Caffeine craze: Half of americans ‘can’t’ have a good morning without coffee

  • New survey reveals 85% of adults actively try to think positively each morning, but a hot cup of coffee is essential.
  • Four in five respondents believe that living a happier life comes down to positive thinking.

NEW YORK — If you’ve got an important meeting with your boss coming up, or perhaps a big conversation with a family member on the horizon, you should probably make sure they’ve had some coffee before sitting down to talk. It’s not exactly breaking news that Americans love their coffee, but a new survey of 2,000 adults has illustrated just how important a little bit of joe is to millions of people’s mornings. A staggering 50% of respondents said they “can’t” have a good morning without at least one cup of coffee.

Moreover, four in five Americans believe their morning coffee is essential to staying positive and productive throughout the day.

The research, commissioned by The Original Donut Shop Coffee, asked respondents about the importance of positivity and how they strive to stay happy day in and day out. For what it’s worth, 85% said they at least make an effort to think positively each morning. In all, 88% said they consider themselves to be a generally positive person, however, 69% also indicated that they would like to see the sunnier side of things more often moving forward.

Interestingly, the majority of respondents (80%) believe that living a happier life, and enjoying their mornings, all comes down to positive thinking.

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Besides a cup of coffee, 48% said that getting in a little bit of exercise in the morning is key to a good day. Other popular morning rituals among respondents were: thinking something positive first thing in the morning (48%), waking up early (48%), and meditating (43%).

Working remotely from home is becoming more and more common these days, and one would think that avoiding a morning commute would put most in a better mood. That’s why the survey’s next finding was so surprising: while 45% of respondents who work from home consider themselves a positive person,  whereas 75% of those who work from an office said the same.

Speaking of work, a full 50% of respondents said that a supportive work environment really helps them stay positive.

For many, doing something nice for someone else is another way to make their own day that much better. More than half (63%) said they try to do a good deed for another person at least once per day. Also, close to seven in 10 respondents said they have a close co-worker who helps them get through those long work days. In fact, 75% said they often receive positive feedback from their fellow employees, and 80% said they feel happier and more motivated whenever their employer compliments their work.

All in all, 58% said they try to surround themselves with positive people, and 53% make a conscious effort every day to try and appreciate others. Perhaps surprisingly, 48% even said they regularly write in a “gratitude journal,” and 47% seek out and listen to positive podcasts.

The survey was conducted by OnePoll.

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