Best Women’s Winter Boots: Top 7 Snow Shoes Recommended By Expert Websites

As temperatures fall and we start seeing our breath in the air, it’s time to think about winter boots. Finding the perfect pair can be like finding a needle in a snowy haystack. You want something to keep your toes toasty and your feet dry, but you also want to look cute enough to match your winter wear. Whether you’re dodging puddles or making snow angels with the kids on the weekends, wearing the right boot makes all the difference. Which are the best women’s winter boots that are so cozy you can’t live without them? We have curated the ultimate list to keep your feet happy.

If snow makes you happy, you’re in the majority. According to a study, 56 percent of people refuse to admit the holiday season has begun if there’s no snow on the ground. A winter wonderland certainly sets the tone for holiday festivities, but it pays to be prepared for the chilly weather.

Whether you live in a cold city that sees considerable amounts of snow each year or heading to the ski slopes over the holidays, having the right boots is a must to keep you from shivering. When shopping for a good winter boot, you should consider insulation and warmth, construction, rubber soles for grip, and how easy they are to get on and off. It’s also important to note the difference between a waterproof and a water-resistant boot. Water-resistant boots usually have a treatment to repel water, but if you step into a deep puddle, the water will start to soak through. Waterproof boots are designed to keep your feet dry, even if fully immersed in water.

Are you looking for the warmest pair of shoes to combat cold weather? We’ve scoured the internet to bring you our top seven best winter boots for women that blend toasty warmth with top-notch style. If you think we’ve overlooked a pair that deserves a spot, drop us a comment below!

woman wearing black jacket walking on snow
A woman walking in the snow (Photo by Drew Coffman on Unsplash)

The List: Best Winter Boots for Women, According to Experts


1. Sorel Women’s Caribou Boots

The Sorel brand is synonymous with top-notch winter boot construction and this boot gets an overall “best boot” nod more than once. USA Today says, “With their superior insulation, a leather upper, sturdy vulcanized rubber lower and sole, the Sorel Women’s Caribou boots proved instantly comfortable and required no breaking in. Sorel claims these boots can keep your feet warm in extreme cold temps as low as 40 below zero.”

Sorel Women's Caribou Boots
Sorel Women’s Caribou Boots (

Byrdie reports, “The seam-sealed water-repellent construction is ideal for cold weather and heavy snow and perhaps why they’ve been proven to last decades.”

Once you invest in a pair of Sorel’s you will have them forever. The editor of Tree Line Review says, “My father has owned his pair of Sorel Caribous since 1992. I’ve never seen a winter without him wearing those boots—from New York to Colorado to Maine! Many reviewers brought up family members having owned these boots for 15+ years with the boots still going strong.”

2. UGG Adirondack III

Switch Back Travel says, “Adirondack III has been our go-to choice for three winters running. You get great protection from rain, slush, and snow with a premium leather and suede upper backed by a waterproof membrane, and the natural wool liner is plush, warm, and even insulates well when wet. It’s not often that we see wool used in a serious winter boot, but the Adirondack’s design lends a great deal of versatility: when the cuff is rolled down, you get a playful, casual boot that’s at home over jeans or leggings. Leave it fully extended, and the Adirondack is a traditional leather model with no-frills warmth and functionality.”

UGG Adirondack III
UGG Adirondack III Tall Boot

“The Adirondack III boots are capable of handling anything winter can throw at them,” according to Forbes. “They’re tall enough (and sit tight enough to the leg) to keep deeper snow out, and they’re not too stiff, providing a relaxed and comfortable feel when walking city streets and snow-covered trails. With the cuff rolled down, you do give up some heat retention, but you gain more freedom of movement for activities like show shoveling or dog walking.”

Byrdie writes, “You can always count on UGG to make sturdy and warm snow boots that will last you for years. The brand’s Adirondack III boots are among the most well-reviewed women’s snow boots on the market—proof that people are loving their purchase—and strike a great balance between fashion, function, and warmth. The rubber outsole is super durable while the inside is fully lined in wool to keep feet toasty in temperatures as low as minus-32 degrees Fahrenheit.”

3. Muck Boot Arctic Ice Tall AGAT

GearLab writes, “The Muck Boot Arctic Ice Tall AGAT (Arctic Grip All Terrain) is our choice for the most protective, waterproof, multi-functional winter boot we’ve tested. The 17-inch shaft extends to just below the knee and is built with scuba-grade neoprene and fleece to keep your legs warm and dry in the coldest conditions. We love the rigid shaft that stands on its own, making stepping into and out of this boot quick and easy. The extra beefy sole adds additional insulation, while the firm yet pliable rubber composite underfoot sticks exceptionally well to the slipperiest surfaces. If you need an ultra-protective boot that can tackle the coldest and wettest days of winter, this workhorse is built to do exactly that.”

Muck Boot Arctic Ice Tall AGAT 
Muck Boot Arctic Ice Tall AGAT for Women

Tree Line Review quotes expert and everyday reviewers who say that “this boot offers next-level waterproof protection.” They say, “It holds up in snow, sludge, mud, and rain, making it perfect for snowy chores.”

