machine.

2. Cuisinart Round Classic

Cuisinart Round Classic
Cuisinart Round Classic

If finding the best value is your goal, this classic waffle maker from Cuisinart is one to consider. Food & Wine says this machine has “everything you need to make quality waffles” without breaking the bank. It has five browning settings and red and green lights to let you know when the waffles are done. The iron is compact and cooks quickly.

If you like thin, crispy waffles, The New York Times recommends this model, saying it makes “excellent waffles quickly.” Its compact design is perfect for apartments and small kitchens if you don’t need to make a lot of waffles at the same time.

This waffle iron is called a “workhorse” by Simply Recipes. This Cuisinart waffle maker is the classic workhorse of 0.5-inch thick, American-style waffles. It is compact, easy to clean, and produces consistent waffles quickly. The five browning settings give some control over doneness, and the weighted lid provides enough pressure to ensure even cooking on both sides, without the added step of flipping them.

3. Cuisinart WAF-F40 Double Flip Belgian Waffle Maker

Cuisinart WAF-F40 Double Flip Belgian Waffle Maker
Cuisinart WAF-F40 Double Flip Belgian Waffle Maker

If you love Belgian waffles, Serious Eats recommends this double-flip model by Cuisinart, which makes it easy to “distribute the batter from edge to edge.” If you need to feed a crowd, the iron heats up quickly and can make two large waffles at a time. It also produces waffles that are crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

Good Housekeeping says this makes a great wedding gift and is a “must-have for families.” It has nonstick plates and is easy to clean. Plus, the handle stays cool and is easy to use.

If you like to personalize your waffle making, you can do that with this machine that has a six-setting browning knob. It also has a measuring cup so you pour the correct amount of batter every time. Simply Recipes adds the unit is a bit bulky to store, but the “wide base” makes it extra stable.

4. All-Clad Round Classic Waffle Maker

All-Clad Round Classic Waffle Maker
All-Clad Round Classic Waffle Maker

If you want a waffle maker that’s easy to use and has audio alerts when your waffles are done, consider this one from All-Clad. Good Housekeeping says it “scored top marks across the board for doneness, crispiness, tenderness, and consistency.” The magazine also likes the Belgian Waffle version of this appliance. Country Living says All-Clad waffler makers ensure you will get the perfect waffle every time. Plus, it has a moat to catch all the spill-over batter.

The locking lid is sturdy, and the handle is comfortable. Epicurious says it heats evenly, making thick, crispy waffles with ease due to its nonstick surface that doesn’t need greasing. Opt for the model with removable plates to avoid a difficult cleanup.

5. Presto Ceramic FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker

Presto Ceramic FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker
Presto Ceramic FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker

If you don’t have a lot of space, consider buying this waffle maker that can be stored vertically. Good Housekeeping says it has nonstick plates and is easy to clean. While it has a countdown clock, it lacks any preset buttons.

Simply Recipes says this waffle iron has the “best rotating” design and makes perfect 7-inch round waffles. If you want to leave the machine out, instead of putting it away, its stainless steel exterior will look nice on the counter. Epicurious staffers describe the waffles made in the Presto Ceramic as “fluffy, but still nice and crisp along the edges.” There were plenty of deep wells to hold a good amount of syrup and they were golden brown.

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