Cell phone radiation causing sharp spikes in Alzheimer’s cases, study suggests

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PULLMAN, Wash. — Cell phone radiation has been a constant suspect when it comes to the development of cancerous brain tumors. Now, a new study has found a concerning link between these devices and the onset of Alzheimer’s. Researchers say excessive cell phone use and even Wi-Fi radiation can lead to increases in intracellular calcium levels in the brain — another hallmark of the disease.

The review of several Alzheimer’s-related studies explains that pulsed electronically generated electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are producing strong electric and magnetic forces which have an effect on the human body. Specifically, these wireless communication signals activate voltage-gated calcium channels (VGCCs) — which regulate intracellular calcium levels.

When EMFs activate VGCC, it causes a rapid buildup, negatively affecting the brain and possibly causing the onset of Alzheimer’s to speed up. Animal studies have demonstrated how EMF-induced changes in intracellular calcium levels play a role in the development of the most common form of dementia.

“EMFs act via peak electric and time varying magnetic forces at a nanosecond time scale,” explains study author and Washington State University Professor Martin L. Pall in a media release.

Pall adds that the peaks significantly grow with each increase in the pulse modulation coming from smartphones, smart meters, and even radar in self-driving vehicles.

“Any of these may produce the ultimate nightmare – extremely early onset Alzheimer’s Disease.”

Phones and Wi-Fi leading to early onset Alzheimer’s?

Prof. Pall notes that both human genetic and pharmacological studies have found a link between increasing VGCC activity and a growing number of Alzheimer’s cases. Overall, the memory-robbing disease affects roughly six million Americans today and estimates project that number to triple by 2050.

Twelve recent reports on occupational exposure to EMFs revealed that workers near this radiation more often had higher Alzheimer’s incidence rates than their peers. Alzheimer’s-related changes in the brain can start 25 years before actual symptoms appear. However, these studies found EMF exposure can shorten that latency period as well.

The average age that doctors are diagnosing Alzheimer’s at is also decreasing over the last 20 years. Prof. Pall notes that this coincides with the explosion in wireless communication technology around the globe. Recent studies have even found people as young as 30 or 40 suffering from the disease.

Researchers fear that very young people who face constant exposure to cell phone and Wi-Fi radiation for several hours each day may end up developing “digital dementia.”

Specifically, a 2008 report found two hours of daily exposure to low intensity mobile phone base station radiation led to “massive neurodegeneration” in young rat brains. Moreover, a third of the rats died within one month.

On a positive note, the VGCC calcium channel blocker amlodipine lowered 11 different brain changes and four behavioral changes in the rats — showing the connection between calcium levels and their impact on dementia onset.

In 2013 and 2016, researchers discovered Alzheimer’s-specific changes in the brains of rats exposed to EMF pulses. These changes occurred in the hippocampus, a brain region which Alzheimer’s has a destructive impact on.

Taking early action to stop the Alzheimer’s epidemic

The study author is calling for more research on three specific topics. First, Pall says scientists need more data on MRI scans which show abnormalities in young people displaying signs of digital dementia.

Next, the researcher says EMF exposure assessments are necessary for anyone between 30 and 40 receiving an early onset Alzheimer’s diagnosis. These studies should compare their exposure to cell phone, cell tower, Wi-Fi, smart meter, and dirty electricity radiation levels to normal levels.

Lastly, Pall is calling for more examinations of people living near small cell antennae for more than one year.

“Findings from each of these studies should be shared with the general public,” the study author concludes, “so that everyone can take the steps necessary to reduce the incidence of early onset Alzheimer’s disease.”

The findings are published in the journal Current Alzheimer Research.

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  1. Living or working how close to cell phone towers is considered to be concerning to one’s health? There are 3 towers in the backyard of the business I work at that are ladened with multiple
    “paddles” and cell phone equipment. These towers are fairly tall but one of them is only about 60 feet behind our building. I have wondered if the RF from these towers could be dangerous.

  2. For years, I’ve been called “crazy” when saying radio-transmissions, from a phone against the ear, would surely be dangerous. This article starts off saying, “has been a constant suspect.” Really? I’ve not heard this mention in ANY media. 🙁

    1. “Really? I’ve not heard this mention in ANY media.” – Kurt S.

      Then you are severely detached from reality.
      It has been covered a multitude of times in a seemingly endless array of reports.

