Best Weed Eaters: Top 5 Lawn Edgers Most Recommended By Experts

Maybe you’ve put a lot of time and effort into preparing, fertilizing and planting a garden. As your greenery blooms, so do the weeds. Weeds like to grow in places where they can get moisture and nutrients. Unfortunately, weeds can quickly take over your yard, stealing much needed resources from your garden, causing your plants to suffer. That’s where the best edgers come in to sculpt your greenery and clean up any unwanted weeds.

Pulling those weeds by hand is a time-consuming chore. That’s why having a quality weed whacker on hand helps. Besides, your flowers, not the weeds should be the stars of your garden show. Weed eaters are easy to use and an environmentally friendly alternative to pesticides. Studies show the chemicals in weed killers can be harmful to both humans and pets

In fact, 99 percent of pregnant women are exposed to glyphosate, a chemical often found in the weedkiller product Roundup. That’s according to research from the Indiana University School of Medicine. The study finds that glyphosate may be associated with lower birth weights in babies and a higher risk of needing admission into the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

Their previous research from 2018 notes that glyphosate exposure in 93 percent of pregnancies was linked to shorter pregnancy terms. Other studies show similar findings. “Pesticide exposure in pregnancy, especially in early pregnancy, can imprint DNA and alter gene expression,” says lead author Dr. Paul Winchester, a professor of clinical pediatrics, in a statement. “But little is known about how these chemicals can impact fetal development in humans.”

If you’re ready to get weed whacking, we’re here to help! StudyFinds compiled a list of the top five weed eater and edger brands from ten expert websites, to find the most effective edgers for your green spaces. As always, we’d like to see your own recommendations in the comments below! 

Grass and sunshine in the spring
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The List: Best Weed Eaters, According to Reviews

1. WORX Cordless String Trimmer & Edger

If you want a lightweight weed eater that doubles as an edger, check out this unit from WORX. This Old House notes, the WG163 model “utilizes two 20-volt batteries that can be interchanged with various WORX products, such as leaf blowers and drills. The weed eater has helpful features, including an attached spacer guard to protect your flowers.” 

WORX Cordless String Trimmer & Edger
WORX Cordless String Trimmer & Edger

Good Housekeeping points to the WG163’s versatile features, including “rubberized wheels for straight edging lines, a tilting head for trimming uneven patches, and an adjustable spacer guard that protects the plants you don’t want to behead.”

If you are looking for a little more power, check out the WORX WG170.3 Power Share trimmer. “It can run for 40 to 60 minutes on a fully-charged battery, which works out to about 20,000 feet of lawn edges. Keep in mind, though, that the wheels do not swivel, which may make it harder to edge along a curved path,” adds Better Homes & Gardens. One drawback? The batteries and charger on this model are sold separately.

2. Greenworks Corded Electric String Trimmer

Garden Gate Magazine calls this trimmer from Greenworks ‘Best Overall’, noting the “massive control and a wide-cutting path of 13 inches with this weed whacker. But, perhaps the best feature is the powerful, never-quit 4-amp motor, giving you extensive command over your lawn with powerful cutting power.”

Greenworks Corded Electric String Trimmer
Greenworks Corded Electric String Trimmer

The Spruce gives the 5.5 Amp 15-Inch model ‘Best Budget’ accolades, pointing out there’s “no smelly gasoline fumes or worrying about a battery running down before you finish. Suited to a small-to-medium yard, this string trimmer’s head easily pivots for use as a trimmer or an edger, doubling its versatility.” 

While This Old House highlights the 10 Amp 18-Inch version, saying it’s “strong enough to power through tall grass and tough weeds.” As with any corded trimmer, it’ll take you as far as your power cord will go. Plus, some reviewers did note difficulties refilling the string.

3. RYOBI ONE+ 18V Cordless Battery String Trimmer

Reviewers are praising this trimmer from RYOBI. “At just 4 pounds, this Ryobi string trimmer and edger is so light that it almost feels like a toy to handle, but that’s not to say that it lacks in performance. On the contrary, this weed whacker and edger is tough on weeds, cutting them down in just one pass,” according to Better Homes & Gardens.

RYOBI ONE+ 18V Cordless Battery String Trimmer
RYOBI ONE+ 18V Cordless Battery String Trimmer

The New York Post points out, it charges quickly, “only taking one hour to be fully booted for your next lawn manicure session. Finished with an ergonomic grip, this weed whacker is a wonderful buy, especially with its included three-year warranty should anything go awry.”

As for battery life? You only get about 10 to15 minutes per charge. You may want to consider purchasing a second battery to swap out if you’re landscaping a larger area. Plus, the battery is interchangeable with other RYOBI products. However, The Spruce notes this trimmer, “can only use 0.065-inch string and automatically feeds out more string as required. It’s not too difficult to reload once the string runs out.”

4. DeWalt String Trimmer Kit

The 60-volt battery 17-inch brushless string trimmer from DeWalt gets high marks from reviewers for durability. “For those of you looking for more versatility, the DCST972 is an attachment-capable string trimmer. Thankfully, it uses universal attachments, so if DeWalt doesn’t happen to make the one you need, you have options from other brands,” according to Pro Tool Reviews.

DeWalt String Trimmer Kit
DeWalt String Trimmer Kit

Another strong DeWalt contender is the 20-volt max 13-inch model DCST925M1. “Variable speed controls allow you to adjust speed, with lower speeds for tighter edges and higher speeds for open areas,” adds Gadget Review

“The low weight only comes with a minor sacrifice in power. While it didn’t cut through thick underbrush quite as quickly as some of the others, it could get through some heavy-duty growth, particularly for the relatively low price,” notes USA Today.

5. Black+Decker 20V Max String Trimmer

Last but not least, is this trimmer from Black+Decker. Bob Vila points out the LSTE525 model lets you choose from two speed controls adding, “one option provides more power, while the other offers an extended runtime. The EasyFeed design keeps the trimmer line running smoothly and automatically advances the line; no need to bump the trimmer while using.”

Black+Decker 20V Max String Trimmer
Black+Decker 20V Max String Trimmer

“Black+Decker’s 20V Max line is known for its powerful, long-lasting tools, and this string trimmer is one to add to your collection. It’s an easy-to-use wheeled edger, it can also tackle the tough overgrowth left over after moving,” according to Good Housekeeping.

The Spruce highlights the LST300 version, which “effectively whacks weeds with the head in a horizontal position and then serves as an edger when you rotate the head into a vertical orientation.” An added bonus? The battery is compatible with other Black+Decker tools.

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  1. This was about stupid. There is no product made by Worx that will hold up against a Stihl or Echo. What did they pay to get you print such nonsens

  2. Horrible picks!
    I have been a professional landscaper for 30+ years and every one you choose is junk!

    Here the real top picks…

    If you want battery…
    Ego ST1511T $199 at Lowe’s is a great price for real quality equipment.

    If you want gas…
    Echo GT-225 $199 at Home Depot is a great price for quality equipment.

    The two picks above will not only give you years of good service, but both have great fast customer support if or when you may need them.

    Now your done! 👍✅

  3. Sixty years of using weed eaters (yes I’m that old!) and although the products have evolved over the years and new companies have surfaced, what was once junk is still junk and what was once good is still good. Black and Decker and Ryobi represent old and new bottom feeders across their entire product lines. Echo was and is a quality product line. With many companies turning to or being mandated to make battery powered products, EGO was one of the innovators and their carbon fiber straight shaft automatic line feeder battery powered weed eater is the best I’ve found. I’m on year four with it now and interchangeable battery with my EGO blower, lawnmower, snowblower, and inverter is a real plus.

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