Best Yoga Pants For Men: Top 5 Brands Most Recommended By Experts

In recent years, yoga has become an increasingly popular form of exercise and meditation, renowned for its numerous health benefits and stress-relieving properties. With the myriad of poses and stretches performed in yoga, having comfortable and breathable clothing is important. Many choose the aptly named yoga pants as their garb when getting out the mat. Some of the best yoga pants for men offer flexibility and coziness for exercise and everyday wear.

Yoga is not only a workout, it can benefit your mental health as well. A study says yoga can improve symptoms for people dealing with anxiety disorders. Researchers at NYU Grossman School of Medicine say yoga is actually more effective at treating anxiety disorders than standard stress management education. More than half of the study group who tried yoga for three months had a meaningful improvement in their symptoms. Although not as good as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), yoga produced significantly better results than normal therapies.

While getting in shape, taking a yoga class can also be effective for back pain relief as well. A recent study’s researchers found some evidence that yoga could alleviate a minor amount of pain, while restoring a minor to moderate amount of function, both after three and six months of practice. Another benefit to add to the list is that adding yoga to a regular exercise routine greatly reduces your risk of developing heart disease.

If you’re ready to pose a threat to anxiety, depression, and potential cardiac issues, you may want to hit the mat. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best yoga pants for men after reviewing 10 expert websites, considering comfort, flexibility, durability, and style. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or just starting your yoga journey, these pants will help you feel confident, comfortable, and supported throughout your practice. If we missed your favorites, let us know in the comments below!

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The List: Best Yoga Pants for Men, According to Experts


1. HDE Men’s 3/4 Workout Joggers 

Runner’s World thinks this is the best capri option and explains, “It can be tempting to swap your yoga pants for shorts when it’s warm out, but shorter styles can leave you with slippery knees, making certain poses significantly more difficult—or even dangerous. This capri option meets you a little more than halfway in the leg coverage department, using a slim, tapered fit and sweat-wicking fabric to keep you covered where it matters most.”

HDE Men's 3/4 Workout Joggers
HDE Men’s 3/4 Workout Joggers

“Amp up your activewear game with the HDE capri pant. This slim yoga pant hits below the knee and features a lightweight, breathable fabric that helps keep sweat from pooling on the mat,” writes Very Well Fit. “Made with 95% cotton and 5% spandex, these breathable crops are fitted but not too tight, and they are flexible enough to move with you in any yoga pose. The adjustable waistband provides comfort and security, and there are two side pockets for increased functionality. Get them in Black or Charcoal in sizes 30 through 43 with inseams of 17 through 18 inches.”

“If you thought capris were only for the ladies, think again. These are the perfect cropped yoga pants for men because they feature a nice athletic waist, loose fit, and three quarter-length leg. They won’t slide up like shorts nor make you drip sweat down your legs like full-length pants. The capri-style ribbed cuffs sit just above your calves and won’t slide around as you move. We like that the extra deep 8-inch two side pockets can fit a full size smart phone and your wallet when on the move,” says The Yoga Nomads

2. Prana Vaha Pant

Yogajala notes that these are part of the brand’s hemp range, “these men’s yoga pants use a soft, comfy fiber blend and built-in UPF protection, meaning they’re great for those moments when you want to stretch outdoors and reconnect with nature. They’re comfortable, with a knit elastic waistband and eco-friendly material.”

Prana Vaha Pant
Prana Vaha Pant

“The lightweight feel of these yoga pants are probably their biggest draw. They’re made from a Sutra® hemp/recycled polyester blend that’s ultra stretchy,” says Well + Good. “The knit elastic waistband offers maximum comfort and the straight leg opening is ideal for those not looking for a legging or tights feel.”