      I have seen reports of these suspicions thousands of times over the last several decades.

      1. I have also heard about this years ago, but no one would take me seriously and said I was paranoid! I have known more people with brain tumors in the last 10 years, then the last 70 years of my life.

  3. I read about this too years ago when iPhone came out. Apple spent lot studying this and insulating the mobile unit. However, my wi-fi router and booster for phone are in my bedroom. No wonder. I have a exposure above 10 hours a day bc TV screen is in there too. Also my Mac desk top. So I guess I’ll be lucky to have sex – if you know what I mean.

  4. There is no increase in occurrences of dementia. There is simply a recognition and proper diagnosis of dementia. There’s no such thing as senility or forgetting things when you’re old… Age is not a disease.

    People are simply being properly diagnosed!

    1. “There is no increase in occurrences of dementia.” In case you haven’t noticed dementia has gone through the roof in elderly people and middle aged and younger people too. I’m old, so I remember my (maternal) grandparents were sharp, of sound mind until they died in their 90s, and they were surrounded by elderly friends who were just as high functioning.

  5. Then every single American will get Alzheimer’s. Right?
    This article is completely false. WI-Fi signals cannot damage cell structure.
    More crazy conspiracy theory.

    1. You are 100% wrong. You need to study the mechanisms by which muscle and neurons work.

    2. You need to do some research. Extended and frequent exposure to wave energy/radiation of ANY type affects the body on a cellular level.

  6. ALL false information.

    Cell phones do not emit ” radiation.”
    Thats a LIE to create hysteria with a false linking between nuclear radiation and electronic devices.

    Radiation means sub atomic particles that can both penetrate tissue and cause damage. Radiation also indicates high energy EM emission such as gamma rays.

    Electronic devices DO NOT EMIT RADIATION. They have electro -magnetic field EMISSION, the word properly used by the US FCC to describe EM fields.

    EM fields do not cause cancer.
    Nothing ” causes cancer.” It is nit a single point event (from a reputable source, IEEE BioEM Journal)

    Cancer is replication of abnormal cells, not cell damage.

    This pack of lies also hinges on assumptions of OLD CELL PHONES WITH HIGH POWER OUTPUT as in the 1980s. Cell systems, for battery life and improved radio technology, use milliwatts to PICOWATTS of power.

    Note these lying reports never discuss power levels.

  7. For at least a decade I have seen reporting about cell phone exposure and its potential as a source of brain tumors. All have been dismissed as inconclusive. This report is concerning to me because WI-fi is everywhere now, and especially because I’m in the habit of having my cell phone right by my head playing podcasts all night as I sleep.

    1. Say what you may, you don’t have Alzheimer’s, brain tumors or brain cancer yet… yet!

  8. There has been substantial evidence about the danger of the sea of EMFs we now live in and which is being made much worse by 5G. It is amazing that so many have turned a deaf ear to this, but people love their phones, and the tech companies are not at all concerned with the harm they’re doing. Everyone needs to understand that our muscles and neurons work by creating electrical impulses by flows of sodium into these cells. This, in turn, opens voltage-gated calcium channels. Calcium ultimately leads to release of neurotransmitter in neurons and contraction in muscles. We have created a grossly unnatural situation. It is some relief that amilodipine – a calcium channel blocker may offer some protection. The best thing is for people to get over their cell phone addictions while their brains are still able to make a logical decisions.

  9. Radio frequency electromagnetic microwave radiation (RF EMR) can and does harm cells, its science. The mechanisms are oxidative stress, inflammation, and problems discussed here. Industry funded studies tend to show no harm but independent studies show the opposite (Captured Agency, Harvard University Press.) The evidence of harm is so significant that insurers classify RF EMR as an uninsurable pollutant. The Swiss Re Institute refers to 5G Mobile Wireless as an “off the leash” risk. Environmental Health Trust v FCC – A US Court of Appeals ruled against the FCC in August of 2021 ruling that the FCC retention of their 1996 guideline was “arbitrary and capricious” and the FCC failed to respond to over 10,000 pages of evidence of harm, and questions about extended exposures, children, animals, and the environment. See also the NH State Commission on 5G and the recent Pittsfield Dept of Health Cease and Desist Emergency Order against Verizon because so many people were harmed by one of their cell towers.

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