Best Women’s Winter Boots: Top 5 Snow Shoes Recommended By Expert Websites

As the weather chills, it’s time to switch out the wardrobe to hats, gloves, and boots to stay warm. While not everybody may be excited to brave the weather, keeping the body warm can help make it all just a bit more bearable. That’s especially the case for women, as research shows that ladies really do tend to feel generally colder than men. So with winter in front of us, it’s no surprise that many women are in search of the best snow boots to help withstand the conditions.

One recent poll with 2,000 respondents shows that most people aren’t even excited about winter for outdoor reasons, but mainly for celebrating the holidays. That said, there are some who do enjoy getting outdoors. The same poll reports that building snowmen, skiing, and snowboarding are among the top reasons as well.

While it may be fun to do these activities, it can be easy to get discouraged from getting out there because of the frigid air and possibility of falling sick. In fact, scientists share that the reason viruses transmit easier during fall and winter is due to lack of sunlight radiation. It’s been well-studied that sunlight can deactivate viruses and bacteria, so without as much of it during the cool months we are at a higher risk of coming down with something.

Though we can’t change the weather, StudyFinds decided to do our part in helping prepare your wardrobe for staying warm and braving the winter air! We have compiled the best expert-recommended snow boots for women. For our findings, we visited 10 leading expert websites to see which women’s winter boots were at the top of the rankings. Our list is based on the most-recommended boots across these sites.

The List: Best Women’s Winter Boots, According To Experts

1. UGG Adirondack III (~$180)

UGG Adirondack III has a gusseted tongue and DryTech insulation which makes it a top choice, albeit an investment.

“The brand’s Adirondack boots are among the most well-reviewed women’s snow boots on the market—proof that people are loving their purchase—and strike a great balance between fashion, function, and warmth. The rubber outsole is super durable while the inside has a soft wool lining that’s designed to keep feet warm in temperatures as low as -32 degrees Fahrenheit,” Byrdie writes.

The wool lining is what makes it take the cake, helping keep the feet warm throughout the whole day. “These boots are an investment, but if you’re spending months at a time in snow, they’re worth it,” NY Magazine writes.

2.  Sorel Joan of Arctic (~$150)

These boots have been ranked best for conditions like heavy snow due to their thick insulation. For those interested in a cute design, they’re tall and have suede and faux fur which also make it a great, stylish option.

“Sorel Joan of Arctic Boot is the best if you are looking for a taller winter boot option,” Instyle writes. “The boot is easy to put on and adjust to the desired width. Since it features a rubber bottom part, this boot is easy to wash off and keep clean.”

3. Sorel Caribou (~$200)

Again, Sorel comes up high on the best women’s winter boots list with their Caribou boot. It’s been a go-to as an everyday feet warmer for years now.

It features a high heel, extended midsole, and replaceable/removable liner. That said, they are pretty neck and neck with the Joan of Arctic boots if you’re looking for a good hiking boot.

“Similar to the Joan of Arctic, the Caribou™ boot is average when it comes to traction. For an everyday boot, it’s totally suitable, especially considering most people are more concerned with keeping their feet warm than needing to traverse rugged terrain. But don’t rely on this boot to be your go-to hiking shoe,” Country Living writes.

4. North Face Shellista IV Mid Waterproof Boots ($149+)

These boots are well-insulated to keep the toes warm and is on the lighter side, making it a great option for all-day wear. They also rate well for traction, making it a solid choice for slick conditions.

“The rugged boots boast both a patented TNF Winter Grip rubber sole and temperature-sensitive lugs, so you’ll never have to worry about slipping and sliding on ice,” Travel and Leisure writes.

Moreover, they’ve recently redesigned to be more environmentally-friendly, which seems ideal. “This redesign of North Face’s classic Shellista boot is now insulated with 85% post-consumer recycled Heatseeker eco materials for comfort in cold conditions and has a waterproof leather-ballistic-nylon upper,” Forbes writes.

5. Columbia Ice Maiden II ($80+)

Though on the cheaper end of the list, these boots hold their ground. These are rated well for their ability to get through the dirty winter slush with their waterproof seam-sealed construction, making it impermeable for things to seep through and a great option for tougher conditions.

“At under $100, it might be hard to believe that the Columbia Ice Maiden can stand next to its far pricier competition, but it’s true. Thanks to the Omni-Grip™ rubber sole, this boot has superior traction when it comes to icy conditions and rugged terrain,” Country Living writes.

The only area it doesn’t seem the best for is keeping the feet warm, but customers have shared mixed thoughts on this, so experts still agree that overall it’s an effective shoe.


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