Angry wife and husband are having conflict because husband is never helping his wife with cleaning house.

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NEW YORK — Relationships can end for a variety of reasons; infidelity, different goals for the future, opposing views on having children, etc. That being said, “He never cleaned the bathroom” probably isn’t the first reason that comes to most peoples’ minds when they think of reasons for a breakup. Surprisingly, cleaning duties and household chores end a much larger number of relationships that anyone could have guessed, according to a new survey of 2,000 American adults.

A third of respondents said they have ended a relationship all because of disagreements over chores. The survey, which included adults currently living with a romantic partner, roommate, or family member, found that seven in 10 respondents wouldn’t even consider dating or marrying a messy individual.

The survey was commissioned by cleaning supply company Durgol.

Nearly half of all respondents admitted to getting frustrated in the past due to their living companion’s lack of cleaning contributions. While 42% said they technically share cleaning responsibilities at home, many said it doesn’t always work out that way. For example, the average respondent reported re-cleaning two items or areas per week that one of their roommates had already cleaned first.

In all, 67% admitted to arguing with their roommates about chores. On average, respondents argue about cleanliness about three times a week.

So what exactly is sparking all of these cleaning confrontations? Respondents’ biggest pet peeve was leaving dirty dishes in the sink (45%).

Other common household annoyances include:

  • Leaving the toilet seat up (38%)
  • Leaving cabinet drawers open or ajar (37%)
  • Forgetting to completely close the refrigerator (29%)
  • Leaving caps off refrigerated items (27%)
  • Leaving cups and dishes throughout the home (26%)
  • Forgetting to turn off the lights (25%)
  • Leaving snack bags open (25%)
  • Overloading the garbage can (25%)
  • Listening to loud music (25%)

“Who does what and who does more are common concerns about household chores,” says Durgol distributor Bernard Schnacke in a statement. “That’s why I recommend using the right products and doing it right the first time. It simplifies cleaning and reduces stress.”

The survey also revealed a common cleaning blindsight in many American homes: the coffee machine. While 43% of respondents did say they clean their coffee machine once per week, not everyone’s definition of “clean” is the same. More than three in five respondents said they simply run through the machine’s cycle using only water, and 57% reported using soap and water. Meanwhile, 52% go that extra mile and use vinegar while cleaning their coffee machine, and 47% use an actual coffee machine cleaner.

The survey was conducted by OnePoll.

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