Best Water Filters: Top 5 Purifiers For Clean H2O, According To Experts

Water is vital to our health and well-being. It’s a huge factor that we get enough water each day. But not just any run-of-the-mill H2O. It’s important to ensure your water source is pure and free of contaminants. Otherwise, drinking poor quality water can lead to a variety of health problems. Some of the best water filters keep you hydrated and healthy down the line.

Water contamination is often out of your control, making it even more important to invest in a filter for your home. A recent study discusses methods to ensure your public or private water system is free of contaminants. Study authors and experts in toxicology recommend calling your public health department about water quality, specifically checking on lead pipes. With private systems like wells, their owners should periodically test the water for nitrates, coliform bacteria, and other environmental toxins such as arsenic, uranium, and aluminum.

Speaking of lead contamination, a recent study by researchers from Duke University and Indiana University reports that exposure to lead in drinking water from a young age can increase the risk of delinquent behavior as a teen. Even more reason to invest in filtration, especially if you have kids.

Filters allow you to easily upgrade your water supply in an affordable manner without the costs and hassle of installing a filtration system. So, StudyFinds turned to the experts and compiled a list of the five best water filters money can buy to ensure your health and safety. That way, you can pick the right option for your home and lifestyle. If you think we missed one, let us know in the comments!

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The List: Best ​​Water Filters, According to Expert Reviews


1. Brita Large Water Filter Pitcher

Brita is a popular household name when it comes to water pitchers as it’s known for affordable and efficient filters. So, it’s no surprise that the company made the list. Also known as “Brita Standard Everyday Water Filter Pitcher,” Vetted named it as the best saying, “it boasts more than 51,000 reviews on Amazon and a 4.6-star rating, making it one of the top-rated options available.”

Brita Large Water Filter Pitcher
Brita Large Water Filter Pitcher

Good Housekeeping agrees, also featuring the filter on its best rated list, noting the benefits of getting the additional “Longlast+” feature which “is an upgrade from the original, lasting for six months instead of two, and it doesn’t leave black carbon specks behind in the water like the original filters.”

Whether you choose to keep it standard or upgrade, CNN Underscored thinks you’re in good hands. “The most critical factor for us was taste. By far, the Brita filter made the best-tasting water. As we described in our notes during the taste test, we felt like the water was crisp, smooth and natural.”

2. Pur Classic 11-Cup Water Filter Pitcher

Pur is another well-known brand. It’s another affordable chart-topping option that quickly filters water, ridding it of harmful contaminants. It’s a convenient choice for a lot of reasons.

Pur Classic 11-Cup Water Filter Pitcher
Pur Classic 11-Cup Water Filter Pitcher

“This NSF certified pitcher removes contaminants, can fit in your fridge, and is dishwasher safe,” writes Health who named it best pitcher.

Wirecutter continues the list of perks this filter comes with, saying “the Pur Classic 11 Cup Pitcher, which has several details that make it easier to use than its competitors: a flip-top lid you can fill one-handed, a high-volume fill tank (which reduces trips to the faucet), and a comfortable-to-hold, ergonomic handle.”

“Setting up the pitcher wasn’t tricky: Run the lightweight filter under cold water for 15 seconds, fill up the pitcher and go,” writes CNN Underscored.

3. Pur Plus 30 Cup Dispenser

If you like Pur, but want something larger, the 30-cup dispenser is the one for you. It’s a countertop dispenser that’s great for families due to the capacity. “We recommend this for homes with more than two people and for those who have difficulty lifting and pouring a pitcher full of water,” says Wirecutter.

Pur Plus 30 Cup Dispenser
Pur Plus 30 Cup Dispenser

The Spruce Eats lists the filter benefits while making note of its long-lasting durability. “It’s certified to remove 99 percent of lead, along with 22 other contaminants, and can filter up to 40 gallons of water before the filter needs to be changed.” 

“The dispenser itself was easy to use and prevented leakage. I also appreciated the digital ‘filter replacement’ addition that turns red when it’s time to swap it out,” writes CNN Underscored.

4. ZeroWater 7-Cup Water Filter Pitcher 

Back to smaller filters, we have another pitcher that’s a great addition for people living alone. The ZeroWater filter has become a big player thanks to its practical size and filtration benefits. 

The Spruce Eats named it the best small pitcher: “It’s great for filtering drinking water for singles or small families and is small enough to bring to the office or on trips. This filter removes chromium, lead, and other heavy metals, along with all solids. Several reviewers commented that the filtered water tastes just as good as, if not better than, bottled water.”

ZeroWater 7-Cup Water Filter Pitcher 
ZeroWater 7-Cup Water Filter Pitcher

The pitcher may be small and handy, but it sure packs a punch. CNET raves about the brand in general saying, “In our testing, the ZeroWater filter was pitcher perfect, removing all of the TDS from the water we ran through it, finishing with a 0 average reading.”

5. Soma 10-Cup Pitcher

If you’re focused on aesthetics and want to add a little flair to your fridge, we’ve got something for you. Soma’s filter is known for being effective and easy on the eyes. Vetted named it the sleekest filter. “While Brita may have the name recognition, Soma has the Instagram appeal. Designed to look nice enough to keep out on your counter or set out as part of a dinner party spread, Soma’s take on the water filter pitcher is sleek and organic looking, with a geometric filter and bamboo handle.”

Soma 10-Cup Pitcher
Soma 10-Cup Pitcher

This pitcher is definitely “picture perfect.” Refinery 29 named it the best for design snobs, calling it “a standout among the rest thanks to its countertop appeal, large-ish dimensions, and affordable price tag. It’s a worthy investment for those looking to give their dinner table a Nordic-inspired revamp.”

According to CNN Underscored, “The taste of the water was solid, and for a plant-based filter, it stacked up to the others. However, the brand could have sacrificed some of the design for better function.”

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