“Flowy and made from a blend, they’re incredibly stretchy and roomy without feeling loose. Plus it has odor-reducing qualities, and care comfortable enough to make them an incredible pair of practice (or pajama) pants,” writes Yoga Journal

3. AvaCostume Men’s Loose Yoga Pants

Dive In Yoga rates it 4.3 stars out of 5 and says, “AvaCostume men’s loose yoga pants are where it’s at if tight leggings and thick sweatpants aren’t your cup of tea. Designed for doing yoga and lounging around the house, they are the epitome of comfort that you won’t find anywhere else. You will feel them moving with you as you shift from a downward dog to a tree pose in less than a couple of seconds.”

AvaCostume Men’s Loose Yoga Pants
AvaCostume Men’s Loose Yoga Pants

“Enjoy the soft, comfortable fit of these loose yoga pants from AvaCostume. While they are designed for your yoga sessions, they’re so comfy you’ll want to do nothing but lounge about in them! The blend of 95% cotton and 5% spandex gives an outstanding balance of natural breathability and flexible stretch,” adds The Trend Spotter. “A soft elastic waistband ensures a good fit around your midsection. Choose options with or without pockets, depending on your needs. There’s also a large range of shades to pick from, making it perfect if you want to inject some color into your yoga wardrobe.”

“If you’re not into skintight leggings or bulky sweatpants, the AvaCostume men’s loose yoga pants are the way to go. These yoga pants for men are some of the most comfortable clothes you will ever own, and they were made specifically for yoga and lounging around the house. You can go for pants with or without pockets, as per your requirements,” mentions Sportskeeda

4. Vuori Ponto Performance Pants

Runner’s World raves about this brand: “Vuori is known for its high-quality, buttery-soft material. These pants are super stretchy, soft, and feel like a second skin. The pants have a semi-loose fit, which gives you room for movement and won’t restrict you—even in your most flexible poses. They come in nine different colors and sizes range from XS to XXL.”

Vuori Ponto Performance Pants
Vuori Ponto Performance Pants

“The Ponto Performance Pant is the pair you’ll wear five days in a row. These pants are so comfy, they’ll take you from yoga class to the grocery store, and they even serve as a stellar travel outfit,” says Very Well Fit. “The Vuori pants are made from a light, breathable four-way stretch jersey fabric that will keep you comfy and cool throughout a workout. Three pockets—two in front and one back zip pocket—add flexibility for storing valuables during yoga class.”

“Get ready to wear these pair of pants literally everywhere that doesn’t require formal attire—they are that comfortable. They’re made from a light fabric that’s ultra-breathable and has a 4-way stretch. The material is sweat-wicking, so you won’t find the pants sticking to you while you’re working out and the elastic drawstring lets you customize the fit around your waist. Available in blue, yellow, beige, black, and gray heather fabrics,” adds Well + Good certifies

5. Kuhl Freeflex Pant

Very Well Fit mentions that these will hold their shape all day, “and won’t sag or bag over time, even after multiple washes, earning its spot as our top pick. They’re also treated with a durable water repellent (DWR) finish. As an added bonus, the pants feature a gusseted crotch, providing more room and flexibility. Plus, they’re machine washable.”

Kuhl Freeflex Pant
Kuhl Freeflex Pant

“The Kuhl Freeflex Pant is the ideal choice for yoga, as well as warm-ups and exploring the great outdoors,” says The Trend Spotter. “It also has stretch for comfortable mobility, which is further supported by a gusseted fit that allows better movement. The pants also come with zippered pockets, a stealth phone pocket, and even a back pocket. This makes them great for daily casual wear.”

“The Kuhl Freeflex Pant is an excellent choice for those who want lightweight compression pants that will keep you feeling relaxed and dry while still offering some muscle support for your workouts. These pants are perfect for yoga or sports practice where there is a lot of sweating,” adds Love Hive Yoga

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  1. These are all terrible , I would not wear any of these the extra fabric would ruin my practice , I go for mens leggings , like the warrior compression pants from alo yoga , or bro yoga pants , good quality Lycra yoga leggings for men. Also Lululemon do good mens leggings/compression tights which work well for men. I am sure this article is well intentioned. These are dreadful options which will only inhibit a guys yoga practice, if these baggy pants were any good , all the female yogis would be wearing them too , which gey don’t!

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