Switchback Travel likes the tall version of the Arctic Sport model. “With a tall 16.9-inch shaft height, waterproof rubber upper, and thick yet flexible neoprene collar, the Arctic Sport is ready for serious outdoor chores, whether you’re working on the ranch or shoveling your suburban driveway. We’ve worn the Arctic Sport daily throughout the winter in Washington’s Central Cascades, and it’s deftly handled everything we’ve thrown at it, from waist-deep snow to spring slush. In addition to keeping the elements out, the boots offer solid warmth (Muck Boot gives a generous -40 to 40˚F temperature rating) and ridiculously good coverage—now that we’ve experienced the knee-height collar, there’s no going back.”

4. KEEN’s Revel IV Polar Boot

This boot from KEEN is durable, waterproof, and breathable. Gear Lab writes, “This boot boasted some of the best traction and protection on icy trails and uneven ridgelines. It is compatible with microspikes, gaiters, or a set of snowshoes and is comfortable enough to wear on its own all day long. Enjoy this versatile hiking boot as you splash through the rain, muck, and snow during your snow-capped adventures.”

Keen's Women's Revel IV Polar Boot
Keen’s Women’s Revel IV Polar Boot (

“KEEN’s Revel IV Polar Boot are odor-resistant, have stellar ankle and arch support and, during testing, broke in quickly,” according to USA Today. “These winter hiking boots run true to size and feature a larger toe box than many other brands. Rated for use in temperatures as low as negative 25 degrees, they fared very well during our heat retention tests.”

Reviewers told Footwear News, “These boots are exactly what I needed for hiking and outdoor chores in the winter. They grip surprisingly well on packed snow and ice, work well with snowshoes, and are very conformable and supportive, so much so that I haven’t even had to put performance insoles in them like I usually do for hiking boots. Great purchase!”

5. Arctic Ice Muck Mid Boots

Forbes writes, “For cold weather boots that can flex between snow, ice, and rain, the Arctic Ice Muck Boots are durable, warm and have the best slip resistance of any boot I tested. The neoprene and rubber construction is fully waterproof, and while they’re not as cozy as the sheepskin-lined UGG or Manitobah boots, especially if you’re standing around, the additional fleece lining is sufficient if you’re being active, making them great for shoveling snow and doing yard work—and they’re fairly lightweight given how rugged they look.”

Arctic Ice Muck Mid Boots
Arctic Ice Muck Mid Boots

USA Today calls these boots the “most comfortable” they tested. “In our heat retention tests, the Arctic Ice Mid boots lost 3.38 degrees over 20 minutes: not the coldest boots we’ve tested, but not as warm as our Best Overall pick. The boots kept my feet dry during our waterproof test and provided adequate traction on ice.”

Tree Line Review loves the Arctic Sport II version of this boot. “If you don’t want to deal with lacing up your boots every time you go outside, these are your boots. Called the workhorse of the boot world for a reason, the Arctic Sport II’s are way less of a fashion statement than the L.L. Bean Boots but infinitely more functional.”

6. THE NORTH FACE Shellista IV Mid WP Womens Boots

“The North Face Shellista IV excels as a winter boot due to its impressive warmth-to-weight ratio, all-around practicality, and stylish design,” according to Forbes. “The Shellista IVs offer exceptional value while keeping feet warm, dry, and comfortable in snowy and slushy conditions. The higher shaft height, coupled with a lacing system that allows for a secure fit at the top, effectively keeps snow out, making them ideal for activities like shoveling driveways or trekking through deep powder. Plus, the boots’ sleek profile allows for easy concealment in underpants when in town.”

THE NORTH FACE Shellista IV Mid WP Womens Boots
THE NORTH FACE Shellista IV Mid WP Womens Boots

Byrdie writes, “These have a pretty classic design, like laces and fur trim, but also come with features that make them ideal for outdoor activities. Take its hefty Surface Control rubber outsole, for example, which is optimized for winter conditions with serrated soles, or its patented insulation and comfortable, OrthoLite® insoles.”

Switch Back Travel states, “It’s not the warmest, plushest, or most protective, but the Shellista is competitively priced and hits a great middle-ground for anything from shoveling the driveway to winter hikes or walking around town.”

7. Blundstone Thermal Chelsea

The rich and famous love this stylish boot. Page Six writes, “Kate Middleton often dons hers during appearances that entail braving muddy terrain, while Lily Collins has taken hers everywhere from strolls on LA streets to hikes in the mountains.”

Blundstone Thermal Chelsea
Blundstone Thermal Chelsea (

Chelsea boots are very popular and Switchback Travel says the Blundstone “has been at the forefront with a healthy selection of premium, well-made designs.” Why? “The Thermal Chelsea Boots listed here reflect the brand’s typical attention to detail and classic styling in a winter-friendly build. Everything about these boots exudes quality, from the Thinsulate-lined leather upper to the removable sheepskin footbed, durable TPU outsole, and sleek elastic pull tabs at the front and back for easy on and off. The Thermal Chelsea falls decidedly toward the casual end of the spectrum, but the polished looks and top-notch craftsmanship make it an excellent choice for chilly commutes, around-town wear, and even indoor work environments.”

Byrdie says, “They boast a classic Chelsea boot construction with front and back tabs for easy-on, easy-off capabilities. Aside from their water repellency they also feature genuine shearling footbeds and Thinsulate® insulation to keep your feet warm and dry.”

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