Stuck in a rut? From new job to new partner, 59% feel significant changes needed in their lives

LONDON — Millions of people are ready to switch up almost every aspect of their lives — from their homes to their social lives, fitness levels, and even their partners! A study of 2,000 adults in the United Kingdom finds 59 percent believe they’re in need of a change in their lives, with 61 percent going as far as to say they feel stuck in a rut.

Common aspects of life people are keen to alter or improve in the near future are their hairstyle, mobile phone, and their car. Meanwhile, 12 percent admit they want to find a different partner and 30 percent are searching for a new job.

The research was commissioned by Virgin Media O2, to support its “Switch Up” offering, which allows customers to change their phone when they like.

“It’s really easy to carry on through life without taking the chance to actively seek change and mix things up,” a spokesperson for Virgin Media O2 says in a statement.

“Whilst staying in your comfort zone isn’t always a bad thing, you could be missing out on a whole range of benefits by sticking with what you’ve always known. That can be said for the big things in life, but also for the smaller things such as sticking with the same phone. No matter how big or small the change, switching to something new helps to keep things fresh.”

Couple redecorating and painting their house

1 in 7 people want new friends!

When asked about previous times they’ve made a change in their life, respondents said switching things up makes them feel refreshed, motivated, and confident. Other areas of life adults want to tweak in 2023 include their dress sense (19%), friends (15%), and who they bank with (11%).

As much as adults may want to change up elements of their lifestyles, 36 percent rate themselves as somewhat indecisive. Over half the poll (52%) believe making a big change in their life would cost too much and 40 percent live in fear of it not working out.

Brits in the survey claim boredom often sets in while they’re dieting (27%), looking at their aging home décor (22%), and looking at their house or apartment (20%). Another 12 percent of those surveyed by OnePoll think about switching up big things in their life multiple times a week.

Top 20 Things Adults Want to Change About Their Lives:

  1. Fitness
  2. Social life
  3. House
  4. Career
  5. House Decor
  6. The area they live in
  7. Car
  8. Hairstyle
  9. Where they go on vacation
  10. Dress sense
  11. The country they live in
  12. Mobile phone
  13. Energy provider
  14. Friends
  15. Hair color
  16. Partner
  17. Broadband provider
  18. Pet / getting a pet
  19. Who they bank with
  20. Their gym

South West News Service writer Rich Jenksins contributed to this report.

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  1. I bet a lot of it is remote work and lack of exercise. About a month ago I started to invest at least one hour a day to going to the gym and doing cardio and lifting weights. This was coming from absolutely no exercise and a sit down remote job for roughly 3 years straight. As a male I can say it wrecks your mind probably because your T drops. Can’t speak for females but I imagine mental effects are the same.

    Compared to how I used to feel, I feel like I’m constantly on amphetamines now. Just being active has made a world of a difference.

  2. As a coach who specializes in this exact predicament, the feeling of being stuck and unfulfilled can be a complex one…however, I have found that once my clients realize, with a change of perspective, that more is possible…that they can leverage their own value in other ways, well…it can be life changing

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